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I have started my son on solids over a month ago. It seems that after he eats solids he is thirsty (or I would assume that he is). I hate to give him a bottle w/more food. When is it okay to start children on juice? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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I believe it is 6 months, That is when I started my son, Caysen (19 mo) I just mixed Juicy Juice because it's 100% juice with a little over 1/2 water and still mix his juice with water to this day...Good Luck :) T.

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I would just give a couple of ounces of water instead of juice. When you do start juice he should only have 4 ounces per day. We water juice down as well.

They need to drink water after they eat to assist their bodies in processing the food & is good to rinse all the junk off their teeth/gums. Not a whole lot, an ounce or two is fine. If you want to start giving him juice make sure it's diluted at least 1/2 juice 1/2 water but juice is not necessary.
They grow up so fast, I miss those days, mine is 14 mo's now, enjoy it. I found this book very helpful...it tells you, for every month of age: everything they can eat, drink how much etc...check it out at www.superbabyfood.com

Why not just give him water? It is really better not to get them hooked on sweet drinks. (especially so early) Water is so much better for them and if they start young drinking it, they usually continue with it. (if sugary drinks are not introduced)

Juice is good, especially watered down, or try just water. My son started drinking water when he was a few months old. He now is 4 years old and drinks water a lot which the doctors say is good. I've noticed if you start them too late on water, they don't seem to like it as much (like a child I babysat), because they know they can get juice or milk...stick with 100% juice when you do give it though.

I'm no expert, but my son is 2 months old and my doctor said it was fine to give him a little apple juice with water in it to help him go to the bathroom. My doctor just said to make sure that he was getting most of his calories from milk not juice.

So I think juice is fine. Hope this helps.


I believe it is 6 months, That is when I started my son, Caysen (19 mo) I just mixed Juicy Juice because it's 100% juice with a little over 1/2 water and still mix his juice with water to this day...Good Luck :) T.

I agree with giving water instead of juice. The time will come soon enough when they want to eat and drink sugary stuff... why not put if off for a little longer? :o) My son is 18 months and drinks water or whole milk. He has had juice before but I prefer to keep him away from it for the time being.


I heard mixed suggestions from my Ped. office. I didn't start my daughter on juice until she was 6 months. My son on the other hand I started at 4 months with his solid feedings. It seemed like he needed some liquid to "wash it down". I always mix the juice with water and he never seems to take more than an ounce per feeding, so he's way below the daily limit of 4 ounces. I'd say give it a try, if it works for him then keep it up!!!

"Juice is just liquid sugar" is my pediatrician's take on this, and is mine as well. Either cut the juice in half with water (or more), or just give water. Your pediatrician's nurse line would probably be helpful here too. Are you nursing? If so, that's something to consider as well -- maybe nurse before each feeding.

You coud try white sugar free grape juice mixed with equal parts of water.

Usually around a year old. I would give him water; giving him juice so soon will surely 'hook him" on it and probably not prefer drinking water.

Hi J.,

I think a little bit of juice is okay at this point - I'm assuming your son is about 5-6 months old? Use 100% juice and just a little with mostly water. And plain water is okay too. I doubt he'll drink a whole lot right now since he's still quite young. Good luck!


I would reccommend just giving water. If you start giving juice your child may want that over water at every meal. There is not a whole lot of nutritious benefit from juice. Personally, I think the negatives outweigh the postitives. My daughter is 14 months old and has had juice (diluted) maybe 5 times. When I grew up I was allowed to drink as much juice as I wanted and quite a bit of soda, too. I would never drink water. I started drinking it when I was pregnant. I don't want my little girl to have the same bad eating habits as I did.

I am also a little concerned with giving her sugar substitutes.

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