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Itchy Swollen Ear, Only on the Top Though

Eeer, so I'm a teen and no I'm not a mom.. but I figured I could get mommys to answer my question. I woke up in bed Thursday, with my right ear itchy. But I paid no mind to it. I went through out the day just itching it occasionally. Then, it started itching some more. And I happened to notice where it was itchy, I looked in a mirror and noticed my ear had swollen. It feels hot, it's red and itchy. And it's only the top of my ear that looks like a dang red balloon. My friend said it looked worse from behind. It doesn't look like a rash. We can't really find a bump, except that it looks more swollen in a certain spot. And can't find what would look like a bite mark of a bug or spider. I'm leaning my head down against my shoulder with an ice pack against it, it makes my ear feel better because it takes away the heat I feel radiating. Anybody have any idea what's happened to cause this? What it could be? (Oh, and I was sleeping on my left side, so I wasn't sleeping with my right ear against anything.)

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Well, yesterday I woke up the red was gone but it was still swollen. Today, my ear seems to be just fine, not swollen anymore. All I did was take Benadryl and had that ice pack on it. I still don't even know what happened. It isn't bothering me right now any. My ear looks just normal again.

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I had the same thing a while ago. My husband thought it was some kind of spider or bug bite. I never went to the doctor for it and it went away by itself after a few days.
If it doesn't get better I would go to the doctor.
I hope you feel better soon!

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Maybe a bed bug??? their bite usually swells up like that. maybe try some antihistamine like Benadryl allergy medicine.
I hope it goes away soon!

If your ears are pierced you might be having a reaction to the post. My ears are mildly allegric to certain metals and I have had similiar reactions. Hope this helps!

I myslef had something similiar happen to me a few years back you really need to go to the doctors i had that happen to my ear at night and what it was, was a spider bite but i never found the bite mark till the swelling went down cause it was swollen to bad. Antibiotics and ice packs is what helped me

it sounds like a spider bite, and yes spider bites do swell up THAT MUCH.
get to the doctor sometime today or tomorrow, show it to the nice doctor,
and he will then put you on antibotics for a few days. if you dont take it in to the doctor, you might end up losing your ear, which is bad, by the way.
oh, and put new screens on your windows, that way the creepy little
fellas cant get in to snack on your ears.
K. h.

i think something bit you while you slept...a spider maybe? Sometimes it's so swollen, you can't see a bite mark. Try rubbing it down w/some alcohol or peroxide. Then maybe get some benadryl to take orally & then some of the benadryl cream & see if that helps.
If the ice makes it feel better, keep on using that too.
Good Luck!!

I had the same thing a while ago. My husband thought it was some kind of spider or bug bite. I never went to the doctor for it and it went away by itself after a few days.
If it doesn't get better I would go to the doctor.
I hope you feel better soon!

there are 10 varieties of poisonous spiders in VA. I know because I live here. It may be a bite that is so swollen you cant see it, Get to a doctor immedeatly!

You are one resourceful teenager! Yeah, I think it's a spider bite, too. The Brown Recluse spider lives in houses and usually doesn't bother anybody but if one bites you it will swell up just like that. Happened to me once, when I put my hand in a woodpile, and the site of the bite was never visible. It did, however, eventually make my whole finger go all green and purple because I sat around and did NOT go see a doctor. Go see your school nurse or one of those Minit Clinics, if getting to a doctor is a problem for you--and don't delay.

At this point, make an appointment with your doctor. It most certainly could be a spider bite, you don't always see the bite mark. Try taking some Benedryl until you can get to the doctor, this will help with the allergic reaction. Good Luck

Could be a spider bite or if you were out in the cold for an extended period without ear protection it could be a mild frostbite.

I agree with Jaime, sounds like a spider bite. Putting ice on will help. You could try some hydrocortizone cream. Keep an eye on it. If it's the wrong spider (brown recluse, black widow) you do want to get to a doctor. See if the cream works. It'll help minor allergic reactions to bites. If it gets worse, tell your mom/dad. Oh, and change the sheets in your bed. Now I really sound like a mom.

Sounds like it could be swimmer's ear- an infection can happen if you swim or take long showers and water gets in your ear....you can try drops:
3 to 5 drops of a half-alcohol, half-white vinegar solution in the ear before and after swimming or taking showers.
Let me know if this helps! :)

It could be a sebaceous cyst-a pore gets blocked and the oil(sebum) builds up under the skin; a blind pimple is another thing I've heard it called. Try a warm soak a couple of times a day: wet a washcloth with water as warm as possible and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. You may also try the skin products with benzyl peroxide, they seem to help. If it gets worse or starts to drain anything greenish, it's an infection and you'll need to get it seen.

Hello C.:

This could be a spider or bug bite. Make an appointment with your Dr.

Take a pic of the ear - both front and back. Take a benadryl - this will help with the itchiness and swelling.

If you have trouble breathing or your tongue becomes itchy - call 911 as it has turned into an severe allergic reaction (this is what happened to my son last May).

I'm thinking definitely a bite of some sort. The excessive reaction may simply be because your ear has skin, cartilage, blood vessels and not much else, so anytime I've been bitten by a mosquito on my ear, it is always terribly itchy and red. The more I scratch, the more it gets red, hot and itchier. Having said that, it may indeed be something more than a simple spider bite, flea, bedbug or mosquito. All spiders are poisonous because they produce venom. But there are only some that can cause harm to humans. If it is a poisonous spider (i.e. brown recluse or black widow, the two poisonous ones we have around here that can actually do harm to humans) you need to see a doc pronto. Since you wrote this Thursday and it is now Friday, I'm guessing you already know if it is getting worse or not. Better safe than sorry, so get to a doc if you haven't already. Post later and tell us how this goes, I'm curious what is is!

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