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Juice?? - Saint Joseph,MN

Trying to decide if I should start my son on juice or not. If any other nursing moms out there could help, that would be great. He is 6 months old, he eats cereal in the morning and baby food at night. We have started a sippy cup and he has days he does well and days he is not interested. Any suggestions on starting juice, and also if you do start it do you water it down?? Thanks

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Thank you to all of you who took time out to respond. We have decided to avoid juice at this point. I got tons of input here as well as my nursing support person and I have come to the conclusion that he really only needs breastmilk at this point. I am going to keep up with the cereal and baby food however. We will introduce juice at a later time if we feel it is appropriate. Thanks again

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In my personal opinion...no. They don't need it. I put some of the small gerber to go size in my diaper bag for times I run out of a normal bottle or for emergencies but once they taste juice they usually only want juice. If you do, I would water it down 4 to 1. The juice just has so much sugar in it. I still water down my 3 year olds juice. My 10 month old gets it on occassion.

hold off on juice as long as you can. And yes, water it down. They don't need full strength, mine are 4and5 and we still water it down.

I started my son on juice at that age, but always watered it down. At least half and half. Or sometimes I would mix his cereal with a little bit of juice instead of milk. I always gave it to him in a cup, never in a bottle. I also tried to find low sugar juice. I hope this helps.


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I think you should give him a little juice. Start out with just two ounces & Yes, you do water it down. Half and half right now. So put one oz. juice and one oz. water. See how he does for a week or so. Then up it to more. Hope that helps good luck.

My son is almost 17 months and I still rarely give him juice. If he's sick and needs alot of liquids that's when I will buy some Juicy Juice. At 6 months I think breastmilk is all he really needs.

I'll give you my honest opinion. Definitely no juice at this young of an age. Keep him on milk and water because that is really all he needs. If you introduce the sugary juices too early then it will be more difficult later.
That said, if you feel like you really want to try a juice, then use a natural one with no sugar added and water it down.
My kids are great water drinkers and they don't even know what kool-aid is. They think that gatorade is juice and that's pretty much the sweetest "juice" we give them. It's a battle to give our kids good nutrition, but this is one battle that we never had to fight because we just never offered our kids that sickly, sweet juice. In fact, I found out my 4 year old doesn't even like lemonade, when she was offered it several different occasions this past summer, and I think it's because it was too sweet.
Good luck!

My daughter is 16 months old and we still avoid juice. She drank some (very watered down) when she was little, but we wanted her to drink water so we gave her that and now she mostly loves water and soymilk. if she has a cold ill give her some watered down orange juice or something but its really not at all necessary. just give him fruit. its much more important that he likes water.

Hi J.,

I nursed all three of mine and never bothered with juice. They all nursed past 2, and drank milk, soy milk or water when they wanted. I think 6 months is to early. It's just sugar they don't need. For fruits, stick with the real thing, like apple sauce and banana's. I carried a "sippy cup" with water for when we out and about, and used a cup at home. But until one, they mostly nursed.

After one, I would give them half and half water and juice, but only as a special treat and/or as desert. I found if I had it in the house that's all they wanted. I prefer to encourage milk and water and whole fruits.

To this day, my kids are good about drinking lots of water and milk, a healthy habit I think. I buy juice boxes only for outings, like trips to the zoo. Even then I buy the all juice (no added sugar). With my youngest, he's 3 now, I avoid it because it gives him "the runs", orange juice being the exception.

Enjoy your little one,

I waited a very long time w/ my twins before starting juice (~9 mos) and made sure it was very watered down (1 part juice, 3 parts water). They never really got into the juice but i wanted to make sure i could nurse them as lon as possible. not long after introducing new liquids i started working full time and they began to wean thmselves from breastmilk. My pediatrcian was in favor of waiting as long as possible w/ the juice because it's really just empty calories.

hope that helps!

I started giving my son juice at 6 months. I usually do half water and half juice. WIC started giving me juices for him, so it should be fine. I would only give him juice a couple of times a day though, otherwise he might get diarrhea. Hope this helps.

You know what? It really doesn't matter...

It seems like a big decision now, but later you will look back and giggle at the little things. I have 3 kids and not one of them has ever gotten 'spoiled' by juice, starting fruits before veggies, being held too much or not enough, milk over formula or breastmilk, bottles vs. breasts, etc. It just doesn't happen. Make sure you are giving him a balanced, healthy diet full of the fruits, veggies and breastmilk he needs (in due time, of course) and the rest will just balance out.

You'll get advice from one extreme to the other...just trust your mommy instincts...God gave them to you for a reason! :)


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