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Jet Dry

Hello Mamas
I did not grow up using dishwashers so this is a little new for me. We have hard water which is causing my glass to look foggy. So I got some jet dry. There are no instructions on the bottle. It only says it's for 80 loads. What do you ladies do? How much do you add to your dish washer. What works for you? Do you put it in the beginning of the cycle or somewhere in the middle? Please advise.

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I gotta tell you, all I use is white vinegar (about 1/4 cup) and my glasses are shiny and spotless! I tried Jet Dry but didn't get as good results.

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Once a month I let all my glasses sit in "CLR" it removes all that cloudy junk. Then I just wash them again so that they are clean. You can get CLR at walmart, target...

On my dishwasher there is a place for Jet Dry to be poured into. I only refill it when it is low. The dishwasher takes care of when to use it. It is usually in the same area of where you add the soap. Mine has a circle type cap the you unscrew to get to where you place the Jet Dry.
Hope this helps.

I used to use Jet Dry all the time. Recently my dishes, black untensils, and glasses were looking so gross. I didn't know what it was from because I was using Jet Dry. So I read about cleaning my dishwasher. I ran it empty with white vinegar. I just poured some in the bottom of the dish washer. This did help. Then I also bought Lemi shine - it's in the same area as the Jet Dry. It did wonders!! Brought everything back to life again. I don't use Jet Dry anymore.

I put it in the rinse aid dispenser and re-fill when the indicator llight tells me it's low.

You might also try running a few cups of white vinegar through a cycle to remove the build up. AND our appliance guy told us that in a dishwasher (opposite of a washing machine) powdered detergents or powder packs are better than liquids or gels. That was causing us to get the cloudy glasses a while back.

My dishwasher has a special place for Jet Dry to be added and it disperses it during the wash. It has a guage which shows how full it is and when to fill it again.

I use half Cascade and half LemiShine in mine and it has all cleared up and comes out clean

I have hard water also, so don't be disappointed if the Jet Dry doesn't completely remove the fog. I love Jet Dry, its all I buy but sometimes hard water wins. Your dishwasher should have a compartment where the "rinsing agent" goes, I just fill it till it can't take anymore, and check on it occasionally. You ususally shouldnt have to add it during a cycle at all.

I gotta tell you, all I use is white vinegar (about 1/4 cup) and my glasses are shiny and spotless! I tried Jet Dry but didn't get as good results.

It seems that everyone is having trouble with foggy glassware So i thought I will share this bit of info that the serviceman from GE told me.

The EPA wants all dish washing detergent manufacturers to remove phosphorus - Phosphorus is what softens water thereby removing the spots and residue on the dishes but when this phosphorus gets in the water system it pollutes the water with algae.

Some manufacturers have not eliminated this totally so you will still find some brands that still contain it. We found that the Costco brand (Kirkland) has more than Cascade. So look for brands with a higher amount of phosphorus.

If you interested in finding out more the link below gives a good explanation:


I use the dish tabs that have the jet dry ball in the tab. However some dishwashers do not have the little compartment to pour the liquid jet dry. I have never used the liquid version, so I am not sure of the "dose" amount.

Your dishwasher should have a spot for the Jet Dry/rinse agent, it's usually a little knob that unscrews, fill it till you can't fill it anymore and your dishwasher will take care of it automatically. White vinegar can help take of the cloudiness as well.

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