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Is the Little Gym Worth the Cost?

I am thinking of putting my 12 month old son into some type of program like the Little Gym or Kindermusik. We scheduled our free class next week, but then we found out how much it costs ($231 for the class plus $40 membership fee). I just want to hear from some people who have gone to programs like this to know if it is worth finding the money to do this with him.
Thanks for your opinions

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Thank you all for your suggestions. We went to our trial class on Tuesday and my son loved it! We are signed up now to start next week and I am very excited. I checked out the other programs that you all recommended and they were great suggestions. Some were just too far away from home, or the class times were not at a good time for us. (Can't miss our nap time!) I am still thinking of putting him into other programs so If you have gone somewhere else that no one has mentioned, please let me know!
Thanks again,

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Both my children have gone to Little Gym ... I think 12 months may be a little young in my experience ... my youngest daughter started at 18 months, but really did not LOVE it until after 2. It is a good program nonetheless.

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I have done both programs (Little Gym and Kindermusik) with my now three year old son and I would recommend both activities. I started my son in Kindermusik when he was 8 months old and we just finished our sixth session last week (thus we've done it for a couple of years now). One thing that swayed me towards doing Kindermusik was that you get all of the home materials as well (CD, books, instruments, etc.). My son loves the music and we often play the CDs in the car, when we are at home, etc. I have had great Kindermusik teachers in McKinney and Frisco...please feel free to contact me if you'd like their information.

We have also done Little Gym and I think its a great way to strengthen gross motor skills and let the kids get some energy out. I visited some other "gym" type classes and liked the Little Gym the best as they seemed more structured in actually teaching skills versus just letting the kids run around everywhere.

I know the programs are expensive, but I do feel they have been beneficial for my son and I personally have enjoyed doing the classes with him...nice way to have some "mommy and me" fun.

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I took my son starting around that age to MY GYM. I actually went to check out the place at a night that they hosted an open house. They offered the ONE time membership fee of $50 for free that night. So I am a lifetime member for free! Sometimes in the baby magazines at your doctors office you will see a $25 off membership fee coupon for MY GYM. The fee monthly is $65 or $70 which gives you an hour class each week and an hour open gym play. I thought this was the best place for the $$ + no annual fee we just went a few months out of the year. Good luck!

Check what your city rec center has to offer. richardson has classes called Gym Dandies - one class for one year olds, another for 2 year olds, and another for 3's. I think it costs about $45 for 6 weeks. You have 15 minutes of free play in the gym with balls, giant blocks, foam playground for climbing, ride ons a small slide, and more. Then 15 minutes of circle time with a book you can take home that has the songs used in class plus extension activities, and the final 15 minutes is parachute games. And once you have baby number two, they can grow up going to class with big brother and be a pro by the time he's ready to start his own class! They also offer kinder music type classes, though I have not taken these.

We go to My Gym in Frisco & my 12 month old loves it. It costs $145 for 8 wks and $50 one time membership fee.

I have been taking my daughter (now 14.5 months) to Little Gym since she was 5 months old. I would definitely say that it helped her developmentally and socially. She sat up on her own the night after the first class and was moving earlier than other babies her age. I also think it is great for learning social skills - picking up your toys, taking turns, sitting in a circle, having your name announced, meeting people... I will definitely try to figure out a way to get my next one involved as well! We attend the Little Gym in McKinney on Wednesday and Friday (we had a LOT of make-up days so we go twice a week in May!) and will be attending Thursdays when the summer session starts. Your son might be in our class so message me if you want to ask any other questions! (I am having a baby on Wednesday so if I'm slow to respond..that is why :-) )

We did Gymboree for the first year and my daughter loved it. I tried LIttle Gym and found it to be a little impersonal. I think that it is probably really good for very active older toddlers who just need a big, safe place to run around though I have a very hard time paying those prices for what did not seem very developmentally helpful. We are going to try Kindermusik next. You can sign up through some community centers for a very affordable price ($50 for 6 weeks)

We go to the Little Gym in Carrollton & love it! They encourage the kids to develop indepence, while having you there as well. It has helped my 2 year old with her social skills as well as her confidence to try things without holding my hand all the time. If she knows I am there, it seems to be enough now - before we started going, she wouldn't let me out of arm's reach in a social setting! They have great programs to continue as they get older as well & I like that she doesn't reach an age limit as some of the other programs mentioned do.

I did a trial class when my son was about 6 months and decided it was not worth the money for non-mobile kiddos. We can get that kind of thing free at the local library. However, once he started walking I went back and did another trial and found it to be great. He started there at 13 months and loved it. Not only has it helped him socially and physically, but he and I have made some very good friends there. I plan on starting my daughter there also once she is walking.

Hi A.,
My boys have been going to the Little Gym in Carrollton since they were 4months old (they are now 19 months). They also did Kindermusic since they were 4 months. We love both classes. I know it can be expensive but it was worth it for many reasons. I do see physically and mentally a great big difference in my boys vs some of their friends who never did any of this. When I sing a song from Kindermusic that they heard maybe the first year they went they still know the song. Its really amazing. Kindermusic or any music class is great at any age. The other thing is you meet a lot of nice people in these classes. All of the girls I meet at Kindermusic and The little gym we get together for playgroups and birthday party's its really fun.

Hope this helps.

Both my children have gone to Little Gym ... I think 12 months may be a little young in my experience ... my youngest daughter started at 18 months, but really did not LOVE it until after 2. It is a good program nonetheless.

My daughter goes to Little Gym and loves it. I think it is worth it. you have make up sessions if you miss. I think it is more worth it for older kids, though. You can try to see if your community has similar classes for cheaper. Good luck.

We had gone to Playwisely and love it. They have several locations around the Metroplex. It is a smaller group setting then the other programs and it's more focused on brain & body development. The program was just written up in Baby Dallas. They offer free trial classes for the first class. To learn more visit their website www.playwisely.com.

Not at all, unless you like extortion.

We signed our children up for classes and each of them missed 2 classes, one each for illness, and one each due to a family move. This was near the end of the session.

When we inquired about the make-up classes, we were told that we had to pay for another series of sessions in order for our children to attend the make up sessions.

So wait, let me get this straight - I paid for classes which included make up sessions, and now I have to pay for MORE classes to take advantage of the "free" make up sessions you previously advertised?

Notifying my State's Attorney General about this one, that's for sure...

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