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IUD & Anger?

I am wondering if anyone else is having anger issues?
I have been wondering lately if it's related to the IUD I got after having my little one over a year ago. The mood swings are so very sudden and extreme (compared myself to the incredible hulk yesterday) that I am realizing something has to change before my kid thinks it's okay to act this way.
So, I was wondering if anyone else with an IUD (mine is the Mirena) is having mood issues like this? I'm scheduled to get it taken out already & hoping that will help.
Thanks, M.

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The medical professionals seemed surprised that I linked the anger with the IUD. (But these professionals were surprised to hear that I'd had the same issues with the pill, so we'll see what other info we can teach them through experience)
It's only been just over a month now, but I feel like things are starting to level out. It has been a bit weird getting back into the routine of a period and all that goes with it. Years have gone by with no period, so that seems to be the biggest change so far.

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I have been on Mirena since September 2006. I have not had any problems that I have recognized, emotional or physically.
Everyone may respond differently, and hopefully by removing it, you will improve.

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I have a Mirena IUD and I love it. I got a paraguard one right after my daughter was born- it was great too. Then about 3 months ago it started getting loose and my gyn told me abou tis new Mirena one. I have had good results so far. i do notice a bit more emotional-ness at times but nothing like I used to have.

I had alot of problems with anger when my daughter was a toddler. She is 6 now and it's much better. I don't know you or anything- but at the time for me I think it was more lack of sleep, always being busy, some hormonal issues- but it is my opinion that it probably doesn't have alot to do with the IUD but with everything going on in your life.

You're under alot of pressure even if it doesn't feel like it. You're responsible for so many things and if you're like me and have 0 patience- it's easy to lose your temper.

Only uou know your body and when it changes and what's normal and what's not- but my opinion is that it's probably not all that much related to the IUD. Best of luck either way though. I hope you're able to get past this rough patch of time!

M. (that's my name too! and my daughter!)

hi M.,

i have the copper IUD and i love it there is no hormones so you will not have to worry about mood swings. when i was on the pill it took me 5 different kinds to find the one that worked for me. and after i had my baby i did not want to go through that again so my doctor told me about the copper IUD. with Mirena there is still the hormones. i love the copper IUD i have no mood swings it lasts for 10 years and it is as effective as having your tubes tied. you should check into that instead of Minera if you are still wanting brith control with out the mood swings there are still some other side effects. i would get some more info on it i love it and it has worked for me i definitely recommend it.

Well I had a 10 yr IUD which I just got removed after 7 yrs. My experience with it was infections. I found that I kept getting infections like bacteria vaginosis and yeast. I had the copper IUD and I couldn't understand why I kept getting this, also I experienced many cramps and unusual pain. The problem with the IUD is it's a foreign object in the body that it doesn't recognize. Therefore you may have alot of different reactions to it. I do know that the doctors don't have all the answers because I would ask them about the infections and was told it wasn't linked. Well I took it out in Sept 2006 and I haven't had one infection since. Hope this helps. I have heard HORROR stories about the IUD and thats another reason why I got it out.

I am so happy that I read your comment bec I am schedule to have my Mirena taken out also. I have had the IUD for about 10 mths and I have a 3 yr old son I have been more angry than anything especially the week before my period and the week after I yell and scream an sometimes wounder if I am loosing my mind and this was not the case before the Mirena and another thing it is not like I can just carm down its as if there is blood rushing to my brain and I cant control it, yes ur right like the incredible hulk.

I live in the North GA area, and I am having trouble finding a doctor that will do Mirena. Could anyone refer someone? Thanks!

Hi M.,

Actually I am having a similar situation and I am on the Depo. It has been two years since my last baby and I am still having trouble with PostPartum so with that today the doctor gave me Wellbutrin. I hope it helps. I have been on the depo for two years and six months. I went to the doctor today and he suggested that I look into two different birth controls, one being the IUD and the other the Nuva (I don't know if that is the correct name for it) Ring. He said that the IUD and the ring are the better choices for less hormone distribution and convenience. He said that there are pills that give out the same amount of hormones as the ring, meaning a low amount as low as you can get to still be affective. Well I hope this helps you with your decision. I would ask your doctor what to do before you take it out. I really don't think it is your IUD though that is just my opinion based on what my doc said today. Good Luck, A. www.busymomsworkathome.com

Hmmm how odd that you mention that. I too am having some anger issues, but had not attributed it to my Mirena IUD. i suppose it could be possible, it does have hormones on it. I think I will question my Dr. when i go in for my check up too. Good Luck to you!

I have been having similar issues and have the Mirena but had no idea it could be linked to that. I am taking prescription appetite suppressants on the diet program I'm on and I assumed it was from them.

M., before you have it removed let me tell you that I also had mirena after my first child. I was on it for a couple of yrs and never experienced what u r. But I have heard that some women can get PPD (Post pardom depression) after a child and not always immediately after the birth. I personally found mirena to be the best birth control there is. I had mine removed to have another child, took me only about 6 months to get preg after...I don't get pregnant easily anyway. Before u go and have it removed ask ur doctor about PPD and if this is something u could be having.

Hi M.,
a few years ago I started having crazy angry moods too. I was not on any birth control at the time (condoms only cause we were thinking of getting pregnant within a year). At a friend's suggestion, I had my thyroid checked. I was way off the chart! My slow-thyroid wasn't making me fat, but I was exhausted & my mood could switch in a second & I couldn't stop it! After going on synthroid to regulate my thyroid, I was feeling so much better within a month or two. If you have health insurance, PLEASE do yourself a favor & have it checked. although a 'Normal' TSH level is listed as .5-5.0, many patients find that they need to keep it between 1.0-2.0
Many women are treated for depression, etc when it's just a thyroid hormone irregularity.


I have the IUD for almost three years now and I really don't think that it has anything to do with getting upset, I LOVE mine. The first year of having a baby is very stressfull, believe my I know, I have three boys 7,5, almost 3, You really need to try to take sometime for yourself and leave the kids with your husband and go to the gym that really started making me fell so much better. Try just geting a break with no work, no kids just what you what! Let me know how everything is going.

IUD's will mess with your hormones like crazy!! Get it out asap.

I have been on Mirena since September 2006. I have not had any problems that I have recognized, emotional or physically.
Everyone may respond differently, and hopefully by removing it, you will improve.

I have an IUD as well. I never thought about my mood swings coming from the hormones in the IUD. I do find myself less patient and more confused about my attitude toward my husband and kids.
We have had a lot of issues in our marriage, and I feel that it is affecting my attitude toward my kids. Maybe it is the IUD. I am not used to birth control. I have had the IUD for about 7 months now. I find myself yelling and feeling like I am going insane when I am around my kids when they do the smallest thing wrong. Maybe it is just me. Let me know how things change once you get the IUD removed. Improvement?

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