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Itchy Vaginal Area

My 5 yr old granddaughter has had severe itching in her vaginal area for now going on 3 weeks. So severe, the school called because she kept scratching and holding herself in class. I applied Monistat for about a week with a q-tip. No help. I called the doctor, gave the symptoms (which are just like a yeast infection) itching, discharge, odor. They called her in Nystatin. We have used this for 1 1/2 weeks to no avail. They also recommended vinegar baths which also have not helped. I took her to the doctor yesterday. They examined her and did a urinalysis. Nothing. They asked if I had changed detergents, dryer sheets etc. I have not. They then recommended using Vagisil which we started last night. No relief yet. She doesn't have any burning or pain just the constant itch. This started just all of a sudden with a vengeance and hasn't let up. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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my daughter had the same thing. Red and itchy. The first time it happend I took her to the doc. He said that I needed to just give her a rins bath/shower or a bath with no bubbles. I did that, and it cleared up almost over night.

Does she take tub baths? My little girl did something similar and it was the shampoo and bubblebath products.The doc. called it vaginitis. Cream was prescribed. I stopped using the products and the problem cleared itself up.

Do you have pets? Have you considered worms? I know it sounds funny, but a girlfriend of mine has a dog and around the age of 7 her daughter ended up with constant itch... her daughter was able to describe that the itch felt like it was inside, so my friend told her to use a washrag to cover her fingers and itch where ever it itched... I guess she ended up itching in the vagina and low and behold on that washrag was a little worm... the doctor explained that it was likely from the dog and that it could have easily transfered after petting near the tail or mouth and then using the bathroom with dirty hands. I know it sounds strange, but you never know. Also, they can just do a smear and see yeast under microscope easily... did they say it was or wasn't yeast? If it is yeast, for myself, I always use a little chloraphyl on a tampon (you can get it at a nutrition store) its what makes a plant green, but its good at balancing pH which keeps yeast from growing, you could maybe use some on a pad or pull-up... it stains green though! Good luck.

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Try yogurt or acidopholus milk. Good luck.

Sounds to me like it could be a bacterial infection. Cranberry, juice, lots of yogurt/acidopholis. good luck!

Do you give her bubble baths? If so, that could be the cause of the infection. Some girls and women are really sensitive to this and other things (including myself), so I know this is one of the big NO NO's for me. Even if someone else (another one of the granddaughters) has taken one, I would make sure and wipe down the tub really well before her bathtime.

I know that when I have had these infections in the past, my doctor has given me a prescription for a pill that you take once to get it to go away (sometimes it takes two of them). It is called Diflucan. I don't know if they make anything similar for children though.

check for pinworms. my daughter had them about a year ago and it was horrible. they usually originate in the intestine and exit through the anus and with girls it is not uncommon to for the worm to move into the vaignal area. after a really bad episode of itching and even some pain, my daughter allowed me to take a look and I actually saw the worm in there. (it was a tiny white string looking thing and it was moving) it freak me out, still does to think about it. i knew that i had to get it out so I got a q-tip and removed it. it was instant relief for her. i called the on call dr and he called in a prescription. i can't remember the name of it. but she took the medicine and we haven't had a problem with them since.

hope it's not pinworms but it wouldn't hurt to check.

Have you tried Yoplain Yogurt when I have that problem I go and get alot. The doctors are not the smartest when it come to that problem because most of them are men.

Hello. I read your situation about your granddaughter and wondered several things. Have you researched perhaps the toilet paper she is using, at home & at school? What do the bathrooms at school look like-what condition are those toilets in? Her panties: are they cotton or something else? Also, what kind of soap is she using on her bottom. Check whatever she is washing her hands with or perhaps her desk-seat at school, especially. Has anyone cleaned them lately, if they need cleaning and if they have, what is being used. I have always followed an investigation tactic when problems like this happen. Go over all activities & events, from daybreak to bedtime. Something is causing this situation and maybe you can get control of things by finding something usual out. The Pediatrician should prescribe something to calm her/relax her so she doesn't scratch so much when she's at home, giving the area some relief. Dryness may also be occuring for some reason. Her hands & fingernails must always be clean & trimmed well. Also, did the doctor check her mouth, etc. for "Thrush"? My daughter one time had it in her mouth and on her bottom, at the same time. The doctor treated it orally and externally. At one point later in life, she also needed to be treated with Diflucan, orally. Just some thoughts. I had 4 children years ago and of course, anything & everything practically happened to them making me the relentless detective, nurse, doctor, Mom I still am! Hope you figure out your culprit.

hi. i would recommend finding a pediatrician; pediatric gyn or a gyn who has an interest in pediatrics. the typical methods used on adults may not work on children. you can visit the american college of ob/gyns website (acog)at www.acog.org to find a physician in your area. i have three kids under five and understand the chaos/fun. i hope this helps and good luck.

When I was a little girl, I had a SEVERE allergy to certain scented soaps and bubble baths. I realize this may fall into the category of questions already asked, but it very well could be from certain bathtime products. The one in particular that was the most aggrivating was Mr. Bubbles powder bubble bath. I had to use mostly sensitive skin and scentless products for about a year, and the allergy just seemed to fade.
Well, I hope this helps. If not, it seems you got a lot of responses, so I hope you've found a solution either way.
Good luck!

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