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Is the Twighlight Series OK for My 10 Year Old?

Hi everyone! My son is 10 and a half (4th Grade) but is mature for his age and is a very good reader. In fact, his most recent state test scores classified his reading at a 12th grade level. He has read all the books in the Harry Potter series and enjoys interesting books at that level. We went to see the movie "Twighlight" when it came out and I didn't think there was anything inappropriate in the movie, so when he asked, I let him buy the book with his allowance money. Now he wants to read the 2nd book, "New Moon" and probably will want to continue with the rest of the series. Has anyone out there read the whole series? Is there anything in there that would be considered "adult" and inappropriate for a ten year old? From the first book he understands the theme of temptation between the two main characters, but so far it hasn't become sexual at all. But I'm wondering if it is going to get into sexual theme in future books. Anyone have some advice on this??

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Thanks so much to all of you for giving your opinions on this!! From what all of you have said, I think I will let him complete the 2nd and 3rd books and then make him wait awhile longer for the 4th one. As some of you have suggested, this will be a good opportunity to discuss the more mature subject matter, which is something we've been needing to do anyway. I think it will be a good opener to discuss romance and how relationships progress and that some stuff will make more sense to him when he's a little older. He's a very mature 10-year old, already getting body hair and even a few pimples, so I think the time for these discussions is drawing near anyway. YIKES! Thanks again - your input was so helpful!

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I am on book # 4 right now Breaking Dawn and there hasnt' been anything sexual up until the last book. I wouldn't consider it graphic though, you may want to proof read the last one before hand if he wants to read that one but the other 3 should be fine.

I know a friend of mine...who is 22, is reading the series, and I don't remember which one he is on right now, but he was saying there was one or two graphic sexual "scenes". For example, the first time the two main characters make love, the are two large area's torn out of the headboard.

My 13 year old daughter says she does not think it is appropriate for a 10 year old. I have not read it, but my husband has...he's not here right now for me to ask, though - sorry!!

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I read all four books to see what the kids I taught were reading. The four get more and more intense and the sexual tension gets pretty noticeable. At some points in the third book she is "begging" for them to be together. The fourth book is very graphic and if you are not ready to have the talk with your son I would not let him read it. Not only with the actual act being way intense, when Bella has the baby it is very disturbing if you did not know how babies are actually delivered. I think 10 is a little young for the Twilight series.

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****Possible SPOILERS BELOW***
I love these books, but I just wanted to point out a concern. Your son is 10, and these books are mature. I agree that you need to find a way to introduce the topic, but no matter what his reading level is, do you really think a 10 year-old is ready for the confusing ideas about love/immortality/sex that these books introduce? Edward constantly worries about hurting Bella, about losing control, etc. I'd be afraid that this might confuse your son about love and physical relationships, especially in the 4th book where Edward does bruise Bella during sex on their honeymoon. Aside from that, the second book is much darker than the first, with Bella suffering intense depression when Edward leaves her, curling up in the forest and almost dying from hypothermia (and later she even goes so far as to "jump" off a cliff). She say it's not suicide but it could confuse your son at his age about what it means to love someone and/or how people handle losses. Edward even attempts to commit suicide b/c he can't live without Bella. There is also a sexual undertone to a incredibly sexy woman who lures innocent human tourists into the lair of Italian vampires, who then eat them all!
You'll do what you think is right, and you know your son better than anyone else. But I would not let my 10 year-old read these books, especially without reading them myself. I think the subject matter is far more adult than people are telling you.

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Even though the Twilight series was for "teen audiences" I loved the movie enough to see it 5 times and then read the books 2 times. However, I personally don't think I would let my 10 yr old read them. Sex is implied of course because she gets pregnant and it is so 'good' he has to eat the pillow in order to keep from eating her. They are married before it happens but it was graphic enough for me that I have a picture in my mind. But, I didn't let my son see Titanic when it came out-so what can I say. Good Luck....

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The characters Bella and Edward do have sex once they are married in the 4th book Breaking Dawn. It does not get really graphic they just say that a pillow was bitten and feathers are all over,the head board was broken and she has brusing all over her body. Also she becomes pregnant so you know they have sex. Later on in the book once she becomes a vampire they say she can not get enough of him and they can last all night without getting tired but again never actually says sex. So maybe you may want to read it before he does to make sure you think it is appropriate reading for a 10 year old.

I would go ahead and buy it and read it yourself, only then can you decide if it is appropriate for him. If you find passages that you don't think are appropriate yet consider if you would be ok with him reading them and then discussing the material afterward so that he gets some guidance on the themes and how they relate to you and your value structure. He is close to rounding the corner to puberty, so it's a good idea to start covering these topics now before he has the urge to explore on his own. Many of the classics, which at his reading level and while he has such an avid reading habit it might be a good idea to start him on, have sexual overtones and themes and some of them might be a good opening to a dialogue. I suggest reading the same materials that he is so that you can discuss these themes and start the dialogue now.

Good luck mama.

I have read the whole series quite a few times now and I personally dont think theres anything in it that is unsuitable for him to read..hope that helps some.

My 13-yo granddaughter just read the series. It does touch on sex complete with baby, etc, etc. Not sure you want your 10 yo to grow up that fast.

I would recommend you read it yourself so you'll be better prepared to answer any questions he might come up with. The books are more graphic that the movie version.


I don't think it would hurt him, but if you are unsure you should read them first to decide. They are very good and a lot of mothers have read them to make sure they are okay for our children. There is even a website for mothers who are fans of the series. The third and fourth books do have a little more sexual content, but it is only implied. There is no sex scenes in these books.

Hi J.,

I read all 4 books and loved them. I'm 34, btw. I would not let my young children read them. Especially if had a daughter. There is no sex until the 4th book. But they do sleep in the same bed throughout the series. He is very possessive of her and she is very dependent on him. So much so that they cannot function when they are apart. It is a great series and I could not put them down, but I think it may be too complex for a 10 year old.
One of the other things that I feel should be mentioned is during many interviews with the author she said that she never wrote the books for young adults. She wrote the books for herself (she is in her mid-thirties). They are classified as young adult novels because the characters are in high school.
Best of luck,
A. K

My daughter is 12 and she read all the books. I think it depends on how mature your child is. For the most part I let her read what she wants to except the one series Gossip Girls.

If he liked the first book Twilight, and he wants to read the rest... I highly suggest you read them as well. Just to see for yourself.
As all the other Mama's have said... this is a good way to start having the 'sex talk' with him, if he has those questions. The 2nd and 3rd books, don't talk about sex so much, as just LOVE. The main character Bella wanting to be with Edward in every way. The 4th book, does really get 'into' it... but NOT in a graphic way.
If he is really mature and you think he can handle it, I see no reason why he shouldn't read it. The 4th book, Breaking Dawn, does have more of a general adultness about it. The characters do marry, have sex, and make a baby. The only way for the baby to be born is to bite it's way free. So there is some graphic bloody scenes... but again, nothing too offensive.
But your his Mama, so only you can say for sure!

I'm going thru the same thing with my soon-to-be 10yr old daughter. She loves books and just soaks them up. She just finished Inkspell, and we encourage her to read the books before she sees the movies in a lot of cases. She hasnt read the Harry Potter series yet, but has watched the movies, and we decided to hold off on the last one awhile due to some graphic content.
And yes, I think its a spectacular way to open up the cummunication with kids on touchy subjects. I'm still not ready, and my oldest has a very scientifically-inquiring mind... Good luck to you :]

The 4th book is definitely sexual. I let my 12 yo read all of them and she loved them.

I've read the books along with my husband and we both love them. I however don't think I would let my daughter at 10 read past the first book. If I were you I would read them yourself and then decide. The books just deal with more teen issues like a severe depression in the second book, that I wouldn't think a 10 year old needs to read about or deal with. As for the author being mormon, that doesn't have anything to do with the books. And there are no spiritual issues/overtones in the book. It is definitely NOT like Chronicles of Narnia.

I know a friend of mine...who is 22, is reading the series, and I don't remember which one he is on right now, but he was saying there was one or two graphic sexual "scenes". For example, the first time the two main characters make love, the are two large area's torn out of the headboard.

The author of the Twilight series is Mormon and her books do contain spiritual overtones, so just as The Chronicles of Narnia books are safe to read, so are the Twilight books.

How wonderful that your son has such a love of reading! He has made a wise and age appropriate decision in his reading choices! You should be very proud of him. :)

I personally think Twilight is fine. Our 9 yo watched it. It is not bad at all. Just a romantic Tween film. There's not any nudity, or language. I think its PG-13 b/c there's some blood in it. It should be fine for him to watch. We are VERY picky about what our kids watch and we let her watch it.

My 13 year old daughter says she does not think it is appropriate for a 10 year old. I have not read it, but my husband has...he's not here right now for me to ask, though - sorry!!

my husband and i have read the entire series we loved it couldnt put the books down! like everyone else has said there is the love making in the 4th book that get pretty graphic but skimming thru the other responses to your question i didnt notice that anyone mentioned at the end of book 4 she gives birth and the only way to get the baby out is for the vampire to cut it out with his teeth then he proceeds to save her life by biting her repeatedly to turn her into a vampire they go into quite a bit of detail while describing this part of the book i know the series was written for tweens but i know more adults that have read and enjoyed these books than kids. i have 3 boys ages 6,6,and 3 my twins watched the movie but i wouldnt let anyone older than 13 at least read the last book the rest are ok but if you read the first 3 you are gonna want to read the last one! hope this helps!

As the relationship between the main characters progresses so does the physical intimacy. So there is a point in the series where they are married and there is sexual content.
You may want to read them before your son does to make sure that you are comfortable with the entire story line. It is a god series but as it progresses it may be a bit too much for a 10 year old.

Hi J.!

Sounds like your son is quite the reader- that's great!
I have not read all of the books myself, but I spoken with friends who have. From my understanding the books, (like Harry Potter series) become much "darker" ast the series progresses. Since you know your son better than anyone, my advice would be to read the book yourself and make your judgement from there. Good luck with your son and I hope he keeps that love of reading!

All of the books (not so much the first one), have somewhat of a sexual undertone. In the first few, it's about not having sex - not because they aren't married, but because they can't lose control because Edward is a vampire. Later there is sex after marriage (a different category to me, because I've always told my kids that sex after marriage is a good thing, but, although vague for an adult, it is a little too sensual for a preteen book, IMO).

What I think worries me even more is that the second book is about choosing suicide when you lose the one you love. And I can't see any way of the movie not being pretty clear about that as well, which makes me worry because teens take break-ups so hard, and it's so easy for them, especially boys, to get depressed, that it scares me that they think suicide would be the ultimate sacrifice for love.

BTW, I just finished reading the second book a second time last night! I am re-reading the series, lol, so I obviously love it! What's really funny is none of my three kids (girls ages 20 and 19 and a 15 year old boy), have read it! They did love the movie, though.

The last book has some sexual content. Not to terible but go to the book store and skim the first few chapters. It is mostly inuendo (as much as I can remember) and it gets a little graphic during the "change" and birth. But if you are talking to him about sex and choices it should be okay.

I've read all the books, they are awesome...i don't think there would be a problem, i mean they are suppose to love each other so i don't think there is anything inappropriate, because once he reads that 2nd book i can promise you'll he won't quit and he'll bug you til you give in thats how intriguing the series is...i'd let him read all of them, my son and just about all the kids at our middle school have read that series.

Good Morning! I'm a 3rd/4th grade teacher and many of my students have read Twilight, so I jumped on the bandwagon last week after watching the movie and have just finished the third book, Eclipse. This is the book where the two main characters discuss the possibility of sex. It's not graphic, but it's there. Edwards wants her to marry him before anything happens, so in that sense, there's some moral content. I'm trying to think how they worded it, but I don't think the word sex was used. Instead, I think she used the term "sleep with". I have yet to start the 4th book, so I can't honestly say what's in that one. There are very few curse words throughout the series thus far, too. I would say that it would be fine, but you could read for yourself and decide. They are very thick books, but they are quite easy to fall into and finish. I've read each of the first three within two days each. Or you could even read it together. One of my students and his mother did that with the first two books. Hope this info helps!

I have read the Twilight series and loved it, but I do not think the fourth book is appropriate for someone as young as your son. It does contain some sexual content.

I censored nothing my daughter read and watched, and if she had any questions or concerns, we discussed it. But that's me. My daughter's selections for the mother-daughter book club we belonged to were sometimes nixed by the other moms as too "mature" for their daughters.
If you're not sure whether or not it's appropriate for yur child, read it yourself first.

I've read them all. In the last book, they get married and have sex. but it doesn't go into detail. The only thing it says is that afterwards she notices that he's torn up the pillows. oh, and they do get naked before.

I probably wouldn't let my 10 year old read the last one... I would wait until he's older. It's not that it's graphic really, but I have a feeling when my kids get that age, I'm going to be pretty protective about that stuff.

Also, you should read them. you'd probably like them! I love them. And that way, you could decide for yourself.

I'm a huge fan of Twilight and have read the series several times. The only thing I can think of that I would consider "adult" is in the beginning of the fourth book "Breaking Dawn". There is some sexual content during Bella and Edward's honeymoon.

I have read the books several times and loved them. The books are really good the 4th book titled Breaking Dawn I would think about. Stephanie wrote them directed for children but the 4th book seems to be more towards mom but more pg 13 all around. Best thing I can suggest is read them yourself and see how you feel. The first 3 books are safe so I would encourage him to read them. The only major thing they ever do in all books is kiss. She never writes any more then that and in the last book she does black outs so you have no idea what happened unless you truly know what is going on ;) And that is only during the honeymoon chapters.

Good luck.

I agree with most posts that say you should read them first and then decide. The subject varies with each family. I have read all the books a couple of times. I like them & enjoyed the movie, as well. HOWEVER, I would not let my 10 year old read them. I would say they were ok for maybe the 15 and above category. Not only does it insinuate sexual feelings, there are other things I don't think would be appropriate. For instance, Edward (the main vampire character) spends the night with his girlfriend all the time with her father right in the next room. The story insinuates that this situation is ok (and with me it certainly is not). The 4th book is more graphic than the others and there is a scene or two in the 3rd book that gets kinda steamy but other than that, all I can say is read them & decide where you draw the line on rules in your own family.

I am on book # 4 right now Breaking Dawn and there hasnt' been anything sexual up until the last book. I wouldn't consider it graphic though, you may want to proof read the last one before hand if he wants to read that one but the other 3 should be fine.

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