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Is the Musical "Wicked" Appropriate for a 7 and 9 Year Old?

Has anyone taken their children to see the Musical "Wicked"? I am interested in your thoughts regarding appropriate ages to see this. Thank you.

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Absolutely! When we saw it last year my son was 8 and daughter was 10. We have the cd and still listen to it frequently, and both my kids have some of the songs on their ipods. It is a wonderful show! Enjoy!

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I saw this musical last year and it was great, totally appropriate for all ages!

We took all our children last March (a Christmas gift from my aunt) - they loved it!!! (Our youngest were 7 and 9.)
I was quite worried - the book was definitely NOT for children, but the musical was fine. We got the soundtrack and knew all the words before we went - then listened to nothing but that for MONTHS!!!

We took our two, then ages five and a half and ten; one boy, one girl, who were mesmerized and would see it again in a heartbeat! There were loads of kids in the audience (in Chicago) and my husband and I loved it too! Definitely a must see for any age group!

Yes! We went two years ago. My then 13 and 9 year old daughters loved it, as did my husband and I. My now 11 year old daughter still plays the soundtrack!!

we took our 6 year old and he LOVED it! so much in fact we have the soundtrack and listen to it in the car and he sings right along!

The content is not questionable unlike the book. But I think it's more of a question can they sit still and watch a play for that long. As a person who goes and see plays and musicals a lot I can tell you there is nothing more frustrating then sitting next to people who are talking or kids who are crying and getting up and down a lot. The person who said they would take their 2 and 3 year old is CRAZY! I have a 2 and 4 year old and although they are very well behaved I wouldn't take them because they talk through movies and I know they would through a play. Your child or children need to be able to sit still for an hour or an hour and a half at a time (usually 2 acts). Why would you pay that kind of money to stand in the back of the house or the atrium (box office area) the whole show? Go with your mature children and have a great time at the show. Your 7 and 9 year old might love it. Only you know if they can sit still that long (which at 9 I think they should be able to). Also talk to them about theatre etiquette and how a live play is different than a movie. If you do that then I know you, and everyone around you, will have a great time. :)

Hope this helps.
M. :)

Absolutely! When we saw it last year my son was 8 and daughter was 10. We have the cd and still listen to it frequently, and both my kids have some of the songs on their ipods. It is a wonderful show! Enjoy!

One of the women from the show, Idina Menzel,played a concert at my work not too long ago. She was very provacative. It's definitely more of a teenage show.

Hope this helps

I took my then 8 yr old son to see it and he loved it! It's a great show with a great message, and there is nothing that is inappropriate as far as language or violence. We had the CD of the music, so my son knew all the songs before hand! I highly recommend it!! And as a side note, after we saw the show we read the book "The Wizard of Oz" with our son and talked alot about the differences and similarities between the stories - an interesting learning opportunity!

I don't see any reason why not. The only issue might be that they don't understand a lot of what is going on and might constantly ask questions. It's a little above that age group but they should get the general idea.

I have read the book and seen the musical. I would not recommend it for that age group. Some things may go right over their heads, but other things may scare them.

I never took my children to see Wicked because they were 4 & 1 at the time. However, there were many children at the show probably ranging in ages of 6 and up. Its a wonderful show but a bit intense at times. I think that your children would really enjoy it.

I did not take my children, but after seeing it, I would have. I have three daughters, 11, 10 & 8. There are a few tense/dark moments, but I suspect they would go right over their heads. It is bright, colorful & even without seeing it, my daughters love the soundtrack!

Have fun!

I think it would be appropriate for a 7 and 9 year old. There is not any "sexual" content or violence (less than West Side Story) and no swearing. It is more a story of how 2 girls who are completely different form a strong friendship. And the ending, unlike the book, is happy. Wish I would've taken my 2 and 3 year old they would have LOVED it!! Have a great time!

I have not been, but wanted to take my daughter, she's 11. Many of the Moms at her dance studio have taken their children and they say it's wonderful. I read the novel and had my doubts but the girls I know that have seen were completely enthralled by it!! I know this isn't a lot of help but it's a bit of input. I am planning on taking Codie but she's a couple years older than your children!!!

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