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My daughter is 14 months old and sleeps all night. When she woke me up this morning, I noticed that her diaper had leaked into her crib. But when I went to take off her sleeper, she had crystals all over her belly and legs, it almost looked like sugar crystals. Is it normal for urine to crystalize like that? She has had nothing new in her diet and I was a little concerned when I saw it. Has anyone had this happen to them?

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Thanks so much to everyone for the quick responses! I had noticed a small tear in her diaper (a Pampers diaper) but hadn't paid attention to it cause I was concerned about the crystals. I feel kind of silly for worrying about it, but I guess every mother can relate! Again, thank you everyone for putting me at ease and responding so quickly!

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As you've already heard, it's the filling in the diaper that leaked out due to being full. If you have several diapers in a package, call the maker (Pamper's, Huggies, etc.) because it is not normal for several diapters in a package to do this. They will send you coupons to buy diapers with. Also, try using the "overnight" diapers - I think Huggies makes them.

That has happened to my 3 year old son. And as far as I know it is just that the diaper was full and wet for too long.
Nothing to worry about.
But it is a pain to clean them after that...I preatty much had to take my son to the bath tup because the wipes just don't do it fast and good enough...

I believe that the crystals are from the diaper. When my daughter would overflow her diaper, there would be crystals in the diaper.

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it is the diaper's gel pack crystals...not your daughters urine

HI J.,
I've had this happen to my son several times and I believe it's the absorbent material from the diaper that has gotten so soaked overnight that it has broken down. At least I'm pretty sure that's what it is. Hope this helps.

I've had it happen with name brand diapers as well as store brand diapers...not sure exactly what it is in the diapers, but for us it only happens when the diaper is extremely full, like after naps and in the morning.

Yes, it is very normal. It's the mixer of the stuff the diaper is made of and the urine.

No it's not. She needs to see a doctor. Crystals can mean she has a serious infection in her bladder or kidneys

Perfectly normal, that's just the asborbant material. I had one explode like that when I used a normal diaper on my daughter in the pool. LOL

Both my daughters had this too. It only happened when they got really saturated...like overnight as you described. I'm, pretty sure it was from the diaper itself (something about the material that held the liquid in and away from their skin) and it was never anything that bothered them. I used LUVS. I just wiped it all off with a wet wipe. If she develops an infection or something, than I would definately take her to the doctor...but from what it sounds like, I wouldn't worry too much.

Hope this helps.

If the diaper broke open and the stuff from the inside of it leaked out then what you are seeing is the stuff that asorbs the urine. It used to happen to my boys all the time. Their diaper would get extremely wet at night and just kind of bust open and they would be covered with what you just described. This probably did not come from your daughter but from her diaper.

I don't think that it was the urine that crystalized. Sometimes the diapers have things in them that do that. Not for sure what they are but I have seen them too. It might be whatever helps to absorb the pee and when there is too much they come out. Who knows. but it is normal.

Most likely it was not the urine that crystalized. They put a substance in the disposable diapers to help trap the liquid and keep it away from your baby's skin. This is wwhat crystalized. If they stay in a wet diaper too long the crystals start to form, and since she was in the diaper all night they probably spread to her belly and legs when she moved throughout the night. There is really nothing to worry about. Your daughter is probably drinking more now that she is older and it is spring/summer.

That happened all the time with my son when he was in diapers. The stuff in the diapers that makes them so absorbent causes that when the diaper is overly full. If you touch them, they are a soft texture. If you touch them and they are hard crystals, that would more likely be a part of the urine and I would recommend going to the doctor.

hehehehe I freaked when I first saw this too! It's actually the stuffing in the diaper. When it gets too full the stuff comes out. I first noticed it when (for some not so smart reason) my hubby let our second child swim with a diaper not intended for swimming. That crystal stuff was everywhere!

My fifteen month old sleeps through the night as well- LUCKY US! She sometimes will have the same issue, but I'm pretty sure it's the diaper's reaction to the urine, not the urine itself. When the diaper starts to overflow, this happens. If you're really concerned about it, try changing her in the middle of the night and it should stop, but I don' think it's necessary. I just put a lot of diaper cream on before bed and she's never reacted. Good luck!

Agree it is from the diaper, but if your child happens to pee alot overnight, a way to help the leakage problem is use Huggies Overnight diapers...they work great. I have 2 boys, and once they both started sleeping through the night, we had to use these diapers, just at night, and they RARELY leaked again.

I believe that the crystals are from the diaper. When my daughter would overflow her diaper, there would be crystals in the diaper.

:) Don't worry about it. Her diaper just fell apart and that's what's inside it.

the crystals are from the diaper. depending on what kind u use the cystals vary. for an experminent put one of her diapiers and soak it in water the crytals are supposed absorb the pee but sometimes they pee too much

Well I have good news for you! I thought the same thing with my son Michael who uses Huggies. It's not your daughter at all, it's actually the diaper itself that makes those. There is something in the diaper that does that. It only happens when they sit in them too long, or when they are too full.

The crystals are just the insides of the diaper. There's nothing to worry about, my daughter has done it before when she was so tired and fully loaded her diaper in the middle of the night.

yes its the diaper falling apart because she wets alot at night my daughter use to do that all the time just change her before you go to bed even tho you change her before she does do it again when you go to bed

Those crystals are actually coming from the diaper. Once it gets so wet then the stuffing starts to come apart. It is very normal! We have gone through the same thing with my 20 mo old. I try to pull the diaper way up in front to help because inevitably the back is never wet. Also, if she's on the line between diaper sizes you might go ahead and go up, or get a size up just to wear at night so there's extra coverage.

Hi J.! What you saw was just the STUFF IN THE DIAPERS that makes the diapers work. I'm sorry that is so lame sounding but I can't tell you the tech. name for it. It just means that her diaper was VERY full of liquid (urine). Wipe it off real good and put a clean one on so she doesn't get a diaper rash. Just make sure that she goes to bed with a clean dry diaper and maybe cut down on the fluids a bit if you are really concerned about it. When you think about it, it's a really neat science experiment, what exactly is that stuff and how much fluid can a diaper really hold...and most important-how the heck did moms do it with cloth diapers back when I was a baby??? ;)

J., Her urine didn't crystalize. It was the insides of the diaper. It was so full that it started leaking out of the holes in the protective lining. What you may need to do if this leaking on to the bed happens again, put her in a larger size at night. My son is 4 mths and we have to do this just at night since he sleeps for 12 hrs.

I think that maybe your diaper burst, sometimes when my children would fill it and leak, their lining would have a tear, and the stuff inside that comes out can dry and look like crystals.

Hi J.! The urine didn't crystalize. That is what happens to the diaper when is gets really wet and it is not changed. You will see it happen more often at the pools. Mothers will take their baby in the water and before you know it, they have crystalize diaper pieces all over. They have special diapers that are called 'swimmers' I believe and they are great in the water.

Hi! I believe it is completely normal! My daughter did that as well, and I believe it is a reaction from the materials in the diaper, not exactly her urine. My baby is 4 years old, and she's perfectly healthy and fine, and I remember thinking the little crystals were odd, stuck all over her legs....

I actually freaked out about this very thing and called the doctor frantically. If you look closely, it's not crystals, it's the weird stuffing in the diaper. It looks exactly like crystals when it's overfull and starts to degrade.

Go wet down a diaper and see what happens. I think you'll feel a whole lot better.

That's actually part of the diaper. When a diaper gets VERY soaked, as sometimes happens at night, the lining will actually tear and the insides (the absorbent part) of the diaper will come out and be all over your child when you take the diaper off. I would switch to a larger size diaper. I had to change size for my son when he was younger (at least at night) because of urine output, not because he had gotten any bigger. By the way, I have found that some brands of diapers "fall apart" like that easier than others. I use Huggies and don't have that problem.


The crystals that you saw were from the diaper.

Sounds like the diaper got over soaked and the insides of the diaper which look like crystals got on her...my son's diaper used to do that all the time and i was freaked the first time as he was my first child, so i understand your concerns.

I remember the first time I saw those!! They are from the diapers padding , not from her. No worries!!! That Happened a few years ago to me with my son.

I belive it is from the diaper. I have seen it on my daughter once before too. It looked like it was the "gel" stuff they use in the diapers. We don't use the name brand diapers so from time to time we do get some that are not the best but over all they work.

The other ladies are right on it. It's probably just the gell from the diaper. We had that problem with Pampers, but rarely with Huggies. Also, generic diapers rarely have that problem.

Hmmm...I wonder what it could be...... ;)

it's from the diaper. don't worry. that's the stuff in the diaper that absorbs the urine. she just over filled it that's all. does she take a bottle before bed? you might try giving her less to drink right before bed. my 13 month old was doing the same thing for a while, and i realized that he really didn't need more than about 3 oz. of milk before bed; now he doesn't leak out! and make sure her diaper is brand new right when you put her down.

It might not be the urine, it could be the diaper. Sometimes when left in a soaked diaper to long, they just start to fall apart inside. My son's diaper would do that occasionally. Try switching brands maybe? Of course if you want to be on the safe side, save some of these crystals, and take them to your Dr just to make sure of what it is...

It is the inside of the diaper. It is these little crystal things that absorb the urine. when the diaper gets too full it does that some times and gets on the child.

Did you know the inside of the diaper has little crystals in them. If her diaper was so wet, the diaper could have popped and the crystals fell out. Try taking one of her diapers and put in water. When it is full, open it and see if these crystals are what you found on her. I hope this helps!

I may be totally wrong, but I bet the crystals are from her diaper. I know sometimes when diapers get really saturated, the insides will leak out or explode or something weird. Something similar happened to my friend's daughter, and it was just the diaper. What kind of diapers do you use?

Hi J., Looks like everyone else already responded right, it was the diaper. Just a little tip though. My son drops all of his urine at night and would wake up every morning just soaked and covered in those crystals, it was really terrible! But, we found a great solution. We line his night-time diaper with a Serenity pad (like Depends) and it soaks up all of the extra urine that his diaper cannot hold. The diaper weighs about a pound in the morning, but he always wakes up dry and happy! Good luck!

It's not the urine, it's from the diaper. Are you using Huggies? I've had this happen in the past with my boys also. But as I recall it was only when I used either Huggies or Pampers. When they get too saturated it's as though if it tears or something that this happens. It never hurt them, just made a mess.

That is the diaper core. When she wet, the stuff in the diaper leaked out. I swear to you that it is true....
I bet it was kinda freaky.. Must be using Huggies...

R. Somers

It's just the diaper. That happens to us all the time overnight and we just stick our son in the shower for a quick rinse and we are good to go.


If she was really wet it was probably from the diaper. I let my daughter play in a sprinkler and later when I went to change her I saw the same thing, I was using huggies at the time. I would guess that was what it was if it hasnt happened before. If you want to check it out put her in the bath with a
diaper on and see if it happens. Good luck. M.

It sounds like it may be from the diaper... A lot of times when my son used to wake up from sleeping all the way through thi night, the diaper has these crystals that hold liquid and sometimes seep out of the mesh... Just keep an eye on it, and make sure it isnt something else, but that is what it soundl like to me... Hope I could help a bit :)

the crystals are from the diaper getting too wet.. this also happens when my kids get in the pool with their diaper on.

i had this happen to me once. but it was because the diaper got a hole in it and started to leak the stuff that is inside the diaper. u know the stuff its made from. neway, hope this helps. R.

This happened to my son too. The crystals are the absorbent stuff in the diaper. The diaper just had too much pee and it overflowed and exploded :) We moved up to the next size for overnight and we haven't had the problem again.

We use name brand diapers and it happens all the time.
It is the diaper.

Is it a new kind of diaper? My son is almost 8 months old and has had a couple of serious leaks where it went through to his crib. I thought that when it happened it was becuse of the new kind of diaper. He did however, have some of those little crystal like things on his skin. I just attributed it to changing the type of diaper that he was wearing. But now that someone else has had the same thing I wonder if it is something else.

It may not have been urine...it could have been part of the disposable diaper. My daughter gets clear little beads on her that come from her Pampers.

As you've already heard, it's the filling in the diaper that leaked out due to being full. If you have several diapers in a package, call the maker (Pamper's, Huggies, etc.) because it is not normal for several diapters in a package to do this. They will send you coupons to buy diapers with. Also, try using the "overnight" diapers - I think Huggies makes them.

Are you certain the diaper didn't tear somewhere? Some diapers have crystal-like absorbant layers, and I did notice that sometimes my son would get a residue from them if he had a really wet diaper overnight. It doesn't seem like they would show up just overnight if it came from her urine.

Hi J.,
Like everyone else has sad it is from the diaper. It isn't harmful I would just make sure to give her a diaper change right before bed even if just a little wet. W.

That has happened to my 3 year old son. And as far as I know it is just that the diaper was full and wet for too long.
Nothing to worry about.
But it is a pain to clean them after that...I preatty much had to take my son to the bath tup because the wipes just don't do it fast and good enough...

its probably the absorbant gel from the diaper. Just means it was over full

The crystals are from the diaper, not the urine. This happens if the urine stays too long in the diaper. I've seen them on my 18 month old daughter several times. No need to worry!

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