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Is the Shark Steam Mop Any Good?

I have been wanting to buy the Shark Steam Mop to clean my tiled kitchen and bathroom floors, but don't want to spend the almost $100.00 IF it does not work. Do you own one and what's your experience? Does it leave dirty streak marks? Does it dry quick? Does it really clean? Thanks.

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It is great! I've had mine for 2 years now. It does all of those things. Dry's quick and cleans good! Just what I like:)Good luck!

Love mine... I have a housekeeper and it cuts down on the time she spends on the floor - sanitizes, dries fast. Bought one for my daughter who has 2 little ones because she kept borrowing mine, haha! Got one at Sam's -(cheaper there)and one at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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It is great! I've had mine for 2 years now. It does all of those things. Dry's quick and cleans good! Just what I like:)Good luck!

Hi; I don't have the steam mop yet but plan to get one as soon as I can. I borrowed my friends and fell in love with it. I thought my tile floors were clean. I had scrubed them just before using the steam mop. I was shocked of out must dirt came out of the tile. The floor just shone afterward. I give it a thumbs up! I did not use it on carpet but my friend said it worked great on hers.

We have had for 2 yrs and love it!!! The newer model works even better (we hear). A toddler and two lg dogs and it works super on our floors!

Love it, love it, love it. $70 at Sam's. Have had it almost a year with no problems. It is the rectangular head one, so I can't comment on the triangle head. I love that I do not have to stop every two minutes to wring a mop, or deal with a bucket of dirty water. I also love that you do not use any floor cleaner with it, which always left my tile sticky. The steam cleans and sanitizes, no streaks, no dirt, and dries quicker than any other mop. I don't have wood or laminate, so I am not sure about that, but I love it for my ceramic tile. One fill does my whole kitchen and dining room.

I am not sure if other posters are maybe not using it right, but it DOES clean my floor (the sticky pink juice spots and all) and does not streak on my tile. It actually absorbs the dirt into the pad instead of spreading it around on the floor like a traditional mop.

I have one and like it a lot! I would suggest 2 things...get the newer version which has a sock-like pad that goes on...and order from the t.v. and get the attachment that allows you to steam clean your carpets.

It doesn't leave any streaks..dries in about 2 minutes and I feel it really cleans and I worry less about my 1 1/2 old dropping things on the floor and then putting it in her mouth.

I think that it works great! I got mine at Sams club for about $55 or so. I like it because you're not using chemicals which is obviously important when you have little ones running around on the floor. I only have laminate and tile in my house and it works good on both. It dries very quickly and I have not noticed any streaks. At one point in time I had a cleaning lady come out and she used it and praised it over and over and said that she was going to get one to use at her other clients homes. I find it easy to use as you push forward you push on the handle and the steam comes right on out and cleans and sanitizes your floors. I would search around for a good deal either at one of the warehouse places or online/TV or I've seen it at Bed Bath and Beyond and they have their 20 percent off or $10 off coupons that you can use with it. Good luck to you!

Have one and wouldn't live without it. The floor is dry within 2 seconds, maybe a little longer, but very qucikly. I have cats in my home and it picks up everything. It's a good investment you will love it.

I have one and like it. You have to move a bt slower than you think because you have to push down the handle while moving to make the steam come out. It does not leave streaks and you can tell a difference when you are done. Pad must be washed after each use and you can't throw it in the dryer, etc. Just read directions. You can find them on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond every now and again and then use the 20% coupon as well. It does dry quick because it is so hot. Happy cleaning.

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