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It Seems My Kids Are Always sick...any Advice?

Hi, busy working mom of two boys; an almost 1-year old and an almost 3-year old. They attend daycare two days per week. It seems like they're always sick! We've gone through pink eye, strep, pneumonia, hand food & mouth; along with the common cold, stomach bugs, etc. The older one gets a vitamin every day, I try to feed him balanced meals, lots of rest. I'm frustrated and winter is coming...does anyone have any ideas, hints, suggestions that might help?

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Give them a better chance to fight off some of the stuff with a high quality vitamin (flintstones just don't cut it)

I give my daughter Might-a-mins. It is a powder that you dissolve in water and they drink - it tastes great, kind of like orange soda. When it is mixed properly it becomes isotonic (which means that it will spend almost no time in their stomach, it will go straight to their small intestine and get absorbed almost completely) They have many key vitamins but also a great probiotic. You can only get it thru www.marketamerica.com

My daughter used to get sick all the time until I started giving her this and now she only occassionally gets a cold plus - when she does get sick she's over it in about 2 days instead of a week.

Also - try to teach them about how they are washing their hands . . . well, the 3 yr old at least :) Kids are SO BAD at washing their hands and it is one of the best preventatives to getting sick.

Day care centers are full of germs..that's a given.

Try giving them Arizonia Green Tea once a day. It has antioxidants and seems to keep kid illnesses at bay. It's good for adults too.


This definitely helps... wash hands all day long. Even the 1yo. Especially as soon as they walk in the door from daycare.

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My son takes Juice Plus, which is a whole foods supplement, not a vitamin. What that means is, they take 17 fruits and veggies, and put them into a gummy form. Everything from carrots to pomegranate, and everything in between. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc. This is the only children's supplement recommended by Dr. Sears (aside from his own fish oil supplement). They're great, my son loves them, and they really help. I can't say he never gets sick, but I have seen a dramatic improvement. My sister has seen great results, and she has four kids--said that the supplements pay for themselves, as this year she had fewer ped visits, antibiotics, etc. Let me know if you want more info--I don't sell them, but my mom does.

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You have gotten a lot of great advice,I have a home daycare and would recommend you switch to one.There are fewer kids,meaning less chance of getting colds etc as often,and usually the moms are more understanding about a slight fever and cold symptoms,meaning you could miss less time at work.

Have you ever done any research about chemicals and toxins in your everyday products and the effects they have on our health? If not check out, www.concernedmoms.com
It was a wealth of information for me.I have simply changed where we shop to a health and wellness online store and what a difference it has made for my family.
My personal website is www.SwitchStoresForHealthyLiving.com


Try airbournne. 1/2 tablet the first sign of a cold. try antioxidant juices and veggies instead or with a vitamin.

If they were my children I would be giving them Natural Cellular Defense daily (www.detoxqueen.com) and making fresh pressed juice for breakfast especially before and after daycare but daily would be best. Keep them off sugar which interferes with the immune system. The one year old should be fine with carrot/apple juice. The older one could take more variety. Feed them as much raw and organic food as you can. Cooked food stresses the immune system. Since they are young and won't chew as well as is really needed the juices are great for being absorbed.

If you'd like a free nutritional consult just watch the short video on my website and fill out the form at the end and I'll give you a call. The video is quite informative as well as to why people are so sick these days.

If they had pneumonia, they've gotten antibiotics which will destroy good bacteria and contribute to future immune system problems. Not all probiotics are equal which I can explain to you personally or via email.

S. Hoehner

in day care, in nursery school, it doesn't seem to matter. it's a germ fest and it's not unusual until your child/children have been exposed to many germs, this unfortunately will probably continue.
mom of 2 girls, 9 and 14.

I had a very close friend who went through the same thing. She would always say, "At least I know they'll have strong immune systems." So to encourage you, they are two very healthy kids (5 and 6 now). I've also heard of a very good vitamin from a company called Mannatech. Maybe you could look online. Another friend who is a doctor gives it to her twin boys and 5 year old. Finally, if you pray, pray about it. When I send my kids off to school I pray for them especially because my oldest had heart surgery when he was born and it's what got him through and it's what sustains him.

Hope it helps,

Hi D., Hopefully your children will build a stronger immunity. Parents who must work (most of us) send their children to daycare even if they are sick. Lots of germs there. Hang in there, hope it gets better. Grandma Mary

My Gosh! Find a different day care. Some sickness is fine but that's seems like way to many times.

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