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Jokes for a Four Year Old Boy

My son LOVES jokes.
Do you have any "clean" jokes that are funny and appropriate for a four year old boy?

Thank you!!

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My son just told me this one the other day. "Why did the cow cross the road? To get to the moooovies. :)

My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE knock knock jokes. A book at the library or on half.com should be easy to find or google online.

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How do you make a tissue dance?
Put a little boogie in it! Lol

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Why did the cookie go to the hospital?
Because he was feeling crumby :)

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knock knock
who's there
who who
are you an owl?

knock knock
who's there
aaach who
bless you.

these are my son's 2 favorite jokes ever!

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Okay...I don't know if you think this will be appropriate for a 4 year old, but it's one of my all time favorites and I know lots of jokes, some of which are on the naughty side.
It depends on your sense of humor and what you want your son repeating. I don't think it's bad, but some parents find certain things taboo.

Here goes....

Q: Why do gorillas have such big nostrils?
A: Because they have such big fingers.

If hinting about nose picking is a bad subject in your house, don't share that one.

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
A little kid who can't reach the doorbell.

Q: What do porcupines say when they kiss?
A: Ouch!!!

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Knock knock
Who's there
Interrupting cow

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My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE knock knock jokes. A book at the library or on half.com should be easy to find or google online.

buy a bag of laffy taffy they are all funny to little kids

My 4 year old loves knock-knock jokes:
Knock, Knock
Whose there
Olive who?
Olive you too!

I am sure you can find others. :)

hey did you hear about Santa's new reindeer Olive?
yea; Olive the other reindeer....

hey do you know who sings blue christmas?

knock knock
who's there
owls who?
that is correct, olives hoot
(my 8 year old just made this one up today)

why did the skeleten cross the road?
to get to the body shop.

check out your local library - the kids section will usually have plenty of books of silly jokes - knock knocks, silly animal puns (what kind of key do you use to open a banana? a mon-key!), etc. You could also google "Kids jokes and riddles" and find some online. Have fun!

I dont know if a 4 yr old would catch this or not. a preacher goes to church one sunday and his whole congregation has gone golfing. so the next sunday he plays hookie to go golfing to see what all the hype is about on the 18th hole he hits a whole in one and asks god why did you let me do this with no witnesses and god answers because you cant tell anyone

Knock-knock jokes! There are a gazillion of them and surely most of them are clean. And they're goofy - just right for a four-year-old funnybone.

The "who's there" person is asked to hold up an index finger and wave it in a continuous circle during this:
Knock knock
who's there?

what's lassies favorite vegetable? colliflower (of course this is better with the older generation lol the younger one doesn't know who lassie is)

My son just told me this one the other day. "Why did the cow cross the road? To get to the moooovies. :)

What did 5 say to 6? 7 ate 9.
Kinda like what Amanda said in the begining.
I would also try google some online might also find some.

why was 6 afraid of 7?.......because 7 ate 9

the old orangeya glad i didnt say banana joke

Knock knock, whos there?, boo, boowho, why ya cryin?

those are basically the only tame ones i know

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