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Is Pre-school Better 3 or 5 Times Week?

My daughter just turned 3. I’m debating weather to take her 3x/week or full week to pre-school this year (she was in school 2x/week from 2 1/2 year) I wanted to start 5x/week next semester but her teacher says she cannot guarantee there will be a spot because it’s half year. She has a spot now so I feel under pressure to make a decision.

In a way I feel my daughter is intellectually ready but not emotionally. Then there’s the expense issue.

You probably went through similar questions. Am I the one who is attached and am I’m robbing my child of growing smarter – or does she really needs more time with mommy?She acts and talks like a grown-up sometimes but she is so much happier when I spend time with her!
The teacher thinks she will be better in a group if she comes everyday (as in sitting quietly instead of having her own ideas of other things to do) - she does extremely well on a one-on-one basis.

My gut feeling is she won’t and will be a wreck when she is back with me ( as she usually is when I travel for work) and that defeats the whole purpose... Or worse, she will misbehave and hate school because she misses home ( where she recharges emotionally). She loves school now and loves to learn, bu she is never bored at home. I myself spend a lot of time "teaching" her things, both academic, and a lot of art, pretend play, taking her new places,and taking her to music, swimming, gymnastics, etc.
Is it really necessary for a child this young to be in school 5x/week?

Gee – what a dilemma - is it worse or better when they go to College?

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When I became a mother, the world changed as I knew it - yet, I felt it was so hard to find women who I could relate to and not having family around, i read more books than had someone to talk to. I no longer feel this way - this was an overwhelming amount of good advice and support, and honest, heartfelt advice gave me the reassurance I needed to follow my heart. I am very thankful for all of you who responded and shared your own experience. Most mothers seem to prefer to send the kids 2-3 times a week and enjoy their kids another year or 2 before they go to kindergarten. Your advice supported me in following my gut and reading my child's needs. I always loved school and wanted her to feel the same way,that learning is fun, not a chore. Her school matches her personality in the way they mix the age groups an have a lot of creative learning, but 5 times seemed too much for her age! I did not want to rob her of any academic learning, but you reassured me of the importance of her learning at home! She will be going 3 times a week until "we" feel it's right to change, and right now it looks like it's going to be til she turns 4. In the meantime, we will keep doing the wonderful things we do together and read lots of books, dance, paint, pretend,cook, make music and go to lots of parks and playgroups and places, so we can laugh and learn together.
Thank you mothers, for being such wise women and for your great encouragement!

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I also agree 3 days a weeks is plenty. Every child is different, but if you can I would send 3 days until Kindergarten. They have 13 years of school everyday. And free play is so important at this age.

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She is little. Three days should be enough. She does need you and you are not robbing her of opportunites of growing smarter. Read to her, take her places and talk about the different foods in the grocery store, talk about trees and the different shaped leaves, the ants and bugs. Have her help you cooking and with sorting clothes She need to be near you and develop a really close relationship which will last for a lifetime and you are really her best teacher.

None of my three sons started school until 5 and they now are a doctor, college professor, and financial accountant. Enjoy her, help her grow and don't send her everyday to school at such a young age.

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Dear T W,

No, it is not necessary for a three year old to be in school 5 times a week. She needs some down time at home and mommy time at home, and she will be juuuuuust fiiiiiine with 2 days a week. No kidding. past preschool teacher, day care, and third grade and sixth grade teacher.

C. N.

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All your little girl needs right now is you. As you said, you can teach her everything yourself and give her the emotional reassurance she needs at the same time.

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I would keep her home as much as possible. Why have someone else raising your child when you can do it yourself and you seem to be doing a great job!!

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Being with mom and having time to just "be" is very important for a 3 year old. Starting at 5 she will be in school 5 days a week for the next 12 - 16 years. Right now the way she learns is through play. The time goes so fast and this is a very precious time for you. I see no reason to stress both her and you by putting her in pre-school 5 days per week. Enjoy your time with your daughter!
J., mother of a 29 year old son and 26 year old daughter, grandmother of a 1 year old grandson.

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I am just wondering why the rush to move her from 2 to 3 days? At 3, she's barely out of "toddlerhood". Why rush it? I started mine for 2 days for both of them and they were totally fine with it! Never acted bored, lonely, etc, the remaining days they were home, and I also used that time to take them to the park, do an occasional craft, etc. The next year we put them in 3 days and that worked out well, too. Enjoy this time with your daughter---it goes by faster than you can even imagine, and do you want to look back and wonder why you were in such a hurry?? I cannot tell you how precious this preschool time is, or how much your daughter is going to enjoy her mornings "off" with mommmy---not having to hustle and get ready, a lazy morning if that's what you want, a fun walk around the block on a nature hunt, etc.

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your little one is only with you for so long before they are in school full time, with friends and then off to college. Enjoy your time with them, don't rush the inevitable :)

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Haha - the dilemmas! Well, I think that if you have the option to be home with her for 2 of those days, then you should do it. She'll be in school 5 times per week soon enough, and you'll never get that time back that you could be spending with her. But that's just my opinion :o)

My daughter is 3 and will be starting preschool for 2 half-days in a couple weeks, so I've had the same debate myself. I think she'll love it (she loves Sunday School at the church where her preschool will be), but I really feel that she'll benefit greatly from getting to spend time with me a good deal of the week as well.

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I have taught pre-school in the past and honestly, at your daugher's age, three days a week is plenty for her. Children at three years old still tend to have a hard time having to share the adults with so many other children and three days is plently for your daughter to get the social skills that she needs through being around other children her age.
Also, if there ever is a regret it is almost always that the parent feels that their children were at school too much. I have not heard anyone say that they wish they sent their child more.
Do what you think is best for her, not what the teacher says.

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less is more!

-coming from a preschool director/teacher of 15 years!

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