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4 yo Boy's Birthday Party Idea - John Deere birthday party ideas for a 4 year old - Spartanburg,SC

my son will be 4 on the 4th of july, and he wants a john deere birthday party. i need ideas for this party that will not cost me a fortune. so i dont want to buy the stuff out of those birthday express magazines. so any ideas on decorations and other ideas for this will be greatly appreciated. thanks

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You could make little tractors out of cardboard boxes and use plates for wheels. With a little imagination and green/yellow/black paint it could be really cute and cheap! It doesn't have to look exactly like the real thing to please 4 year olds :)

To stick with that theme, you could also play pin the tail on the cow instead of a donkey.

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You could make little tractors out of cardboard boxes and use plates for wheels. With a little imagination and green/yellow/black paint it could be really cute and cheap! It doesn't have to look exactly like the real thing to please 4 year olds :)

To stick with that theme, you could also play pin the tail on the cow instead of a donkey.

Try purchasing colors that match the John Deere colors. Now a days you can find balloons, cups, plates, napkins, and plastic ware from Dollar Stores and you can even buy the less expensive tractors, trucks, etc. to go with the theme. Also, if you can find someone to make a cake, or if you can bake pretty good, just copy the John Deere logo on top of the cake with some icing and food coloring. Or you could purchase a John Deere cake since you'll be saving so much money from the items you purchase at the Dollar Store! Better get it now tho'. It may be difficult to find the stuff come July. Everything will be red, white, and blue!

You might have already thought of this but, you could just buy table cloths, cups, napkins, plates and streamers in solid yellow and solid green from Wal-mart or the Dollar Store and have a John Deere cake made if you can find it. If you can't find somewhere that has a John Deere cake you could make a cake yourself, decorate it with yellow and green icing and buy a toy John Deere tractor and put it on the cake. Good luck!

Wilton makes a tractor cake pan that should still be available for you to make your own cake. If you use the 40% or 50% coupon that Michaels has in the Sunday paper it makes the pan affordable.

If you don't want the cake pan (it takes up space in the cupboard) then decorate a regular cake like a farmers field (crushed graham cracker makes good dirt) and put small John Deere's on the cake as party favors for the kids.

Get green plastic table clothes from the dollar store with green cups/plates/forks.

Get some boxes and a can of yellow spray paint to make "hay bales" and then have the kids pull their wagon around them as if the kids are are the tractor. If you can get another kid to bring his wagon then you can have a tractor pull!

Other party favors might include bandanas and straw hats.

Go to DLTK.com and look kup coloring pages/ideas/games for ANY themed party for free. My oldest is now 7 and I still use their free site for great ideas. And when my 2 boys were 4 I planned 2 games for the party, one of which was a coloring page. They were more than happy with this idea because they helped to pick the coloring pages and design the 'big' game.

Good luck!

I've actually gone to a John Deere themed party for a two year old. They encouraged their guests to wear JD apparel or farmer type stuff (overalls etc.) I would check ebay for John Deere party accessories. They had all of their "Little People" animals etc around the cake which a lady made locally in the shape of a JD tractor.
For my son's birthday we wanted a lion cake but didn't want to pay for the cake pan shaped like the lion so we went on Wilton.com and mimicked the design of their lion and decorated a rectangular cake with the same design. It was beautiful.

I like the idea of the yellow and green and buy a cake with John Deer. Maybe splurge on one thing like treat bags or balloons. You could also cut out pics of tractors and make posters saying happy birthday. Another thing is more country than John Deer but I saw it at an outdoor fall wedding is to put sunflowers in mason jars to decorate the tables with little green rocks in the bottom. Hope this can help.

just a thought for the cake you can take any picture or toy to publix and they make really cute cakes! also at party city they have all sorts of things there maybe buy the plates cups and bag favors from there and stick to the dollar tree for yellow and green table covers etc.... hope it helps

First of all I would have a cake made like a tractor, decorate with the colors of the tractor, use children's farm equipment to hold snacks, re: pails and shovels filled with pretzels, m&m's, fishy crackers, etc. Any dollar store would have those assorted pails, trucks filled with peanut butter sandwiches shaped like a tire???, balloons in those colors of course. And, maybe you could ask guests to dress like farmers? Also, you could use a farmers hat to hold party favors, etc. Get small rakes, etc. to hang on the walls or on the table..Enjoy and I hope this helps.

What about borrowing a tractor and doing tractor rides????? Might be cool...... allow the boys to pretend like they are driving...... even someone with a john deere riding lawn mower and hook up a trailor to it and give rides or something???? Just an Idea.
Also Make up an obstacle course of some sort involving a farm theme that would be fun for all the little ones... Like A kiddie pool they have to catch a duck out of.....Climb over bales of hay...."Find a needle in the haystack... hide something in the hay for them to find.... fill a bucket with water to water the crops...etc...... just make it fun and inexpensive!!! It will be hot... so involving water would be a great idea.....

Check out the Dollar Tree for party favors. Instead of making goodie bags I go to the Dollar Tree & pick out a bunch of stuff(age related)and put these items in a box for the kids that are coming so they can pick out one thing instead of giving out the goodie bags. This way the kids are actually getting something they will use or get to play with. I usually fill mine with bubbles,puzzles,fuzzy purses,kites, coloring books, etc. & the kids love it. Plus you will spend less money than you would making all of those goodie bags.

You can also check out Oriental Trading Company
(www.orientaltrading.com) they have straw hats for $20 or less a dozen and they also have color your own bandanas for $10/dz. Which would be pretty cool for 4yr olds.

If you have a friend who has a tractor with trailer, a truck with a trailer or even just a truck and have a hay ride- just a couple of bales of hay- plain ballcaps,a bandana and lots of giggles

I am not artistic in the least, but managed to do an airplane game that was a hit and could be worked into a tractor . Get a poster board from Michaels and crudely draw a large tractor and color it, make sure to put a trailor of some kind on the back of it. Then make hay bales (rectangles colored yellow for straw) and play pin the bales on the trailer.
You could also do the same thing on a foam board, draw a large tractor, and cut large holes in various spots and throw bean bags in. For my 4 year olds' bday we didn't do "winners", just everykid got a goody bag.

Hello D., my name is M. and I have one son who just turned three and we had a bob the builder party but i got an idea from a magazine that worked so perfect for the kids. we spent some extra on the plastic hats, but was no cost to make a picture backdrop from large cardboard. If you go to home depot or lowes and ask for large refridgerator boxes and make large construction machinery out of them and cut face holes out where a head would be and the childen get to put their faces in the hole and you can take a picture. so it looks like they are the actual construction worker and you can send it home in the goodie bag if you have a digital cam and a printer it is so cute and the kids loved it. as far as the plastic construction hats they were cheap at the party city if you have one near you. you could also use the hat as the party bag so it has a doul purpose. and my son loves those small goodies that were construction machines like the tractor and bulldozers and backhos but of course turn the whole theme into a john deere thing it probably would not be that hard. I hope i have helped

M. (mother of three but only
one boy)

My son's birthday was going to cost me a fortune- so I made a few improvisations! I made the cake myself ($.79/box, $1/tub of frosting) and put action figures on the top (cake decorations and presents in one!) You can buy color aerosol sprays to color your cake green, or you could just tint the frosting. The Dollar Tree has a good selection of colors for tablecloths, plates, cups, forks, and streamers (all at only $1 per set). I found goody bags at Party City in the color I wanted for very cheap. I put a few small toys and some candy in each bag, but you could easily make some cookies or just hand out a small tractor to each child. Good luck, and have fun! E.

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