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Issues with Thrush

Do any of you have any information or know of somewhere I can get information about thrush? I have been battling it for 2 months now (on my nipples--not my mouth) I don't respond to medication. I have been on 100 mg of diflucan for 4 weeks now. My 10 week old daughter was medicated, but doesn't have thrush. It is extremely uncomfortable and painful at times. Any ideas, similar experiences, suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. I am taking acidopholis, all B vitamins, zinc and taking other precautions. I boil everything that touches my daughter's mouth and my milk everyday. I also change nursing pads 2 times a day, wash bras in hot water, etc. Oh, and I have tried putting all kinds of anti-yeast ointment/creams on my nipples as well--it didn't help a bit! Also, I can't eat yogurt no matter how hard I try, I have a major issue with the texture--even when it's frozen! I have been tested for diabetes--negative on that one.

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Thank you all for your responses. I saw an infectious disease doctor about my issues and he is convinced it is NOT thrush. He then thought it was a staff infection, however, after the lab work was complete, they found out it wasn't a staff infection either. So we decided to wait to do anything else until I finish breastfeeding. At that point I will have more options for treating whatever it could be. Thanks again for all of your wonderful advice.

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Look at Mayoclinic.com You can find any and all conditions and diseases by alphabetical order. This site has an incredible amount of information. Hope you can find what you need and some much needed healing.

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I feel for you, S.. You must be in excruciating pain. I had thrush with my first son 3 1/2 years ago and then had it again, much, much worse with my 9 month old which started within days of giving birth. After talking with a few moms that have had it, I think now that some women are just carriers for yeast and it doesn't really flare up until you start nursing and create the ideal breeding ground for it. I had it way up into my ducts and thought I was going to die. I battled it for almost 3 months and finally what worked was 100 mg of difulcan for 2 weeks, and my son being on nystatin at the same time (even though he showed no signs of thrush in his mouth or as a diaper rash - I knew it was still in there since he was getting it through the milk coming from my infected ducts) and also applying gentian violet in his mouth and on my breasts for 3 days (directions for this can be found on breastfeeding.com). Gentian violet is inexpensive (Walmart has it for under $2) but it is very messy and will stain everything it touches purple (so be careful), but I think it really helped. Because you are not treating your baby now, she still has yeast in her, which she is getting from you. In addition to all that went to my local health food store and got acidophilus for myself and took it and baby-dophilus for my son, which is a powder, and gave that to him in a little cereal for about 4 weeks. I also mixed a solution of white vinegar and water in the peri-bottle I got from the hospital and rinsed my nipples EVERY time after I nursed, to get any sugary milk off my skin. I kept doing this for some time even after I felt better, and I still, 9 months later, at least once a day usually after I shower apply liquid Lotrimin to my nipples just to be on the safe side. The key is to treat everyone at the same time so you don't pass it back and forth to each other and you have to be diligent. Let me know how things go for you - I hope this helps!

I don't know if you are interested in Natural Healing, but this has worked for several of my friends. For you: RAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT (diluted) called Citricidal. I won't lie, this stuff is usually very bitter, but a health food store can give you all the information on how to make it not so bad. Orange juice seem to make it easier for me. There is a natural foods store on Rosewood. For the baby: Lavender and tea tree essential oils destroy Candida, but it's too strong to use undiluted in a baby's mouth. Mix the essential oils in some vegetable oil and gently swab the inside of your baby's mouth with the mixture. Since Candida often spreads to a nursing mother's nipples, treat yourself so that won't continue to pass the illness back and forth. It only takes about
Thrush Oil

8 drops each lavender and tea tree essential oils

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Combine ingredients. Gently apply oil to inside of child's mouth with a cotton swab or a clean finger. A nursing mother whose child is suffering from thrush should apply this oil to her nipples so that she and her baby do not pass the illness back and forth.
Good Luck!

I have dealt with thrush several times in the past. One thing I have found to be especially important is diet. Oral candidiasis is a yeast or fungal infection that thrives on the sugar in your saliva. Do what you can to cut out all sugar, especially refined sugar, white flour, fruits . . . and all products containing yeast. What you can eat to help is plain yogurt (if you can handle the taste) and/or kefir (which claims to do more than yogurt). I think you have to acquire a taste for these things. I used to think plain yogurt was disgusting, but I like it now and it eat all the time. Both of these have what are called probiotics in them . . . good bacteria, which will help fight the infection. Look it up online. It's pretty fascinating. Anyway, hope this helps a little. You can probably find a list of foods to eat and to avoid online.

Have you remedied this problem yet? I'm new to the group and just read your posting. I too had problems with thrush on my breasts. I found that I would pass it to my baby when breastfeeding, and then she would pass it back to me. It was painful and I experienced a burning sensation when I nursed. My doctor gave me Nystatin to not only put on my breasts but also in my baby's mouth (I used a cream and my baby had a liquid formula). Ultimately this worked, but I had to be consistent and diligent about applying it.

Go to any pharmacy and ask for a bottle of Lactinex. They are small bottles and have 50 pills. You take 4 tablets 3 or 4 times a day. They are about $10 per bottle. I have a terrible history of thrush and this is the only thing that helps. I also take them when I feel like it is coming back. If you are lactose intolerant, do NOT take this! Also NO sugar of any kind of any refined flour products (white spaghetti, white bread, etc). Eat lots of no sugar added yogurt...plain is best. Fruit has natural sugar that can irritate the thrush. Thrush is yeast and THRIVES off of sugar products. More than likely it is throughout your body if you can't get rid of it. Here is a list of foods to avoid: http://altmedicine.about.com/od/popularhealthdiets/a/cand...

I did try a natrual cure called Three Lac and it made my oral thrush much worse! It does have a money back guarantee if you want to try it but it messed up the flora in my mouth...it was awful!

Anyway, I hope this helped!

Good luck!


I had a lot of trouble with thrush myself. Both my son and I kept giving it to each other and nothing seemed to work. I started eating yogurt everyday and boiling everything that come in to contact with either me or my son. Also try bleach with your bras. I finally gave up on taking any medication because it just didn't seem to work. It eventually cleared up on it's own. My OB suggested that I get an OTC antifungal medication and use it to medicate my nipples when I was at work and just pumping. I never tried it, but it might be work a shot. Just be sure the wash before feeding. Also, there is a solution you can try....I'm not sure exactly of the proportions, but it's vinegar and water solution. Search on the internet! I hope this helps. Good luck!

Hi S.,

See if you doctor will move up to the 150mg Diflucan. Also eat yogurt with live cultures everyday. If this doesn't work, I would ask my doctor for futher workup for diabetes, etc.
Good luck.


Is your provider absolutely sure it's fungal (thrush) and not something else causing the problem? Thrush is very common, but not usually that resistant. Also, has he/she checked your blood sugar? Sometimes higher-than-normal blood sugar can just feed yeast/fungus/thrush growth. There are some other home remedies out there, but none that I know of that would theoretically work better than Diflucan. You could do a search on the web, but be very cautious about taking advice from just anyone.

I had thrush once last year and it is very painful. My doctor gave me a liquid medication that I had to swish around in my mouth and then swallow it. I believe it was Nystatin, like the cream. I can't remember and I am at work. I will get back with you about that name. I felt instant relief. I had to take it about 4 times per day. But I honestly feel for you. Just be glad you are not teaching all day. Because talking killed me. I go into alot of schools and teach nutrition and my mouth was on fire. I had to eat ice and drink water all the time. Good luck and I hope the information helps you.

Hi S.,
I had thrush 4 years ago with my last son. I remember it took an extremely long time for the diflucan to work. I also used something from the health food store- I cannot remember the name of it but it turned my breast purple- call the Home Economist in Davidson and ask to speak to someone in the vitamin section.
Also- with the acidopholis- make sure, it is the powder form and is refrigerated. It doesn't work any other way. Hope that helps and I feel your pain.
L. mangan

this may sound very wierd, but if you know some one who has never seen thier father they can cure thrush. they need to blow in the mouth of the person who has it. I've been in the medical field for 17 years and it sounds crazy but I have seen it work many times.

Hi S..
My son and I had thrush when he was about a month or so old, and my son's doctor prescribed Nystatin in a liquid and told me that in addition to giving that to him orally, I should rub some on my nipples and let them air dry. She said to also let my breasts have some "breathing room" when ever I could. The thrush cleared up in two days (for both of us) and it never reoccured.
Hope that helps!

Thrush can be hard to get rid of. Have you checked out the LLLI website on Gentian violet? There are also lots of diet changes that help-acidophilus bifidua, grapefruit seed extract, reduce sugar and dairy products in your diet, drink more water and add garlic, zinc, and B vitamins. C. B., IBCLC

Hi Stacy,
I too had thrush while breastfeeding my son, now 9 months. It was one of the most painful things I have ever endured. I spent many days crying over the thought of having to feed my son (how awful!!). I went to my son's pediatrician, and she prescribed nystatin oral solution for him, I then went to my OB/GYN and they prescribed a vaginal yeast infection treatment in pill form (I'm sorry, I don't know what the name was).I beleive it was only 2 pills that I had to take every other day. I was also told to put the nystatin solution directly on my nipples. This treatment did wonders for us. It went away and didn't come back. I understand your frustration, and hope that you find relief soon :)


S. -

I have had both thrush and an allergy to yeast. You need to stay away from products with yeast in them as well as what yeast feeds on. This is a very limited diet that excludes sugar (and restricts the amount of natural sugars as well), yeast, and vinegar. The medication will work in combination with this diet. Also, you need to make sure that you dry yourself between breast feedings. If the environment is dry and not dark, yeast will not be able to grow.

Another thing to check, if you are alternating between breast and bottle and you have well water, you must boil the nipples of the bottles every time they are washed. This would also apply with pacifiers as well.

I hope things get better for you soon. That is definitely one of the worst things I experienced as a new mom.

My mother is a "master herbalist" and she specializes in home remedies. Her recommendation is to do one of the following:
1) Make a mouth wash with the herb, calendula, add sage, thyme or strong black tea and rinse with it 2-3 times daily.
2) Rinse with lemon juice diluted with equal parts water.
3) 1 tsp baking soda in 8 ounces of water and swab the inside of your mouth with it.
(E-mail me separately if you'd like her e-mail address so that you could correspond with her directly).
She said these should work well. Hope it works for you, and congratulations on your new baby girl!

I've not had personal experience with thrush, but I belong to a web forum, PumpMoms, and I remember them chatting about different kinds of remedies. You can check it out at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/PumpMoms/

Hope that helps!

my suggestion, if the medication isn't doing the trick, is to continue to go back to the doctor. they have different mixtures of medicine they can "concoct". i know it's frustrating but you got to keep with it until they find a cure that works. make sure all babies stuff is very sterile and make sure no one sucks her paci or bottles to clean off the nipples.

i wish you luck, i know its awful for you.

I have recently had a similar problem and was on 200 mg of diflucan for 14 days. I don't think it is all gone however. My doctor told me that the most effective treatment is gentian violet. From what I understand, it works most of the time, but it is very messy. It is a purple dye that you paint on the breast. The problem with it is that it dyes the baby's mouth and anything else it touches purple. I'm sure your doctor also went through all of the hygine issues (use a clean towel after every shower...a clean bra every day...use vinegar in your rinse cycle, etc.). My baby was asymptomatic also, but she was treated with nystatin.


Hey S., I had a friend who's son had thrush..and they took him to a family member who aparently blew into his mouth. Sounds wierd, but she swore that they doctor had prescribed a med that didnt work and her grandma told her to have the family member blow into his mouth and it would cure it.. It did. But only few people seem to have the ability to do it. Try an all natural doctors office. or herbal rememdy.

Thrush is often treatable with Ginge and Violet. It is a very purple substance! I'm not sure where you can buy it, probably at health food stores or herb stores. You paint it on your breast and the infection should subside. I know I saw this email rather late, but hopefully the information can help someone else. The problem with Diflucan is that your body may be infected with a resistant strain of thrush. Ginge and Violet isn't used as often so there is less change the bacteria will be resistant to it. Best of luck one and all!

My son had it, and I could not get rid of it withthe meds th doctor gave us, so I ended up looking on the internet and used Gentian Violet. It is messy, and stains purple, but if you do it at night, the color is usually gone in the morning. You only need a very little bit on a q-tip and swaps the area. A little bit goes a long way. After I put it on the q-tip, I even took a paper towel and squeezed off as much as I could before putting it in his mouth. If it is in your mouth, do not swallow if you can help it.....spit out as much as you can while you are doing it. If you can stand to do it twice a day, that is best, but if not, do it at night.
My son's was gone within a week. It's messy, but it works!
You can get it at a pharmacy, over the counter. Just ask the pharmacist.
Good luck!!

I hope you have everything resolved by now, but I thought I'd post anyway (I just joined).
I had the same problems with sore nipples for a couple of months over the summer. I thought it was maybe thrush but I kept putting off going to the doctor because my new insurance policy hadn't started up yet, I don't have a doctor in this area yet, and you pretty much have to break my neck to get me to go. (It was getting close to that though because every time I fed my daughter, I was brought to tears it hurt so bad and it was starting to burn every time for about twenty minutes after too.) Anyway, I ended up getting mastitis (I hope you never go through that) and they put me on Keflex. It cleared up the infection and my sore nipples. That's why I'm thinking it was a staff infection and maybe it will be that simple for you.
Good luck.

theres a solution called purple violet that i used but it does stain everything. It is safe for baby when u breast feed. You can get it at Hy Vee for like 7 bucks

Sorry to hear about your discomfort. I have only had to deal with thrush once with my now year old years ago. we took him to the dr. over at Clemson urgent care and they prescribed him with something called the majic mouth wash an it cleared up in about a week. Maybe you can speak with your physican about the majic mouthwash and see if it helps with you. If I can be of anymore help please feel free to contact me by email ____@____.com or my website www.freewebs.com/chunkybleusplayhouse

Hi S.,

Sorry to hear about your thrush. It's so hard to get rid of, but it can be done.

You've probably already tried the hygiene strategies, but they need to be continued while on any medications. It's like conducting a battle on several fronts. Here are just a few things to do: air your breasts after nursing, sit topless near a sunny window if you can (even 5 min. daily can help), wash bras and underclothes in hot water and throw a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle, avoid perfumed soaps and detergents next to your skin, eat lots of yogurt with active cultures, increase your vitamin C, eat more garlic and onions (if baby tolerates it).

Diflucan is usually effective, if prescribed right. The recommended course is a 400mg loading dose on the first day, followed by 100mg twice daily for a minimum of 28 days-- Medications and Mother's Milk by Thomas Hale, Ph.D.

Renowned breastfeeding expert, Dr. Jack Newman, has an excellent website you can search for handouts on thrush:
He has instructions on using Gentian violet (warning: it stains big time, but I've used it when desperate)

Another great site: http://www.drjaygordon.com/development/bf/thrush.asp

Last, but not least, I encourage you to call your local La Leche League Leader for information and support:

Good luck!


When I read your post I was compelled to respond. I battled thrush with breastfeeding for nearly 4 months last year. (My son is now 18 mos.) My baby was a "spitter" so I found after several months Nystatin was never in his mouth long enough to work. He also never had visible signs of thrush, but it was there because we kept passing it back and forth. After trying anything and everything, I got prescriptions of Diflucan for BOTH of us (there is a pediatric suspension available for infants older than 6 weeks) and used clotrimazole (Lotramin AF--yes the athlete's foot medicine) on me. It is safe to use after feedings as it is absorbed by the skin within 10 minutes, just make sure not to gob it on too much. Nystatin is less effective now days as many strains of yeast are resistant. I found this website most useful: kellymom.com. She is an IBLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). You could also ask for a referral to an IBLC by your doctor, though I found most lactation specialists I talked to didn't know very much about thrush. You'll have to go to your pediatrician for a prescription for your baby.

I would have stopped nursing I was so fed up but my son hated formula and I felt guilty every time I tried. Eventually he took formula, but then I got better and got to wean him on our own terms at 13 mos, when I returned to the working world. It was extrememly difficult though. The advice on the website makes you feel like you have to go to extremes, but you almost DO in order to eradicate the yeast. Good luck and I hope you can get rid of it!

Hi S.-

I had a friend who had reaccuring thrust as well. Are you breast feeding? If so my friend used Gentian violet, a herbal remedy for it. She coated both nipples in it and when the baby nursed was treated as well. It is a little messy and can stain, so therefore dodn't wear you best bra during this time. You may want to do more research on it to see if this method is for you but this might help. Also, another herbal remedy is Beat the Yeast Kit from the website The Herbalist. I heard this really helps as well. Hope this helps and that is clears up soon!!

I just took a look at a few books I have in my office and seems like you are doing everything right, however, I did notice that one reference states that "Men can have thrush without exhibiting any symptoms. Thrush can be passed back and forth between husband and wife during sexual relations and from child to child if shared toys are put in their mouths." These may be possible causes. Hope it helps.

Drink cold liquids, such as water or iced tea, or eat flavored ice treats or frozen juices.
Eat foods that are easy to swallow such as gelatin, ice cream, or custard.
If the patches are painful, try drinking from a straw.
Rinse your mouth several times a day with a warm saltwater rinse. You can make the saltwater mixture with 1 tsp (5 g) of salt in 8 fl oz (0.2 L) of warm water.
Adults can treat thrush at home with gentian violet (1%), a dye that kills bacteria and fungi. It is available without a prescription. If there is no known cause for the infection or if gentian violet does not cure the thrush, you need to see your doctor.

I had the problem for 5 months. It is excruciating and I feel for you! What I found is that it is a form of candida, so I went on a modified candida diet. It was NOT easy, but I was in so much pain it was worth it. No yeast, no sugar, no dairy. I even stayed away from natural sugars like in fruit or juice for awhile. On the upside, I lost all my baby weight and then some from the diet. I just ate really, really healthy and drank lots of water. The good thing is you can still have things like french fries as a treat. The health food store can help you. A product called "Stevia" is a good herbal sweetner. (Artificial sweetners are off limits too.) I won't lie to you, it is tough, but if you are serious about breastfeeding it is totally worth it. I finally enjoyed nursing my daughter when I finally got rid of it and kept it up for a total of 14 months. She is almost 4 now and I don't regret a second of it. Best wishes to you! Feel free to email me if you have more questions or need support.


My son and I battled thrush for the first 18 months. Here are my key learnings:

Hi S. M,

I had bad thrush with my first child, about three years ago. I recall that it was the worst pain of my entire life. It took a good four months before I was pain-free, and that was well after the thrush had technically cleared up. I believe it took so long because I had probably had it for a month before I was properly diagnosed and started treatment. I spoke with a pediatrician, OB, and lact. consultant before I finally found a family doctor who gave me the correct medication. Worst-case scenario is that the yeast can work their way into your bloodstream and live there, making it difficult if not impossible to get rid of. However, I don't mean to scare you. I'm not really sure how long it takes to do that, and since you've started treatment already (and Diflucan is "the bomb" for killing yeasties), you should be okay in the long run.

**VERY IMPORTANT: you MUST treat both yourself and your daughter simultaneously, or you cannot get rid of it. The yeast can be present in your daughter even if she doesn't display any symptoms. And if only one of you is treated (or one at a time), the yeast will simply transmit back and forth indefinitely. (From what you have written, that to me seems to be why you haven't kicked it yet.)

If your body is truly not responding to medication, you need to try a barrage of treatments. 1. Very-low-sugar diet, 2. boil everything that comes in contact with breastmilk (including bras, nipples, pacifiers, etc.) for 10 minutes a day, 3. change nursing pads FREQUENTLY, keep nipples DRY 4. take acidophilus (to promote growth of "good" bacteria, which competes with the yeast), 5. try taking grapefruit seed extract. See Dr. Jack Newman's website for more ideas, www.drjacknewman.com--he is the online expert for breastfeeding issues.

If you haven't already, speak with a lactation consultant. I go to the Women's Birth & Wellness Center in Chapel Hill, all the midwives and nurses are great (not sure if they're all certified lactation consultants, but they all know about breastfeeding issues).

It's possible that you have something called "nipple dermatitis" if treatments for thrush aren't working. If so, this would require a trip to a dermatologist and some special cream. I don't know much more than that about it, though, sorry.

Good luck. It is real and hard work to defeat yeast, and I can empathize with you. I was lucky, because 10 days of diflucan finally did the trick (although I don't remember what the dosage was, might have been more thatn 100 mg). Let me know if there's any way I can help.

This sounded crazy when my OB first told me to do it - but it worked great:

I had thrush from breastfeeding when my baby was about 2 months old - when i called the OB's office they said to get the OTC vaginal yeast treatment ointment and rub some on my nipples after each time she nursed. They said it wasn't toxic to the baby and by the time she nursed again it would be almost completely absorbed or rubbed off anyway.

It cleared up my thrush in about 2 days. - then every time i would start to get that tell-tale tingle again i would just start using it again in place of my lanolin.

Good Luck!

I have hqad the same issue with both my 2 kids. Genten Violet works great, but turns everything purple. But it took away my thrush in 3 days. After 3 weeks with it. I also went to a health food store and bought the liquid aphidolpulois (im sorry i don't know how to spell it) It is the stuff that is in yogurt, but only MUCH stronger. But you have to buy the liquid. I took my daughter off the nystantin, and just used both of those. Now after 6 weeks, it is completly gone.

I have not had any difficulty with thrush with my boys, however I have had a fair number of friends that have had that particular problem with their children. The first thing is thrush is a yeast infection. It is important to remember that yeast like it warm and dark and moist - the perfect environment that is seen in the mouth and on the nipple that is in a bra. It is important to wipe your daughter's mouth out after each time that she feeds. This will take the sugar off of her mouth and not allow the thrush to proliferate. Also it is important to keep your nipples dry. The best way that I have found to do this is to use breastfeeding shells. They allow air to get to your nipple, and so they toughen up and dry up. This is better than having a moist dark breastfeeding pad against your nipple. These can be purchased in some local pharmacies, or "Babies are us". I hope that your daughter was initially treated for thrush at the same time that you started your medication. Thrush is a problem in the breastfeeding couple because both participants must be treated at the same time. If not one can have a case of thrush or yeast on your nipples that is not obvious and you can keep infecting each other. You might want to contact a Lactation consultant to have her examine your breasts and nipples to make sure that nothing else is going on. Your OB may also be able to help in this account. The lactation consultants, tho may have some other tricks that will help you eliminate the thrush. You also might want to try putting lanolin on your nipples and see if that might also sooth them some. It also is important that the nipples and binkies that your daughter uses are "boiled" Washing them in the dishwasher works just as well. Don't boil that milk or the formula that she is receiving, because that will break down the protein and the nutrients that she is receiving and it will make it not as nutritious. If you need to increase you milk supply you can try an herb called Fenugreek. It works very well. Also make sure you are eating well. I hope that these tips help some and hopefully you can get rid of your thrush. You could check the web site of the american Academy of Pediatrics (www.aap.org) and they will have more information on thrush, but this pretty much sums it up. Good Luck, L. F.

I know this sounds totally off the wall but I had the exact sam thing with my second daughter, now 2 years old. After countless antibiotics did not work, a friend of mine who is a health and holistic/herbal guru (to me) reccomended that I go to a local store and buy I think it is called gentene violet. It a small dark bottle with purple fluid in it. You simply paint the outside infected areas and it kills the germ. Also I would paint your inner areas as well (not all the way but partly in) and it should resolve the issue in a few days. It cleared mine up in about 4 or 5 days and it did not return for about a year. It sounds crazy but I hope it helps!

Look at Mayoclinic.com You can find any and all conditions and diseases by alphabetical order. This site has an incredible amount of information. Hope you can find what you need and some much needed healing.

dear S. - i am replying to your question quite late, but kept it so i could respond when i had a chance. did you ever figure out how to take care of your thrush? was it actually thrush? the reason i ask is that i went through something very similar; although, mine started as a breast infection and then later developed into thrush. the pain never did go away, even after rounds of antibiotics and diflucan. and, the best my dr could tell me was that there was an anatomical problem inside clogging up ducts. again, just wondering what you found out, since i'd like to avoid all of this for the next baby...

Definitely try gentian violet. Like the other poster said, it will stain EVERYTHING it touches though! Keep your nipples uncovered as much as possible, too.

Hi Stacy,

My daughter is currently on Nystatin for thrush. See if the Dr. can give that medicine to you!!! It really works.


Hi there, I just joined this website and your issue caught my eye! I too, had a yeast infection on my nipples when I was breastfeeding... at least, that's what they told me. I took diflucan and put the creams on my breasts also and nothing helped me. I know the pain you're in and it is not something that I want to experience again! I went through it with both my daughters and neither time could they do anything about it. I just want to encourage you to keep going! Keep trying things and keep talking to people. I was okay to pump but not when she latched on, I wish I would've continued pumping instead of giving up all together. I only made it a month with the first girl and 3 weeks with the 2nd. I was devestated when I had to stop b/c when it didn't hurt I enjoyed that so much!!! Good Luck and I'm praying for you!!

Hi S.,

You are dealing with a frustrating condition. I know of some oral care products that may help, and will be able to soothe the pain, also a nutritional product that boosts the immune system and normalizes cells. You can contact me personally at ____@____.com or ###-###-#### (Fort Dodge) and I can give you more specifics and can share a link to a website where you can read more.

I am a nurse and I come from a family of teachers.


I also had, which for us, is yeast infection. They also put me on Diflucan, but also, have you tried Lotrimin (anitfungal) and neosporin mixed? Apply it straight on your sore, cracked nipples. Along with the Diflucan, it seemed to work for me. That is what the Lactation Consultant told me to do. It will not hurt the baby. But, if you are like me, I would wipe it off b/4 the baby nursed. Then wash the nipple with soap and water after every nursing session, and reapply. Good luck!

Hi S.,
I am sorry to hear about your problem. I have not had thrush, but did have yeast infections for 9 years, and the only thing that worked was taking a couple of acidofilus pills every day. This worked like a miracle! Sometimes when your body can't fight infections there can be an underlying immune system problem, so a physical exam would be a good idea. In my case I had celiac disease, (autoimmune)identified by a simple blood test. I hope you are able to rid yourself of this problem asap!

Do you take any asthma inhalers or any medications that may help stimulate it? I know my Advair inhaler you have to rinse your mouth out before swallowing after the treatment. Because you will develope thrush from it if you don't rinse your mouth. My mother had it from some medications before also. So check with any medications you take and also things you eat. Thrush is if I remember correctly, like a yeast infection of the mouth. So yogurt with live cultures and acidopolus (the ones out of the pharmacy's refridgerator) should help out as well. Stay away from yeast types of food and drink while trying to get this under control.

Good Morning,
My question to you is, where is the thrush at on your body, or in your mouth???

Hi S.,

I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. Are you or have you recently been on an antibiotic? That can lower your resistance. Elimating sugar from your diet can be helpful along with getting as much rest as possible. I know with a baby that can be difficult but it needs to be top priority. Drink lots and lots of water, no juices, sodas, sweet tea. Here's a link with more information http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/thrush.html

It's really important that both you and your daughter be treated until both of you are symptom free. (Sometimes dad can be a carrier without showing any signs, so if all of the above suggestions don't get rid of it, that might be something to look into)

Keep us posted. Warmly, S. B.

If you have any doubts that it is actually Thrush, get another opinion. Back in 2003 I came down with a really horrible sore throat, I'd had strep before and I knew that it was similar, but it still seemed a little different as well. I went to the doctor after two days of trying to fight it off. He took one look and said it was strep, but he was going to do the test to make sure. The test came back negative, he said it was some kind of viral or bacterial infection, and put me on antibiotics. It got a little better while I was on them and I finished them completely, two days after I was finished with the antibiotics it came back worse than before. Another strep test, and this time a mono test as well, both were negative. A different antibiotic, finally seemed to work. Then two months later it happened again, I went on the two highest powered antibiotics they could give me, seemed to work. Three months later, it happened again, this time they said it was Group C strep, and I didn't even get antibiotics because they said that type of strep was resistent to them. Two months later it happened again (in the middle of my last college exams I might add), went on antibiotics for the fifth or sixth time in one year. During that whole year I never felt like myself, and finally a few weeks after the last episode and my graduation I went to the Doctor and told them that I wanted to know what was wrong, because something definately wasn't right. They tested my Thyroid, my cholesterol, blood sugar, for mono, and for something else I can't even remember anymore. Wouldn't you know Mono was the one that came back positive?
So, anytime you fight something for that long, and if you start having doubts about what it is, get a second opinion, and a third if needed!
Don't know if this will help you any, but it is something to keep in mind!
I really hope things get better for you soon!

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