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Jury Duty Excuses

I just got a Jury Duty thing in the mail. It says on it that an excuse for being a caregiver for an adult or a child is ok. But does that mean if I am a stay at home mom and care for my own child, does that count? I can't find or pay for a babysitter, also I drive my 6 year old child to school 25 miles per day.

Any thoughts?


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Well, I got the notice in the mail that says I am officially excused from jury duty for our county. This is what my reply was.

Please excuse me from jury duty on December 3, 2007. I am a stay at home mom with 2 children. I drive one of my children 25 miles to and from school everyday and take care of my 2 year old at home. It is impossible to find childcare for my son and a driver to drive my child to school.

K. Cottrell

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Yes, those are valid excuses, and they work. That's what I had to do and had no problem getting out of it.
Good luck to you. :)

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I recently got one too. I wrote a quick and simple letter telling them that I'm a stay at home mom who exclusively breastfeeds. I also happened to be taking my daughter to the doctor and asked her if she would please write a note excusing me from duty. Maybe you could do the same. You could probably call your Dr. office and ask for a note without having to make an appointment. I think everything will be fine.
Take care,


I was in the same sort of situation that you are and I got that same jury duty thing in the mail. I actually bring my daughter to work with me because I can't afford child care. What I did was write a letter to the Clerk of the Courts explaining that it would be a financial hardship because I work, and can't afford child care. Also, if you are planning on being out of town for any length of time, note that also. Good luck and I hope that helps a bit!


I'm not sure when you all had jury duty, but my friend had to go a few months ago and not being able to find a babysitter for her daughter was not an excuse. They told her she still had to come.

HI K.,

I don't know if laws vary from state to state, but a friend of mine recently had the exact same problem and was told that she had to work something out- having children and no sitter was not an excuse! She didn't have the money for a sitter, either, and since jury duty can be long term didn't want to ask a friend, and her relatives were all living in other states. She got a note from her doctor stating that she has a physical condition that would not enable her to sit for long periods. And that she is taking medication. All the truth. Medical reasons, documented by a physician, are the only excuses I've ever heard of working for dismissal from jury duty.

L. K.

I am a mom of four young kids, and I listed my circumstances with my own children (having to take my kids to school and be there for p/u and bus...and no childcare) as reasons, and I was excused. The copmensation they provide $13 a day? Would never pay for childcare and transportation, so they are likely going to side with you too. Best of luck!

My husband is a peace officer and I will tell you right now you have to respond to the jury request. If you do not and you don't show you can have a warrent out for your arrest and a 500 dollar fine. You have the right to be excused up to three times in your life time. I would be honest and if you absolutly can not go you have the right no matter the excused to be excused. Make sure you respond to the summons ASAP. Don't be afaid to write your excuse and yes child care is a legitimate excuse. I hope this helps.

K. -

I think being a caregiver for your own children ABSOLUTELY counts as a legitimate excuse. I don't know what I would do if I were summoned since babysitters around here are so expensive and since you never know how long you'll need to serve.


I assume the rules are the same in Colorado, we just moved here from California, but I received a jury summons also and was in a similar situation. I just called the number on the summons told them I was a stay at home mom, had no one else that could care for my son and that was it. I just had to sign in a certain section of the form with my excuse and mail it back to them.

Take Care,

Hi K.,

I used that excuse for the longest time, and they did not bother me. I have not served on a jury or been interviewed ever. SO I think you are ok in saying that you are a caregiver...besides, there are many people that jump at the opportunity to go!


Stay at home mom isn't an excuse, it's your job and they will take it into account. When I got a notice for jury duty after my daughter was born I told them I didn't have anyone else to watch my daughter and I was a SAHM. She's 4 1/2 now and I haven't gotten another request. Usually when you get the summons there is a notice you can mail back or an address to inform them if you think you have a reason to not participate. Do it that way. If you go to court they will see that you made it just fine and most likely not let you off.

As far as I understad that does count. You are the only one who can take care of your child. No one can take off work just so you can go to jury duty so from what I understand that does count.
By the way your response sounds pretty good to me. I hope it works.

I get called for jury duty every three years, and have since I was 18. The last two times, I was pregnant, and still had to go down to the court to get excused (downtown Phoenix). Not only that, but this most recent time, I had a high-risk pregnancy, and was seeing my OB twice a week (for monitoring, I wasn't on bed rest), and they still made me come in, because pregnancy itself is not a valid excuse for getting out of jury duty. I was only allowed to go home after explaining to the judge in person what my medical condition was. And, I was there for the whole day- 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. But, now I have three more years until I get called again.

You will be just fine - make sure you send in the summons with the correctly marked excuse as well as a letter attached explaining your situation. I did a few months ago and I got a postcard right back in the mail excusing me. I sent mine certified mail just to make sure they got it and I had all the information in line. Good luck. But, I know how scared you can be until they excuse you - I was biting my nails; but everything turned out just fine. They said they wouldn't summons me again for another 18 months at the minimum. Hope this helps...

Hi K., I asked about this myself when my son was smaller (he's 6 now) and was told by an attorney that as a Mom, we are a caregiver. Even though we're a stay-at-home Mom we still are needed to give care. And as far as them saying to be there, the attorney said you tell them to pay for gas, a babysitter, housekeeper and the like and they won't argue. All I do is put that I'm taking care of someone and that makes me excused!! Don't think it's wrong, Mom's are the most important people out there and we shouldn't have to give up our time for something like that!!

I got summonsed right after I had my baby adn I just wrote a letter that I was a stay at home mother and that it was impossibble to find childcare for my child and it was excussed. Don't worry!

Just write them a note like you did in your post...short and sweet!


Hey K.,
I got a jury duty request a couple months ago. Fill it out and state why you believe you should be exempt. They will send you a letter or call you and after that all I had to do was fax a notiorized statement saying that I was the only person available to care for my child. End of story :)

Yes it DOES count. I got one a couple of months ago and I had to write a letter explaining that I was the sole caregiver to my child and I had no one to babysit for them. I got an immediate excusal in writing. I told my husband that if they didn't excuse me that they would have a 4 year old little girl on thier jury as well. So, if they decide to not excuse you (which they most likely won't) just take your child with you to the courthouse. I think then they'll give you the excusal once they see that you've brought a child with you. but don't worry, if you request for an excusal, they'll give it to you.

Yes, those are valid excuses, and they work. That's what I had to do and had no problem getting out of it.
Good luck to you. :)


Being the full-time caregiver to a young child(ren) is a valid excuse from jury duty. Mark the response and reply that you are providing full-time care to two small children, and mail it back. Make a photocopy for your records first, just in case there is any question or concern. You will be excused from this jury call, and your name will be recycled in the system. It may not come up again for years, or it may come up again in a matter of months. Either way, as long as you have full-time responsibility for a dependent, you may be excused.

~ K.

On the notice there is an email address, just email them and tell them your situation. I had to that last year. I got a notice in then beginnig of Novemeber for the end of the month. However my baby would have only been 2 weeks old, so I emailed them and they said ok and that I would be getting another one. I got mine last week.

that contributes you as unfit to go to jury duty. Just respond letting them know that you are a sahm and can not afford and/or unable to hand off your child to someone else. You will be excused from jury duty for that

dont know if this will work or not but being at stay ant home mom doesnt qualify . tell them you will go but your children will have to go with yo and ansk them to provide childcare for you. it worked for a friend of mine. if that doesnt work then go to the interview and give them all the wrong answers. tell them that you strongly beleive in public hangings and that you think the government should sell tickets to these events. tell them you hate child abusers, drunk drivers murderers and that you dont honestly think you could be imartial in thsi partivular trial. that worked for me.

Tell them that you are are a SAHM and that you are exclusively breastfeeding an infant (even if you aren't). They can't force you to come in if you are the sole provider of nourishment for your baby.

I listed I had a newborn, breastfeeding and an autistic child not potty trained, etc. So, I'm excused for 18 months until I get another summons in the mail. Plus I think it helps if you're not registered to vote either. Because if you are, you obviously can go out of your way to go and vote by yourself. kwim?

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