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IUD Stories?

I am considering getting an IUD and am wondering what kind of experiences folks have had. I am debating between the 2 kinds but am nervous about side effects (esp. heavy bleeding and discharge with the copper one and migraines and weight gain with the mirena). When I look at side effect discussion boards there are a ton of horror stories so I thought here I might get a more realistic mix of good and bad experiences. Thanks so much!

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I ended up going with the copper IUD. I really didn't want to risk all the potential side effects of hormones with the Mirena (I have had headaches on the pill) and then be out $500 if I had to remove it. The first period was pretty intensely heavy and lasted a full 7 days, we're talking like change a tampon every hour heavy. The next few have not been as bad, though still a bit heavier the second and third day than before the IUD. But no real cramping so I am very happy. Incidentally I have found for the heavy days the best solution is the Diva Cup as it keeps me out of the bathroom for longer and has no tampon cost or waste. Thanks so much for all the stories and advice!

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I have had the Mirena for a year and a half now and have not have any negative side effects including no headaches or weight gain. It was recommended by my OB/GYN as the preferred choice and so far I am happy with it.

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I'm getting Mirena this week! I was intimidated by bad reviews but I have a feeling that only dissatisfied people write reviews. I've tolerated the Ring, pill and mini- pill just fine. My midwife had Mirena between babies and liked it. Her husband had tubes tied so she doesn't use anymore. I asked how many she's pulled because of discomfort and she said post-partum, very few. I also asked some local moms in my area (via a yahoo group) and got favorable responses.

I plan to pre medicate before insertion. I'm hoping it works out- I love the convenience and low hormone aspect. My insurance is covering it!

I hope to see some good responses to your post.

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I got the copper one after my eight year old was born. (When i got it, the doctor said it was good for five years, but at four years, she said they had since extended it to ten years.) I had heavier periods and heavy (but certainly bearable) cramping for the first six months to a year (hard to remember now). After being on the pill-or pregnant-for so many years, it reminded me of how my periods were in high school. These days my periods last a full 7 days, but with only two heavy days. I hate how long they last, but other than that, for me it's been ten times better than any other method we've tried, and i would do it again.

I have had Mirena since November 2007. I've been generally happy with it. I had suffered with migraines on every hormonal birth control (pill, ring etc.) and while pregnant and breastfeeding (really bad ones with numbness, loss of vision, nausea and everything). I recently had my fist migraine since getting the Mirena and I think it was just from stress.

I have gained no weight since having the Mirena inserted. Actually I've lost a couple of pounds, but I don't think I can credit the IUD with that, I always loose weight in the Fall.

The greatest pro for me has been the VERY light periods. Since the initial bleeding stopped (like a slightly long period) I basically just spot for a day, sometimes two. No cramps, no back ache, nothing. It's great!

Hope this helps.


Hi G.,
I had a delcon shield before they were taken off the market and I had no problems at all. Many women in the 7o's had IUD's with no problems. It is an option you should consider for birth control, just ask your doctor about the IUD you are considering and know that not everyones experience was a bad one.

I think people always feel compelled to share horor stories. I had a Mirana put in last November and the only side effect I had was spotting for a couple of weeks following and light cramping. The insertion was no big deal, I was freaked out about it so I took some advil before I went. It was less painful than a bikini wax! From what I've heard most complications arise from the doctor not placing it correctly. If you have a great doctor, there isn't too much to worry about!

I would double check your insurance before you decide what to do. My insurance covered it 100%, but I had to pay out of pocket up front and be reimbursed. It was $600. This was in November and I just got a check last week. But I guess no one ever accused insurance companies of moving quickly on claims!

Good luck!!

Hi G.,
I have had 2 IUD's and loved them both each time. I have only used the Mirena. The only complaint that I have had is that I cramped pretty bad for about a week but after that I have not had any issues. I do not have abnormal bleeding, extra weight gain or headaches. I started having headaches at the end of my pregnancy and they have continued but they do not think that it is still related to the IUD. I love the IUD because I do not have to remember to take a pill around the same time everyday and we do not have to worry about having a condom, plus they are good for 5 years. They say that you should maually check the strings once a month but I never check mine and have no problems. My husband doesn't even feel it during intercourse (belive me he would tell me if he did). I recommend that IUD to everyone. Good Luck.

I got pregnant on one. However, that was 30 or so years ago, and maybe they are more effective these days.

I would second everything all the other Mirena uses have said. I have had mine since Feb. 2007 and have had no problems either. Only small amounts of spotting here and there and crampoing when it was placed. The benefit in my opinion is that it lasts for five years but if you change your mind you can easily have it removed to have another baby. It is the best birth control I have ever used.

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