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Issues with Thrush

Do any of you have any information or know of somewhere I can get information about thrush? I have been battling it for 2 months now (on my nipples--not my mouth) I don't respond to medication. I have been on 100 mg of diflucan for 4 weeks now. My 10 week old daughter was medicated, but doesn't have thrush. It is extremely uncomfortable and painful at times. Any ideas, similar experiences, suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. I am taking acidopholis, all B vitamins, zinc and taking other precautions. I boil everything that touches my daughter's mouth and my milk everyday. I also change nursing pads 2 times a day, wash bras in hot water, etc. Oh, and I have tried putting all kinds of anti-yeast ointment/creams on my nipples as well--it didn't help a bit! Also, I can't eat yogurt no matter how hard I try, I have a major issue with the texture--even when it's frozen! I have been tested for diabetes--negative on that one.

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Thank you all for your responses. I saw an infectious disease doctor about my issues and he is convinced it is NOT thrush. He then thought it was a staff infection, however, after the lab work was complete, they found out it wasn't a staff infection either. So we decided to wait to do anything else until I finish breastfeeding. At that point I will have more options for treating whatever it could be. Thanks again for all of your wonderful advice.

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Look at Mayoclinic.com You can find any and all conditions and diseases by alphabetical order. This site has an incredible amount of information. Hope you can find what you need and some much needed healing.

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I feel for you, S.. You must be in excruciating pain. I had thrush with my first son 3 1/2 years ago and then had it again, much, much worse with my 9 month old which started within days of giving birth. After talking with a few moms that have had it, I think now that some women are just carriers for yeast and it doesn't really flare up until you start nursing and create the ideal breeding ground for it. I had it way up into my ducts and thought I was going to die. I battled it for almost 3 months and finally what worked was 100 mg of difulcan for 2 weeks, and my son being on nystatin at the same time (even though he showed no signs of thrush in his mouth or as a diaper rash - I knew it was still in there since he was getting it through the milk coming from my infected ducts) and also applying gentian violet in his mouth and on my breasts for 3 days (directions for this can be found on breastfeeding.com). Gentian violet is inexpensive (Walmart has it for under $2) but it is very messy and will stain everything it touches purple (so be careful), but I think it really helped. Because you are not treating your baby now, she still has yeast in her, which she is getting from you. In addition to all that went to my local health food store and got acidophilus for myself and took it and baby-dophilus for my son, which is a powder, and gave that to him in a little cereal for about 4 weeks. I also mixed a solution of white vinegar and water in the peri-bottle I got from the hospital and rinsed my nipples EVERY time after I nursed, to get any sugary milk off my skin. I kept doing this for some time even after I felt better, and I still, 9 months later, at least once a day usually after I shower apply liquid Lotrimin to my nipples just to be on the safe side. The key is to treat everyone at the same time so you don't pass it back and forth to each other and you have to be diligent. Let me know how things go for you - I hope this helps!

I don't know if you are interested in Natural Healing, but this has worked for several of my friends. For you: RAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT (diluted) called Citricidal. I won't lie, this stuff is usually very bitter, but a health food store can give you all the information on how to make it not so bad. Orange juice seem to make it easier for me. There is a natural foods store on Rosewood. For the baby: Lavender and tea tree essential oils destroy Candida, but it's too strong to use undiluted in a baby's mouth. Mix the essential oils in some vegetable oil and gently swab the inside of your baby's mouth with the mixture. Since Candida often spreads to a nursing mother's nipples, treat yourself so that won't continue to pass the illness back and forth. It only takes about
Thrush Oil

8 drops each lavender and tea tree essential oils

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Combine ingredients. Gently apply oil to inside of child's mouth with a cotton swab or a clean finger. A nursing mother whose child is suffering from thrush should apply this oil to her nipples so that she and her baby do not pass the illness back and forth.
Good Luck!

I have dealt with thrush several times in the past. One thing I have found to be especially important is diet. Oral candidiasis is a yeast or fungal infection that thrives on the sugar in your saliva. Do what you can to cut out all sugar, especially refined sugar, white flour, fruits . . . and all products containing yeast. What you can eat to help is plain yogurt (if you can handle the taste) and/or kefir (which claims to do more than yogurt). I think you have to acquire a taste for these things. I used to think plain yogurt was disgusting, but I like it now and it eat all the time. Both of these have what are called probiotics in them . . . good bacteria, which will help fight the infection. Look it up online. It's pretty fascinating. Anyway, hope this helps a little. You can probably find a list of foods to eat and to avoid online.

Have you remedied this problem yet? I'm new to the group and just read your posting. I too had problems with thrush on my breasts. I found that I would pass it to my baby when breastfeeding, and then she would pass it back to me. It was painful and I experienced a burning sensation when I nursed. My doctor gave me Nystatin to not only put on my breasts but also in my baby's mouth (I used a cream and my baby had a liquid formula). Ultimately this worked, but I had to be consistent and diligent about applying it.

Go to any pharmacy and ask for a bottle of Lactinex. They are small bottles and have 50 pills. You take 4 tablets 3 or 4 times a day. They are about $10 per bottle. I have a terrible history of thrush and this is the only thing that helps. I also take them when I feel like it is coming back. If you are lactose intolerant, do NOT take this! Also NO sugar of any kind of any refined flour products (white spaghetti, white bread, etc). Eat lots of no sugar added yogurt...plain is best. Fruit has natural sugar that can irritate the thrush. Thrush is yeast and THRIVES off of sugar products. More than likely it is throughout your body if you can't get rid of it. Here is a list of foods to avoid: http://altmedicine.about.com/od/popularhealthdiets/a/cand...

I did try a natrual cure called Three Lac and it made my oral thrush much worse! It does have a money back guarantee if you want to try it but it messed up the flora in my mouth...it was awful!

Anyway, I hope this helped!

Good luck!


I had a lot of trouble with thrush myself. Both my son and I kept giving it to each other and nothing seemed to work. I started eating yogurt everyday and boiling everything that come in to contact with either me or my son. Also try bleach with your bras. I finally gave up on taking any medication because it just didn't seem to work. It eventually cleared up on it's own. My OB suggested that I get an OTC antifungal medication and use it to medicate my nipples when I was at work and just pumping. I never tried it, but it might be work a shot. Just be sure the wash before feeding. Also, there is a solution you can try....I'm not sure exactly of the proportions, but it's vinegar and water solution. Search on the internet! I hope this helps. Good luck!

Hi S.,

See if you doctor will move up to the 150mg Diflucan. Also eat yogurt with live cultures everyday. If this doesn't work, I would ask my doctor for futher workup for diabetes, etc.
Good luck.


Is your provider absolutely sure it's fungal (thrush) and not something else causing the problem? Thrush is very common, but not usually that resistant. Also, has he/she checked your blood sugar? Sometimes higher-than-normal blood sugar can just feed yeast/fungus/thrush growth. There are some other home remedies out there, but none that I know of that would theoretically work better than Diflucan. You could do a search on the web, but be very cautious about taking advice from just anyone.

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