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It Is Really over $10,000 to Have a Baby?

We are happy to have recently found out that after a miscarriage and a year of trying we are expecting #3! With our first two kids we had insurance and never thought twice about the great benefits. Unfortunately because of changes in my husbands work hours we now have private insurance with a very high deductible and no maternity insurance. When I called my doctor today she said to plan on paying the doctor $2800 and the anesthesiologist and hospital around $8,000!!! So I have lots of questions: Will our private insurance pay once we meet our deductible even though we do not have maternity insurance? Is it hard to qualify for medicaid? Are there any great resources for having a baby at home with a midwife? I have heard that it is cheaper. Is there maternity insurance that we could get now, or it it too late or expensive? So to say the least we are a little overwhelmed. We are sure that there are many people that have babies without insurance, so what are we missing? Thank you for your help in alleviating this stress that can't be good for a new expecting mom.

Update: Thank you to everyone for your responses! I knew you guys would have all the answers! We are currently researching and looking into midwives and birth centers. We watched "The business of being born" last night and were inspired! A birth center that has been suggested is Better Birth in SLC. Does anyone have experience here? Or would suggest a Midwife or birth center in the Salt Lake Valley. It looks like the cost will be closer between $1600-$2900. Any books or videos that you guys would suggest to educate ourselves on midwifes and natural child birth? Thanks again for everyone's response.

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For the home birth go on FB and fine Birth without Fear. She is amazing. Everyone on there is a great support to everyone else. From what I have read it ranges from $4,000-$6,000. FAR Cheaper. And a birthing center is cheaper than a hospital (and right next to a hospital just in case) So I would be leaning towards the two I mentioned.

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It does cost significantly less to deliver at home with a midwife. Unfortunately, as someone whose medical condition automatically made my pregnancies high risk, I never got to try it, but many of my friends have, and those who have had both medical and midwife deliveries vastly prefer the latter. I did have the experience of working with a midwife in hospital for my first child's birth, and found her help and support invaluable.

If you're interested, send me a private message on this forum, and I can send you contact information for a local SLC midwife I know (socially, not professionally) and who comes highly recommended.

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Congratulations! Here is some info I found on medicaid for pregnant women in Utah...


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No, its actually $250,000+ for the first 18 years. =)

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It depends on your area. In ours, 10 years ago, it was 10k out of pocket JUST for the birth IF it was a vaginal birth with few to no complications.

But in addition to birthing costs:

- Ultrasounds were $1500 a pop
- Labwork was $700
- Office visit was $350 (and labwork done every office visit for high risk moi). With an average of 20-30 office visits per pregnancy... that stacks up to 7k WITHOUT labwork at a minimum

I had to have a bunch of other things that were buku bucks (cancer stuff), so I won't list them here.

YES birthing centers and home births were cheaper (about 1/2-2/3s the cost) IF AND ONLY IF nothing went wrong with mum OR baby. Good birthing centers are affiliated with hospitals and are VERY close to them.

My good friend went to have her 3rd child at the same birthing center she'd used in the past, had a complication, got rushed to the hospital... and had 20k stacked on top of the birthing center fees of 7k (ambulance, emergency c-sect, 3 days in the hospital).

Another family I met at Children's this go around has a "multi million dollar baby". Home birth gone wrong, their infant has been in the NICU for 3 months now.

So even best case... reeeeeally flippin expensive. Worst case, you're looking at millions.

That's why most states have "pregnancy medical" for those who don't have insurance. It is IMPOSSIBLE to pay, unless you're independently wealthy, for prenatal, birth, and post care without insurance.

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If you have the birth at a hospital it will definitely cost more than if you have it at home or in a birth center. I know our birth center offers payment plans for moms without insurance. I did a quick search for birth centers in UT and found this link http://www.betterbirth.com/ They have a birth center in Orem, which I don't think is too far from you and their packages start at $1600 depending on the birth choice you choose.

If your income is low enough you might also qualify for medicaid, so you might want to check that out as well.

Congratulations and good luck!

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Our bill for my last c-section topped $30,000, so yes, it costs a lot to have a baby. Congrats and good luck!

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First, I think what you need to do is not panic. Start making calls...to your insurance holder, your docs, etc. and start gathering general information. Ask your OB/GYN office for guidance, suggestions, etc.

Don't feel bad if you need to look into whether you qualify for medicaid.

Good luck!

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For the home birth go on FB and fine Birth without Fear. She is amazing. Everyone on there is a great support to everyone else. From what I have read it ranges from $4,000-$6,000. FAR Cheaper. And a birthing center is cheaper than a hospital (and right next to a hospital just in case) So I would be leaning towards the two I mentioned.

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We literally could not get insurance when I found out I was pregnant. We tried EVERYTHING. Finally, we MOVED to central PA where there was a hospital that caters to the large Amish and Mennonite communities with a very low out of pocket maternity package fee. (How's that for thinking outside of the box in the good old uninsured U.S.of A....) It was INSANELY LOW. It would have cost me $38,000 for ONE birth where we were previously living with NO complications.

Here, my family doc was $2200 for all prenatal visits. I refused all pricy tests which would have been extra. The hospital delivery was about $2500, and you guessed it, epidural was not even an option for us with the cost of the anesthesiologist. So I was drug free. (but for my second I indulged in some nubane thank you very much). So all in all, it was about $5000, and there was a 20% discount to pay within 30 days, and we had been saving, so we did pay the first within 30 days. The second we spread out longer, and my third was an emergency c -section. We just finished paying everything off after 5 years of beefy monthly payments.

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Midwives are much cheaper. How were your first two deliveries. If you went natural before a homebirth is a great option. They are usually $3500. Also look into birth centers. I had my first at a birth center for $5000. That included all prenatals and infant care to two weeks postpartum. I had a wonderful experience and am pregnant with number two going back to the same place. There are definitely other options but it probably will not include an epidural. If that is a must have for you then you're looking at $12000.

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