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Jeans for Very Slim Boy?

Hi Moms...I have a 52lbs, 10-yr-old son who is very slim...actually skinny...and I have the hardest time finding jeans to fit him. When they fit in the waist, they're too short. Right now, he's wearing an 8-slim, but they don't fit well, and he would prefer some jeans that have the elastic around the waist, or at least around the back. I've told him that type of waist only comes in the smaller, toddler sizes, and that it's really hard to find an elastic waist in bigger boys sizes. I've tried the jeans with the hidden, elastic adjustable waist, and he says they get all "bunchy" in the back!

Anyone know a brand, and/or a store that carries elastic waist jeans for older kids?
Is there such a thing?



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I have a son with the same problem. Try the adjustable waist jeans. I like the ones from old navy the best.

i have a tall slim boy that hates baggy jeans so we have gotten him several pairs of slim jeans at Hot Topic in the mall. They run about $30.00 but they are slim and fit great!! But they do not have the elastic waist band and you buy them buy waist and lenghth

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My 11 year old who is 5'3" and weighs 80 lbs. loves Gap jeans. They are expensive but they fit him. I think they have a sale going on right now or soon on Jeans. Right now he is in a 16 slim with the elastic bands pulled tight. Old Navy, OshKosh, and Gap all have the elastic pull throughs that you can size to fit your child. If the jeans are too long you can always cut them to fit. Or your son could be like mine and just wear them bunched around his shoes.

I have the same problem. My son is 9. I can find slim jeans with elastic waist at Gap. They are a little bit expensive (around $20-25 but sometimes are on sale, or I use coupons) but they fit him well. If your son don't mind using a belt, you can find elastic belt that's comfortable than leather ones.
Good luck with pans hunting!

We have jeans from JC Penney, Kohls, and I think Old Navy, but all have the internal elastic. My son has to wear a belt even with the slim size and adjustable waist. And it does bunch up. His favorites jeans are Tony Hawk from Kohls, and he likes them so much that he doesn't complain about the belt bunching. But in general we also have a problem with that.

Have you looked into having someone fold over and sew the waist on his jeans on each side? My girls have mostly pre-owned clothes and the mom who bought them did that because her girls are also thin. It works well for mine too.

I am not sure about for boys... but Children's Place has elastic hidden in the waste of their girls pants. You pull on the elastic and it has button holes to adjust the waist size. (this is all done inside and cannot be seen) They are GREAT for my skinny mini girl. I don't see why their boys clothing wouldn't be made the same.

Not sure if these are the same kind you are using. The girls ones don't seem bunchy but to a kid, maybe it is!!!

Levi's jeans seems to run more slim than other brands, and you can also find them in a slim fit. You might try Macy's or Dillards, or even check online to find your best source. Good luck!

I am finding name brand stuff is working for my skinny little dude. Vans slims, seem to work pretty well. I have only got them on clearance so far, so only twenty dollars. But regular price is $40 plus. Urban Pipe line(get them at Khols),they have adjustable waists, but My son has not needind to use them.

I would get him used to belts. Let him go pcik out some coolbelts.

My son is still complaining about not having elastic waist pants but at least he is liking some name barand stuff because he thinks it makes him look cool.

I have also had this problem. My now sixteen year old boy is 5'8" and 100lb. Gap, and Walmart carry jeans that have an elastic inside the waist band that can be adjusted. Walmart also carrys tan,black and blue slacks that do the same thing.
Good luck.

Gymboree goes up to size 10 and have a slim line for boys. I have had the best luck with them. You can't usually find them in stores but if you order on line there is free shipping until Tuesday. And if they don't fit you can take them back to the store. You might also try the outlet store in Allen. Might find a good deal on them there.

Hi S.:

Lands End Kids has elastic waist pants that also have a built-in elastic belt. They have them either plain or in the cargo style. If your son wears a shirt untucked, the elastic waist is totally undetected.

We loved them. We ordered them year after year!

Our youngest was super skinny when he was younger, too. Sears catalog had several styles you could order in slim or super slim in the size 7 - size 14 range.
Check the measurement section in their catalog desk at the store. It helped us get through those few awkward years until he was old enough to wear adult sizes.
Good luck!

i have a tall slim boy that hates baggy jeans so we have gotten him several pairs of slim jeans at Hot Topic in the mall. They run about $30.00 but they are slim and fit great!! But they do not have the elastic waist band and you buy them buy waist and lenghth


I know LandsEnd has slim sizes. I've never bought them, my DS is 2.

I see one here: http://www.landsend.com/pp/5pocketJeans~173517_1189.html?...

You can do returns at Sears too.

I have a son with the same problem. Try the adjustable waist jeans. I like the ones from old navy the best.

I have the same problem. Mine will be 10 after the first of the year and is only 44 pounds. Pants are so hard because to get the correct waist size they are short. To get the correct length they are to big in the waist. The ones that I found that fit the best are gymboree(the larger size slims are only available online), tommy hilfiger and sonoma from Kohls. All other brands never fit. I think these are naturally slimmer and then I get the slim size on top of that, and I haven't had to tighten the adjustable waist very much on these brands.

I have a very slim 7 year old. WE use the Gap jeans with the adjustable waist. They do not seem to bunch up on him at all. I will say though that you need to try on several to figure out which style works. Some of them even though they are a "slim" size since the style may be a looser fit they can be huge. In general though I buy him a 6 slim in one of the straighter or slimmer styles and we have had success! Good luck

Hi...mine is a slim/skinny boy too. Everyone time I'm in Walmart, I'll look through their jeans. They do have slims but they do go fast. The waist is adjustable. I just bought 2 yesterday that was an 8 slim. Good luck. Let me know of other places from your responses. I'm always looking too. Thanks & good luck.

My son is 12 and weighs only 54 pounds he is so skinny his waist is only 15 inches it was also hard finding jeans that fit him but gap does Have elastics aroun the waist

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