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Is MMR vaccine safe for a 1 year old?

Is MMR vaccine safe for a 1 year old?

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Different moms has different opinions toward the MMR shot for their children. Look at the article for different opinions. Check with your pediatrician and do your research before you make your decision.

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This info is from the Center for Disease Control. This helped me make my decision for my children.


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Joanna below is a bit misled, as doctors have given DES to moms in the 50's which NOW we see causes cervical cancer in their female offspring. Thalidamide to moms in the 60's where babies were born without arms and legs. Doctors are TOLD it's safe and rarely read the research. In fact, most anaethesiologists administer an epidural (specifically with the drug fentanyl) and not know that it is 80 times as potent as morophine and it also contains mercury and aluminum as preseratives...and it DOES cross the placenta. I am not blaming the doctors, as they are too busy to really do the research, so the pharm companies send in drug reps who "educate" them. Don't believe me. Don't believe your pediatrician. Do your research. Too many parents don't realize the damage vaccines CAN cause. Look at who is doing AND paying for the vaccine research...not just what the conclusion is. Also, the measles vaccine has been "researched'" as well as the mumps and rubella...but I have not read anywhere that it's been researched as ONE shot - MMR. If you've ever taken chemistry, you know putting 2 inactive ingredients together can cause fires, smoke, and other toxic reactions.

By the way, my first son contracted mumps and got through it in 3 days without much discomfort. My 2nd son contracted measles and was spot-free in 7 days. And lastly, I contracted rubella at 10 weeks pregnant, from my first son - and all 3 of us are fine. You don't die from these diseases - unless the nutrition and sanitary conditions are such that the immune system is compromised. We didn't die from chicken pox - but the next generation is going to think it's SO dangerous. You usually get PERMANENT immunity when you get it naturally - as opposed to a vaccine where you need booster shots and we never know really how long each kid get the "immunity" for. In fact, every 3-4 years, there is a natural rise in pertussis (whooping cough) and 80% of the kids who get it, have been adequately vaccinated for it...meaing they are up to date on their vaccines.

Good luck. It's another tough PARENTAL decision, but if you know that reactions are a possiblity and you make an educated decision, then there won't be any surprises. It's the parents whose kids have a reaction and then are shocked to find out more info...that their pediatrician never told them.

www.generationrescue.org/pdf/080212.pdf - a recent ad in USA today

http://youtube.com/watch?v=jUMZ-O-OsG0 - YOU TUBE VIDEO


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I don't vax my kids but in the research I've done this is the worst of all the vax. It is a live virus that stays in the system for awhile. This means any damage may not be seen right away. The concentration of this vax is unbelievable and overwhelming to their little sytems. If you are a religious person you should also know this vax contains aborted fetus cells.
Here are some websites with more info:

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I was in your position last month, however I decided to go ahead with the vaccine along with the chicken pox shot, a flu shot. Three weeks later we found ourselves in the ER. My duaghter had a reaction to one of the shots that spread a rash completely all over her body. He fever spike up so we gave her tylenol which I did not know and in some cases drop the tempture below normal. We went in to check on her and she was freezing and her breathign was very slow and she was completly lethargic. We ran to take her tempture with while wrapping her in blankets. Her temperature would not read on the digital ear thermometer. We had to use an old fashion on and stick it in her butt. When we finally got a temperature it read 93.4. the nurese on the phone stated that there was no possible way she was that cold and to get her to the ER immediatly. In the ER the doctor stated she was having a reaction to one of her shots more ikely the chicken pox shot than the MMR shot even three weeks later since it stays in there system longer. He then suggested that I ask my doctor to get the MMR shot in individual shots and spread them out over a three month period to see if there was a reaction then take the chicken pox again a month later. THis way if she had a reaction again they would be able to tell exactly what shot it was. I asked my doctor when we went back for a check-up and she stated that they could do that option she just needed to know in advance so she could get the shots seperate.

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Please do yourself a HUGE favor and protect your child by going to www.nvic.org and doing the research. Shots are not safe, especially vaccines that are 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 shots. Your baby is worth the time and energy to educate yourself on this matter. Don't just listen to your pediatrician, think for yourself! The "specialist" clain they are and they claim that shots have nothing to do with SIDS, Diabetes and Autism, but they also won't tell you what all the epidemics are from. It is a huge money making business, it is not about the best interest for your child. When the stats are 1 out of every 1k to have a reaction, that is not good! If it is only 1% that is harmed or even killed by a vaccine, if you are that 1%, it might as well be 100%
Good luck to you!
I am a stay at home mom with my four children, 9, 7, 4 & 2 and they are HEALTHIER than all of their friends, beautiful, smart and have NEVER been given a vaccine or antibiotic...

My daughter is nearly 4 years old and has not had the MMR, now will she ever get it.

At some point we might opt for a single dose of measles vax, but not the combo. Or we might just treat her homeopathically if and when she should ever get it.

When I was growing up I heard of people having had them and also getting them and it was never a huge deal, but somehow it has now become this huge potential deathblow. I think the hype has to do with Big Pharma having a ready made and steady crop of customers (kids), and I believe the government will never find too negative thing to say about vaccinations due to liability.

I would be the first one in line if vaccinations were much safer, but as it is I do believe, and have seen evidence to support that they are probably a big factor in the huge increases in ADD, allergies, and SIDS.

To the previous poster who said vaccines had nothing to do with her daughter having autism because she came out of the womb that way:

Heretofore, that was how babies who had autism got it, in the womb, but now it appears that babies are now coming out normal, then somehow later on begin to lose their language and social skills. It is these kids for whom the question is raised.

My daughter attends preschool unvaccinated, which means if there is an outbreak, then she won't be able to attend school because she would be at risk of getting the disease. Heck, let's face it, all of the kids would be at risk because vaccination is not failsafe, and there are numerous reports of outbreaks occuring only among vaccinated kids. But for anyone who is fearful of unvaccinated kids attending schools, it is the unvaccinated kid who is more at risk, your vaccinated kid is supposedly protected, right? But I understand the fear, if vaccines were so great then we wouldn't need constant booster shots, right?

Furthermore, I really can't understand for the life of me why certain vaccinations are given at the timeframe they're given, such as Hepatitis B at birth, when a baby is at little risk of contracting the disease unless the mother is positive of Hep B. The baby has little contact with unsterilized needles, does not engage in unprotected sex, and generally does not exchange bodily fluids with anyone other than mom.

Why not wait until your kid's language and social skills have set in, then look into possibly getting your child vaccinated later.

To stimulate the immune system to rise against the dead virus, adjuvants such as antifreeeze and formaldehyde are added. So, your immune system gets artificially superhype, then your kid goes and eats peanut butter and jelly sandwich, could his body then not get activated to see that as an enemy too? Could autoimmune processes be kicked into gear?

Not only that, but look at how many different shots/dead viruses are given in a single day, is this the way immunity works? Who gets measles, mumps, and rubella, as well as flu and hib all at the same time? Even just injecting the dead virus in muscle is bypassing the bodies natural disease fighting process, which starts in the mouth, nose or eyes, and continues from there.

Please go on www.mercola.com and read up on all vaccinations. It is a great website for any health questions.


I DO NOT vaccinate my children! I know that this is a controversial topic! I personally know several children that have developed Autism directly after the MMR! I have done extensive research and learned things that have now totally changed my views! I am not granola or anything at all! Anyway, do your own extensive researching on vaccinations! Autism is becoming a nation wide epidemic! If you do do it, then don't be surprised if your little one gets a high fever! It often happens with any mixture of vaccine like the MMR!

If I were to vaccinate than I would wait until your child is 5! Developmentally your child still growing and there is to much at stake! Good luck and research research research! All the info is out there for you!

Your concern is admirable but misplaced. I was terribly worried at that time about both our daughters and the vaccine. They were absolutely fine.
We were all vaccinated. We are all ok. The instance of a negative with the vaccine is really small but it is overblown by the media, and by authors looking to play on our natural fear for our chldren.
People say their children are healthy, but they are vulnerable to these diseases. Measles can and do kill kids. Measles wiped out more than half the population of Hawaii when Captain Cook arrived on the islands. These people had no immunities, unvaccinated children also have none of the immunities.
Rubella can, and usually does, cause terrible birth defects. An unportected husband bringing the disease home to his wife when she is expecting could cause a terrible heartache which must be dealt with forever.
Please use common sense, look around you at all the healthy adults who were all vaccinated! If we allow it, we will be back where we were before these vaccines came along. Lots of sick people passing lots of diseases to others.
Lets prevent this as much as we possibly can by being responsible for our families health.

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