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Is There a Generic Version of Enfamil AR?

Here is my son's story..... Was diagnosed with reflux at 3 months was put on prevacid. What a difference the meds made also they changed his formula from Enfamil lipil to Enfamil Ar.
He was taken off the meds a week ago and so far so good( ped says they sometimes outgrow the reflux at 6 months)
I asked the nurse to ask the doctor if i could change his formula to a generic brand to save money and if she new if there was a generic brand for the enfamil ar.
She said the ped wasnt sure but that if i didnt find one i can try the regular enfamil lipil again and see how that goes.
My question to you all is . Is there a generic version of the enfamil ar out there?
If so where and how much is it?
If there isnt which formula do you recommend i give him that would be the best deal?
We have a costco card we just got so i dont mind changing the brand if its cheaper and who knows it may just work out.
Any tips or advice would be appreciated.
I did notice this morning my son did spit up but very little, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that he has outgrown his reflux.
My sister did mention that if i did change formulas that if there isnt a AR ( has rice starch in it) maybe i can put some rice cereal in his bottle to help him keep the food down. Think thats a good idea?

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While I can't comment on the formula aspect, I would NOT put anything other than formula or breastmilk in your son's bottles. Adding anything becomes a choking hazard, and also teaches your son to continue eating/drinking despite being full. Also, since your son has GERD, you may defeat the purpose because his tummy may fill beyond capacity as a result. Babies will self-regulate their intake (which is why some days I feel like I have a ravenous ogre and then a couple days later a little sipper!), but if you add in the extra calories & bulk to their bottle, they are taught to ignore their self-regulation.

I've had 2 sons, both spitter-upers and have used Parents Choice AR (available at wal-mart). To help with the nipples clogging I mix it up at night in a pitcher with a wisk and refridgerate it overnight and use it the next day. I also use medium flow nipples, this has helped tons! Good luck.

Trust me putting in rice cereal doesn't matter with Gerd. If it comes up it comes up. Our family has a big history with piloric stensis so our daughter has gerd and she is on axid(sp) the whole point of the meds is not to assist the Gerd but to help the esophagus from getting damaged. Thats great that your little onis doing better. Spitting up can happen no matter if they have Gerd or not.

We just changed from nursing to formula and as your aware getting spit up on is NOT fun. So when you do decide to change do it slowly. We started out with 75% my milk and 25% formula. We went through three kinds before finding one that works!! Lots of dirty laundry for mom. She never spits up on Dad!! Not fair!! So then day by day we changed it to the point that we went to 100% formula. Our pediatricain also told us to call when we need more formula because of how much he gets at the office. See if yours is willing to give you some to try with your little one before you go spending money ya know? Good luck!!!

My son was 8 weeks early and spit up all the time, after every feeding. He was on Enfamil and I never changed formulas all though the nurse told me the generics are just as good. I did put some rice cereal in his formula at about 6 months. That helped a little. But as soon as my son started crawling, he never spit up again. Something happens when they begin to crawl and it takes care of the reflux. So hang in there. It should correct itself soon.

My son had the same problem and enfamil ar isnt carried at costco and costs more. I could not find a generic version of it. If found that either buying it in bulk online or at kmart was the cheapest route.

Our daughter did not have stomach issues, so I'm not sure this will be the best advice for you... but I wanted to share what our pediatrician said (and we love her--she's a GREAT doctor). At about 9 months, a baby's stomach is not so sensitive so you can start using "less fine" formula. My husband did some research and found on Consumers Reports that Parents Choice (sold at Wal-Mart) is a great brand--comparable in ingredients and definitely far less expensive than name brands. It's inexpensive enough that you can buy a container and see how well your baby tolerates it. If it doesn't go so well, you don't feel like you spent a fortune just to throw it out.

As far as adding rice to the bottle... I think that that's the difference with the regular formula and AR. I, personally, didn't like AR because I spilled formula more often when it was the "thicker" one. I added rice cereal on my own, after adding the regular ("finer") formula. Again, my baby had no tolerance issues--it was not to combat reflux; it was because she was a big eater and I needed to make it a little more substantial for her. Parents Choice is worth a shot. Or try soy instead. A few or my friends have done that too, and it worked for them.

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