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It Smells Pooey in Here!

When I found out I was pregnant my DH and I registered for a Diaper Genie. My friend said she hated hers, so she didn't get me one. Consequently we got a plain old diaper pail, which had worked well....until now. It smells pooey in my daughters room! Yuck! I litterally have to empty and deoderize it daily to keep the poo smell at bay.
What do you do with all the stink?

What can I do next?

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We kept our good old diaper pail, and I take all pooey diapers outside. Problem solved! Oh, and I Lysol the diaper pail and leave it out in the cold overnight when I empty it weekly. No more smell! Yay!
My household thanks you all :)

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Mom of 3 here...I NEVER used a diaper pail. I always took tho poopie diapers straight to the garbage OUTSIDE! Never had a poopie smelly room. Just a suggestion...get rid of the diaper pail in the house! Take the dirty dipes OUTSIDE!!!


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You can try a few cotton balls soaked in tea tree oil at the bottom of the pail (outside of the trash liner). That seems to work for me - I use a cloth diaper service and the diapers only get picked up once a week. I replace the cotton balls weekly and it seems to keep the smell at bay.

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I have a diaper genie II, and I love it.... The best thing ever as long as you change it at least weekly, which we do. Hope you find what you need.

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My nursery workers hated the diaper genie and so did I, but for stinky diapers we use a ziploc bag and put a dryer sheet in the bag to help with the smell - it works great!!!

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we bought a regular diaper pail for our daughter and my friend said her diaper genie was a pain in the butt. I think I might try it for our second child though, anyways we had to just throw the diaper pail away because of the smell, we figured it couldn't be good for our daughter so now I just use plastic bags from the groceries, and when they are poopy diapers they go straight out to the garbage out side that way it doesn't smell up the house or her room, then about 2 times a week I replace the plastic sac that is placed on a hook in her room next to the changing table.

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You can try a few cotton balls soaked in tea tree oil at the bottom of the pail (outside of the trash liner). That seems to work for me - I use a cloth diaper service and the diapers only get picked up once a week. I replace the cotton balls weekly and it seems to keep the smell at bay.

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I don't know if Diaper Genie has changed since my oldest was a baby (she's 13 now), but we HATED ours! It was fine for the 10 diapers it held, but then emptying it was horrible! And it stunk up the whole house.

We tried various different ways to dispose of the diapers over the course of 4 babies, but the only thing that really worked for us was wrapping the stinky in a grocery sack and throwing it away out in the garage. So we used a garbage can with a lid for the wet ones, and threw the others away outside. It seems really inconvenient, but pretty soon it becomes a habit and isn't too bad.

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Mom of 3 here...I NEVER used a diaper pail. I always took tho poopie diapers straight to the garbage OUTSIDE! Never had a poopie smelly room. Just a suggestion...get rid of the diaper pail in the house! Take the dirty dipes OUTSIDE!!!


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We used a Diaper Champ for our two and loved it. You can use normal trash bags and I even put a box of Arm & Hammer in the bottom and that seemed to help absord even more smell. I still disinfected it, but usually monthly.

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I smell your pain, girlfriend! I've had a Diaper Genie with my first baby (hated it), a Diaper Champ with my second (hated it) and now I use the trash can with the third. No extra cost, no pooey diaper smell ever.

I did try cleaning the diaper pails and never found anything that worked, although I admit that I didn't try tea tree oil cotton balls...

If I were you, I'd give it up as a lost cause and just throw your diapers away in the trash.

I 2nd Andrea. I walk the stink diapers outside to the trash. Its worth the few extra steps!

I gave up on all diaper pails, including the daiper genie when I had my second baby. My experience with the diaper genie is that it doesn't smell as bad as the others, but it still smells pretty bad. I found we are all a lot happier if I just take all of the poopy diapers out to the trash in the garage right after changing my babies. I lived in an apartment for several years with kids in diapers too and I just found a place outside where I could stash the diapers, like behind a planter, until I took the trash out. I noticed there were several other families who did the same thing.

I noticed a comment about pets and she is right. If you have a dog or plan on getting a dog you cannot have the poopy diapers anywhere in the house; particularly if you are trying to housebreak a dog. We did that and our dog thought the nursery was her bathroom until we got rid of the diaper genie.

Keep your bags from the grocery store, tie up the poopy diapers and throw them in your outside trash. That is all you can do, in my opinion. Then get the potty training going as soon as you can!

I'm mostly cloth diapering, but there might be something that you could do also for disposables. I use an old Tidy Cats (yellow w/ blue lid) litter container for my cloth diapers. The flip-back lid seals tightly enough to avoid smell-leaks, but seems to ventilate a little, too, because it's not air-tight. I spray a little Bac-Out on the bottom, put both wet and dirties in there, and only empty it every 48 hrs for laundering. It really never gets very stinky. Once every 7-10 days, I rinse it with a little bleach & water.

I have a separate can (metal, push-in lid) for the few disposables I use. They are invariably more stinky,more quickly, is my experience. They ferment, or something? When I empty it, I leave it on the patio for a few hours in the sun.

As an experienced mother I have to tell you this:Nothing takes out the pooey stink except using disposable diapers! I raised 2 children on cloth diapers, before the advent of disposable diapers. By the time my last child came along I was eternally greatful for paper diapers! I know, they cost more, I know, you are concerned with the environment, but some modern conveniences are worth it!

Diaper Champ all the way!!! I had the Diaper Genie too and it was terrible so I returned it. I have been using a Diaper Champ for about the last 4 years with both of my sons and smell is not an issue. We empty it once a week.

Unlike all the other posters here taking the diapers out to the trash with each poopy diaper change is NOT an option for me (but I live up in the mountians -- outdoor garbage cans are an invitation for animals). So I have a diaper genie. And I LOVE the new one so much better than the old one. It does a good job of keeping the smell IN the can -- and this was for an almost 3 year old before we got him potty trained. It's magnificent for my 5 month old (but she's breastfed so they don't stink much at all). Just remember to follow the instructions and dump any solid waste in the toilet and flush it down before putting the diaper in the can. Good luck to you!

I know this is a pain, but I have to take out the diapers each time my son poops. I tie the diaper up in a plastic bag and put it by the door. When I walk outside, I throw it away. I have tried a variety of diaper pails and the scented bags and nothing really worked for me. If you find a pail that doesn't stink, let me know!

I had a diaper genie when my son was born 4 years ago. But we had the same problem, we finally threw it out. We started putting the diapers in a plastic walmart or any grocery store bag and taking them right out to the garbage cans. It was so much better not to smell that all the time. Good luck.

I got eco friendly scented mini garbage bags, vanilla if I remember, I bought them in bulk. I would just have them handy by the changing pads and wipes and use those. They can sit in the trash for the day and not smell at all. I assume you take your trash out daily or at least I did so it wasn't a biggie. I would stash a bunch in my diaper bag and purse so if we were out it wasn't stinky either.
I used the Diaper genie with my daughter and it was expensive and a pain in the rear. Simple small bags worked best for me and I never had a issue with smelling poopy diapers in my house with my son.

We've tried the diaper genie (HATE) and a diaper pail (HATE) with no luck so we've had to resort to always taking a poopy diaper out to the outside garbage. Discussions with friends assured me that's what they have to do too. We use a regular waste basket for wet diapers and empty it every couple days always being sure to use a liner or the smell gets embedded into the plastic. Lysol is great for that.

To get the stink out of the pail itself, take it outside, open it up, and wash it out. When dry, sprinkle baking soda inside and let it sit outside, in the sun for a few days. Wash again, and bring back inside. Then, either empty it into the outdoor trash DAILY, or put poopy diapers outside immediately.

I never leave a poopy diaper in my daughter's trash can. No matter what it always stinks up the room. She is almost 2 (about ready to be potty trained) so she only poops once or twice a day. I just take the poopy diaper out to the dumpster or put in a plastic bag and set it out in the garage then throw it away when I leave. The wet diapers seem to be fine let in the trash for a day or two but for the poop ones just take them out right away.

We never used a diaper pail. It was much easier (and a lot less stinky) to just toss the wet diapers in the regular garbage can and the stinky ones in the garbage outside.

From my experience (3 kids) no diaper pail really contained the stink once they started on solids. Not even the diaper genie. Best bet (in my opinion) is to keep a stash of plastic grocery bags nearby (where baby can't get to them!) and when you have a poopy diaper, put it in there, tie it tight, and take it straight to the outside garbage/dumpster. Not a ton of fun, but really not a lot more work that emptying some of those pails (the genie was especially a major pain). Then the stink isn't even there.

Try some Febreeze or other fabric deoderizer to get out the lingering smell. :)

All of out dirties go straigt into a Wal-mart sack and get thrown directly into the trash outside. Of course this gets easier when there are only one or two a day!

We have a Diaper Champ and haven't had any smell. You can also use a regular garbage bag, you don't have to use special bags. It was under $30 and my mom got it at ShopKo if that helps.

I have a childcare in my home and do not use a diaper pail or a diaper genie. I use plastic bags from the stores, or if I run out of those, I buy diaper saks at Babies R Us & put the dirty diapers in there & toss them outside till the end of the day when I have a chance to put them in the outside garbage can.

um... in my experience the more solids they eat (especially so close to 1 now) the more their poop stinks, and diaper pails aren't always a super help... the plastic absorbs the smell and then its harder to get rid of. I just use a small waste basket in our daughters room (15 months). it small enough that we have to empty it about every other day. The really stinky diapers I put into those little deoderizer plastic bags to keep them at bay, or they go straight out to out big outdoor garbage can. We don't have an daily stink issue at all... every once in a while it gets bad, but the waste basket is small enough that the plastic can't absord tons of smell to keep in the room. Good luck!

I found that people either love or hate the diaper genie. We love ours' - we have two (one upstairs and one downstairs) that were given to us. We have no smelly problem. My kids are 7 months now, so we'll see if that changes as they get older...

I do most of my changing out of the children's bedroom so I just wrap the poopy ones in a used plastic shopping bag and tie it shut with an single overhand knot. If it is really foul I will turn it again into the excess in the bag and tie it with an another over hand knot. Then I just toss them in the main household trash in the kitchen which closes tightly. That seems to keep the stink completely contained and I usually take that trash out daily. We have lots of folks in our house so lots of garbage.

Get a diaper genie! it may smell a little with the particularly stinky diapers, but in general, contains the stink! (and we use scented garbage bags- just be aware that I now associate vanilla with poopy diapers)

I see your baby is nearly one. By that age, you aren't changing as often and it does STINK!!!! What I did was take the pail out and put in the hall. I used grocery bags so I had to toss it frequently. This was upstairs. Eventually, i got rid of it all together as I only changed up there before bed and could walk the diaper downstairs. Also, Bed Bath and Beyond has these sent cans with some sort of gel in it. I found them the best as they were natural smelling and worked well. I also had a True Air wall plug in unit near the pail. I loved Oust natural air each time I change the trash, I stpray it (the can was near the bathroom so I just went in there to get it.) I also use the clorox wipes to give it a quick one over here and there. these are in handy later when potty taining starts. So daily, i changed downstairs and put a grocery bag on the step of the garage outside the door. If it was poopy, I knotted the bag and walked it to the big can. If just pee, might get a couple in there first. The big can smelled eventually but better then inside. I put an air fresf can near the entrance of the door to the house from the garage and left the big can out in the sun with the lid open the day after collection (and rinsed out if could. so, get the diapers out of your house as soon as you can. infant ones aren't bad, but when they start geting fats in foods..oooowee.

My mother bought me a diaper genie. I used it for awhile out of convenience but certainly not because it eliminated the smell. The only way to eliminate the smell of pooh in your home is to put the diaper in the trash can outside.

Diaper Geenies are the worst. We had one and used it for a while, but your friend is right. It just stunk up the room if there was a poopy diaper in there. Now, we just put pee diapers in the bathroom garbage and poopy ones we just put in the garage or take them right to the outside garbage. DON'T waste your money on a diaper geenie.

I thought all diaper holders were stinky, I resorted to taking the diapers out to the garbage after each change. My house always smells Pooey free :)

I agree with your friend that the Diaper Genie is not good. But there is a great diaper pail out there that we used for the last 4-5 years. It's the Diaper Champ. We had a regular diaper pail with our first child. When the 2nd one came along and we had 2 in diapers, we switched to the Diaper Genie. After just a few weeks we decided we hated it and bought the Diaper Champ on the recommendation of several moms. We loved it. Used our own bags. Didn't have trouble with smells in the bedroom or bathroom where it was. If you are willing to spend a little money, it's well worth it for the long run! Good luck. C. M.

I have the diaper Champ and love it. It doesnt use special bags like the champ and is easy to change. I can tell when the week is up and it starts getting full because that is the only time I notice the smell. Although taking diapers outside everytime would probably be the best answer it just doesn't work for us. Have a tall townhome I would have to do three levels and a garage in order to take them outside. I love my champ, maybe you should give it a try.

Actually, the Diaper Genie worked really well but I lost mine during a long move. I got a plain old one instead (figured it couldn't be that much different) and the stink came with it. I now keep mine right outside my back door. It stinks out there, too, but the wind keeps the stink at bay. If you really have to have one in your daughter's room...get a Diaper Genie.

We were given a Diaper Genie and love it. We're on kiddo number 3. We put wet diapers in the regular trash and dirty ones in the Genie. We've never had a stinky problem. Another option is wrapping stinky ones in plastic bags. We do that when we travel.

There's no way around it. Diaper pails are gross. Just put your dirty diapers in the outside trash.

I had that problem and I decided that all the messy diapers were going right out to the trash. No more smell. It takes a few seconds to do that but it sure makes the house smell better. I even went so far as to get little garbage bags and put the diaper in there first. Then, when I was done changing him, I took it out to the trash outside. In the winter we had a trash bin right outside the front door. That way we didn't have to track through the snow to throw it away. I got so used to doing going to the trash that I ended up not even putting wet diapers in the trash in the house. saves on stink and mess and the pets don't get into it, either.

I might be a little different because I have three in diapers right now (two 2 year olds and a 1 year old). But even when my oldest was the only one in diapers, I never kept diapers in her room after abandoning my diaper genie (around 3 months-it never worked that great). We have a kitchen trash can with a pedal and a lid. Actually, we are on our second one right now and both have really been great at containing the smell of dirty diapers. Wherever they are when I change the diaper, I always bring it down to the trash with a lid. However, with three in diapers, I'm taking the trash out practically daily, so it doesn't have much time to sit in the same place and really cause a stink. And if the lid of the trash can is open for too long, the smell will escape a bit. But when it's closed back up, it disappears rather quickly. Anyway... poop smell is just unavoidable with babies in diapers! But at least you can contain it somewhere other than her room by taking some of the suggestions you've gotten. Good luck!

bigger baby (about a year, yes?) and bigger poop = bigger smell. I think I abandoned my diaper pails around 7-8months old and immediately throw out every diaper in the outdoor garbage.

I have always thrown the poopy diapers in the garbage outside.

Get a small garbage can, stuff several plastic grocery bags in the bottom, and put one in as a liner. Then toss your wet diapers in there. Let them pile up until you get a poopy one. Then tie the handles shut and take it to the outdoor garbage can.
It's the only thing that works.
And when you need another bag for diapers, they're already sitting there in the bottom of the trash can!

The old Diaper Genie is kind of a pain, but it keeps the poo smell in the can (I have one). There are other diaper disposal systems that are more convenient--maybe more expensive too--but they all work better than a diaper pail!

I hated my diaper genie too. I didn't have a diaper pail. I just walked them to the trash outside or just set them on the front porch till I was ready to take them to the trash.

I use the diaper champ and really like it. Smell is usually mitigated and you can recycle plastic grocery bags to use in it.

I have a diaper genie II, and I love it.... The best thing ever as long as you change it at least weekly, which we do. Hope you find what you need.

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