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Is My 10-Year Old Getting Her Period?

My ten year old daugter (step) has developed small breasts, and is becoming moody and weepy. She is still small for her age, and I am wondering if you think she could be getting her period.

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Wow! I am impressed with the amount of people out there that really take the time to help others. Since we have just moved to the Metroplex, I don't really have anyone to talk to about this. Thank you so very much for your advice and encouraging words. I am going to check on the American Girl book - I think that will be a big help for both of us. So far, nothing has happened. We have had several talks about moods and changes in her body, so maybe when the time comes, she will be comfortable enough to come to me. Again, thank you to all of your kind and supportive responses.

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I think that she might be on the brink of getting her period. My stepdaughter started developing about 1 year before her period. We go through many "difficult" days with her each month. Before she got her period. We had problems with her a lot---moody, didn't want to do anything, having an attitude, etc. It wasn't easy getting through that time and its still not easy to get through her "difficult" days know. Since all girls are different, its sometimes hard to gauge when they are going to start. Just take one day at a time and keep talking about her about her body changes. My stepdaughter and I talk a lot about what is happening to her and why. Let her know that as a stepmom you care for her and want to help her. Keep talking with her about her body and how it is changing all the time. Good luck!

It's awful, but she might be getting her period. My daughter is 13 and she was one of the last of her friends to start. I don't know why it is, but girls are going through puberty so much earlier than when we were growing up. Try to be patient with her mood swings and good luck!!!

My 11 year old started going through the same things about a year ago. She has not started yet. I think it might be the preemptive signs though. I talked to my mom about it because I have a 12 year old sister. She still has not started her period but did start spotting about 6 months ago. I think the moodiness and all of that fun stuff can last for quit awhile before they actually start. Just part of the joy of having daughters.

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Ok after reading some of the posts I am not ready for this to happen to my little girl. I realize my "baby" is only 4, but it will be here before you know it. I got a book already, so I can be prepared on what to tell her and to also let her read. It is called The Care and Keeping of You by American Girl. I browsed the book and it has eased my mind quite a bit. Me, I started when I was 14 almost 15, I also did not start getting buds till I was in 7th grade. I only remember that cause I was teased for wearing a padded bra so I could look like everyone else. I was hoping that my daughter did not fall into my footsteps but I sure don't want her to get her period at age 9 or 10.

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Hi S., females usually start their period about 1 year after their breasts begin developing. Hormones are raging the whole time building up until the cycles begin.

There are some amazing books available for young women going through life changes. I can't think of the name of any right off hand but my daughter had a couple that were very insightful. They taught her that changes were normal, what to expect, how to take care of a hormonal body (daily showers, deodorant, etc), all about cycles, and more. You might want to get your daughter a book or two to start the conversations flowing or to help her when you're not available to her.

Talk to her dr about it and her being small for her age and see what he says and what you think about it.

Those that hit puberty too young may not grow to their true height, fact, and if needed, they have medicine that can delay it. Certainly a compelling reason. MOST girls continue to grow when they start. Most continue to grow until puberty is finished. She is not too young. I believe 7 and under is considered to be too young. I only voiced my advice on her being small for her age and to see what the doctor says about it to be sure for her. They would monitor her if they thought it was necessary. I would take the doctors experience and expertise over any advise, no mater how good intended, that simply is outdated and misinformed.

Better nutrition is not the cause for the earlier starting that is happening now. Our kids will be the first generation that will not be healthier than their parents.

My 9 year old daughter has been developing in the chest area for about the past 6 months and has been moody and weepy for about the same amount of time. I took her for a physical earlier this week and the doctor said he would expect her to start menstruating at 10. He confirmed it seemed like girls, especially minorities, are moving into puberty earlier nowadays. I was always told most daughters begin about the same time as their mother did, but I was 13 so I think that theory is out the window. :-\

Could be any time. MY granddaughter also same age has same. The dentist said her gums bled a little last cleaning and a sign also. They just grow up faster and faster.

She is getting ready to start in the near future. Go to the bookstore or library and see if you can find the book called, "What's Happening to Me?" It will tell her what the changes to her body mean and what she can expect. The book covers both male and females changes to anatomy. Get a little box of things ready, pads, plugs (tampons, liners and non-alcohol wipes (keep the sting away from tender areas). It is the beginning of a new chapter in her life and a long journey into womanhood. Best to you both. The other S..

She might not get her period right away, but she is probably in puberty. Monitor for underarm hair and pubic hair. Once these come in, her period will follow thereafter.

My older girls, who are now 18 and 14 started "developing" around that age too. They also started getting moody and weepy like they were in pms at about that age, but...... neither of them started their period that early, I think they were both about 13 or so. My daughter who is about to turn 10 is doing the same thing, she is starting to develop, getting the mood swings, etc., but I don't expect her to start menstrual cycles yet. Although your daughter may be one of those eary bloomers, don't painc, she may just be delveloping right along and it will be awhile before she has to deal with the monthly mess. I would go ahead and have the talk with her just so she'll be prepared if she does start, and hope that she doesn't need to use that advice for a while. Good luck.

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