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My daughter is 14 months old and sleeps all night. When she woke me up this morning, I noticed that her diaper had leaked into her crib. But when I went to take off her sleeper, she had crystals all over her belly and legs, it almost looked like sugar crystals. Is it normal for urine to crystalize like that? She has had nothing new in her diet and I was a little concerned when I saw it. Has anyone had this happen to them?

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Thanks so much to everyone for the quick responses! I had noticed a small tear in her diaper (a Pampers diaper) but hadn't paid attention to it cause I was concerned about the crystals. I feel kind of silly for worrying about it, but I guess every mother can relate! Again, thank you everyone for putting me at ease and responding so quickly!

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As you've already heard, it's the filling in the diaper that leaked out due to being full. If you have several diapers in a package, call the maker (Pamper's, Huggies, etc.) because it is not normal for several diapters in a package to do this. They will send you coupons to buy diapers with. Also, try using the "overnight" diapers - I think Huggies makes them.

That has happened to my 3 year old son. And as far as I know it is just that the diaper was full and wet for too long.
Nothing to worry about.
But it is a pain to clean them after that...I preatty much had to take my son to the bath tup because the wipes just don't do it fast and good enough...

I believe that the crystals are from the diaper. When my daughter would overflow her diaper, there would be crystals in the diaper.

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it is the diaper's gel pack crystals...not your daughters urine

HI J.,
I've had this happen to my son several times and I believe it's the absorbent material from the diaper that has gotten so soaked overnight that it has broken down. At least I'm pretty sure that's what it is. Hope this helps.

I've had it happen with name brand diapers as well as store brand diapers...not sure exactly what it is in the diapers, but for us it only happens when the diaper is extremely full, like after naps and in the morning.

Yes, it is very normal. It's the mixer of the stuff the diaper is made of and the urine.

No it's not. She needs to see a doctor. Crystals can mean she has a serious infection in her bladder or kidneys

Perfectly normal, that's just the asborbant material. I had one explode like that when I used a normal diaper on my daughter in the pool. LOL

Both my daughters had this too. It only happened when they got really saturated...like overnight as you described. I'm, pretty sure it was from the diaper itself (something about the material that held the liquid in and away from their skin) and it was never anything that bothered them. I used LUVS. I just wiped it all off with a wet wipe. If she develops an infection or something, than I would definately take her to the doctor...but from what it sounds like, I wouldn't worry too much.

Hope this helps.

If the diaper broke open and the stuff from the inside of it leaked out then what you are seeing is the stuff that asorbs the urine. It used to happen to my boys all the time. Their diaper would get extremely wet at night and just kind of bust open and they would be covered with what you just described. This probably did not come from your daughter but from her diaper.

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