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Is MMR vaccine safe for a 1 year old?

Is MMR vaccine safe for a 1 year old?

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Different moms has different opinions toward the MMR shot for their children. Look at the article for different opinions. Check with your pediatrician and do your research before you make your decision.

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This info is from the Center for Disease Control. This helped me make my decision for my children.


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Joanna below is a bit misled, as doctors have given DES to moms in the 50's which NOW we see causes cervical cancer in their female offspring. Thalidamide to moms in the 60's where babies were born without arms and legs. Doctors are TOLD it's safe and rarely read the research. In fact, most anaethesiologists administer an epidural (specifically with the drug fentanyl) and not know that it is 80 times as potent as morophine and it also contains mercury and aluminum as preseratives...and it DOES cross the placenta. I am not blaming the doctors, as they are too busy to really do the research, so the pharm companies send in drug reps who "educate" them. Don't believe me. Don't believe your pediatrician. Do your research. Too many parents don't realize the damage vaccines CAN cause. Look at who is doing AND paying for the vaccine research...not just what the conclusion is. Also, the measles vaccine has been "researched'" as well as the mumps and rubella...but I have not read anywhere that it's been researched as ONE shot - MMR. If you've ever taken chemistry, you know putting 2 inactive ingredients together can cause fires, smoke, and other toxic reactions.

By the way, my first son contracted mumps and got through it in 3 days without much discomfort. My 2nd son contracted measles and was spot-free in 7 days. And lastly, I contracted rubella at 10 weeks pregnant, from my first son - and all 3 of us are fine. You don't die from these diseases - unless the nutrition and sanitary conditions are such that the immune system is compromised. We didn't die from chicken pox - but the next generation is going to think it's SO dangerous. You usually get PERMANENT immunity when you get it naturally - as opposed to a vaccine where you need booster shots and we never know really how long each kid get the "immunity" for. In fact, every 3-4 years, there is a natural rise in pertussis (whooping cough) and 80% of the kids who get it, have been adequately vaccinated for it...meaing they are up to date on their vaccines.

Good luck. It's another tough PARENTAL decision, but if you know that reactions are a possiblity and you make an educated decision, then there won't be any surprises. It's the parents whose kids have a reaction and then are shocked to find out more info...that their pediatrician never told them.

www.generationrescue.org/pdf/080212.pdf - a recent ad in USA today

http://youtube.com/watch?v=jUMZ-O-OsG0 - YOU TUBE VIDEO


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I don't vax my kids but in the research I've done this is the worst of all the vax. It is a live virus that stays in the system for awhile. This means any damage may not be seen right away. The concentration of this vax is unbelievable and overwhelming to their little sytems. If you are a religious person you should also know this vax contains aborted fetus cells.
Here are some websites with more info:

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I was in your position last month, however I decided to go ahead with the vaccine along with the chicken pox shot, a flu shot. Three weeks later we found ourselves in the ER. My duaghter had a reaction to one of the shots that spread a rash completely all over her body. He fever spike up so we gave her tylenol which I did not know and in some cases drop the tempture below normal. We went in to check on her and she was freezing and her breathign was very slow and she was completly lethargic. We ran to take her tempture with while wrapping her in blankets. Her temperature would not read on the digital ear thermometer. We had to use an old fashion on and stick it in her butt. When we finally got a temperature it read 93.4. the nurese on the phone stated that there was no possible way she was that cold and to get her to the ER immediatly. In the ER the doctor stated she was having a reaction to one of her shots more ikely the chicken pox shot than the MMR shot even three weeks later since it stays in there system longer. He then suggested that I ask my doctor to get the MMR shot in individual shots and spread them out over a three month period to see if there was a reaction then take the chicken pox again a month later. THis way if she had a reaction again they would be able to tell exactly what shot it was. I asked my doctor when we went back for a check-up and she stated that they could do that option she just needed to know in advance so she could get the shots seperate.

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Please do yourself a HUGE favor and protect your child by going to www.nvic.org and doing the research. Shots are not safe, especially vaccines that are 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 shots. Your baby is worth the time and energy to educate yourself on this matter. Don't just listen to your pediatrician, think for yourself! The "specialist" clain they are and they claim that shots have nothing to do with SIDS, Diabetes and Autism, but they also won't tell you what all the epidemics are from. It is a huge money making business, it is not about the best interest for your child. When the stats are 1 out of every 1k to have a reaction, that is not good! If it is only 1% that is harmed or even killed by a vaccine, if you are that 1%, it might as well be 100%
Good luck to you!
I am a stay at home mom with my four children, 9, 7, 4 & 2 and they are HEALTHIER than all of their friends, beautiful, smart and have NEVER been given a vaccine or antibiotic...

My daughter is nearly 4 years old and has not had the MMR, now will she ever get it.

At some point we might opt for a single dose of measles vax, but not the combo. Or we might just treat her homeopathically if and when she should ever get it.

When I was growing up I heard of people having had them and also getting them and it was never a huge deal, but somehow it has now become this huge potential deathblow. I think the hype has to do with Big Pharma having a ready made and steady crop of customers (kids), and I believe the government will never find too negative thing to say about vaccinations due to liability.

I would be the first one in line if vaccinations were much safer, but as it is I do believe, and have seen evidence to support that they are probably a big factor in the huge increases in ADD, allergies, and SIDS.

To the previous poster who said vaccines had nothing to do with her daughter having autism because she came out of the womb that way:

Heretofore, that was how babies who had autism got it, in the womb, but now it appears that babies are now coming out normal, then somehow later on begin to lose their language and social skills. It is these kids for whom the question is raised.

My daughter attends preschool unvaccinated, which means if there is an outbreak, then she won't be able to attend school because she would be at risk of getting the disease. Heck, let's face it, all of the kids would be at risk because vaccination is not failsafe, and there are numerous reports of outbreaks occuring only among vaccinated kids. But for anyone who is fearful of unvaccinated kids attending schools, it is the unvaccinated kid who is more at risk, your vaccinated kid is supposedly protected, right? But I understand the fear, if vaccines were so great then we wouldn't need constant booster shots, right?

Furthermore, I really can't understand for the life of me why certain vaccinations are given at the timeframe they're given, such as Hepatitis B at birth, when a baby is at little risk of contracting the disease unless the mother is positive of Hep B. The baby has little contact with unsterilized needles, does not engage in unprotected sex, and generally does not exchange bodily fluids with anyone other than mom.

Why not wait until your kid's language and social skills have set in, then look into possibly getting your child vaccinated later.

To stimulate the immune system to rise against the dead virus, adjuvants such as antifreeeze and formaldehyde are added. So, your immune system gets artificially superhype, then your kid goes and eats peanut butter and jelly sandwich, could his body then not get activated to see that as an enemy too? Could autoimmune processes be kicked into gear?

Not only that, but look at how many different shots/dead viruses are given in a single day, is this the way immunity works? Who gets measles, mumps, and rubella, as well as flu and hib all at the same time? Even just injecting the dead virus in muscle is bypassing the bodies natural disease fighting process, which starts in the mouth, nose or eyes, and continues from there.

Please go on www.mercola.com and read up on all vaccinations. It is a great website for any health questions.


I DO NOT vaccinate my children! I know that this is a controversial topic! I personally know several children that have developed Autism directly after the MMR! I have done extensive research and learned things that have now totally changed my views! I am not granola or anything at all! Anyway, do your own extensive researching on vaccinations! Autism is becoming a nation wide epidemic! If you do do it, then don't be surprised if your little one gets a high fever! It often happens with any mixture of vaccine like the MMR!

If I were to vaccinate than I would wait until your child is 5! Developmentally your child still growing and there is to much at stake! Good luck and research research research! All the info is out there for you!

Your concern is admirable but misplaced. I was terribly worried at that time about both our daughters and the vaccine. They were absolutely fine.
We were all vaccinated. We are all ok. The instance of a negative with the vaccine is really small but it is overblown by the media, and by authors looking to play on our natural fear for our chldren.
People say their children are healthy, but they are vulnerable to these diseases. Measles can and do kill kids. Measles wiped out more than half the population of Hawaii when Captain Cook arrived on the islands. These people had no immunities, unvaccinated children also have none of the immunities.
Rubella can, and usually does, cause terrible birth defects. An unportected husband bringing the disease home to his wife when she is expecting could cause a terrible heartache which must be dealt with forever.
Please use common sense, look around you at all the healthy adults who were all vaccinated! If we allow it, we will be back where we were before these vaccines came along. Lots of sick people passing lots of diseases to others.
Lets prevent this as much as we possibly can by being responsible for our families health.

Dear A.,

In Japan and some other highly civilized countries, children are not vaccinated until the age of 3 because of concerns about compromises to their developing immune systems. Many professionals in the natural healthcare fields feel strongly that vaccines warp the natural development of children's immune systems, and more specifically, that the mercury-derived or heavy-metal-derived adjuvants in most vaccines pose additional threats leading to the rise of autism and developmental problems in recent decades. There's a lot of controversy on this subject, with the moneyed pharmaceutical companies lobbying for the vaccines and natural health professionals presenting evidence for the other side of the story.

You're probably too young to remember this, but 40 years ago kids were allowed to have exposure to "normal" childhood diseases like measles, mumps, and chickenpox. The vast (and I do mean vast) majority of children never had any problems at all, and the incidence of ADHD, autism, and other such disorders was extremely low then. The main concern was for pregnant women who had never had the illness being exposed to specific strains of measles, but again this was a concern for a tiny minority only.

It's an individual choice, but it behooves you to read up on both sides of the issue before making a decision. Best of luck!

S. I., L.Ac.
Lotus Wellspring Healthcare
456 E. Mission Road, Suite 100
San Marcos, CA 92069


This info is from the Center for Disease Control. This helped me make my decision for my children.


Yes, and foolish not to give!

Both my boys, 9 and almost 3 get all their vaccines.
My oldest had a slight reaction involving a pretty high fever when he was little...I called my doctor and he helped me through it, though I decided to have the shots broken up after that.
I feel much safer getting them their vaccines.
As far as all these disturbing websites and testimonials you've been sent, I imagine if all the vaccinated children who are fine made a testimonial with their parents, it'd be a bit too many. Bad things are always reported, because they're sensational.
Only you know what's best. Talk to your doctor if you're not comfortable with the MMR as it is maybe they can break it up, or you could wait a bit. Parenting is scary, noone wants to do the wrong thing for their kid. Trust your gut.
Good Luck!

DO NOT VACCINATE!!!!!!! Monkey puss, animal urine, chicken embryo, acetone (fingernail polish remover), scab/wound scraping of diseased animals go into vaccines. Google the ingreients for vaccines, I promise you, you will be horrified. My children are not vaccinated and are super duper healthy. I can email you a very informative video regading this topic if you are interested.

I have had both my children vaccinated - I would ask your doctor if you could separate the shots so your child is not getting so much onto his immune system. ALso make sure the vial is a new vial - although they no longer manufacture vaccines with the thimerisol some practices are using older vials to get rid of them. I have b/g twins and my daughter was diagnosed with Autism - the vaccines had nothing to do with it - she came out of the womb as is....follow your instintcs and talk to your doctor. S.

I don't think vaccines are safe for anyone let alone small children. I am a proud mother of 3 unvaccinated children ranging in ages 11 to 5. They are healthier than most kids, as are the other unvaccinated children I know. I have done years of research and under pressure from those who don't agree, but all I can say is please do your research, the pros and cons, talk to parents with experience and follow your heart. If you do decide to vaccinate wait until your child has had a chance to develop a better immune system.

Just thought my experience might contribute to the discussion:

I got the MMR vaccine as an adult. It didn't make me sick AT ALL. Later I found out I was pregnant. It was horrible but doctors assured us the baby was safe. And right they were! My baby was born healthy and strong!

But the MMR and autism allegations do concern me, as is only natural. I know they say it could be just "chance" or "coincidence" that the kids' parents only noticed the autism at a time when their babies were learning how to talk and socialize. But what about those parents who noticed a CHANGE in their kids' behavior ever since the MMR shot, not just a lack of progress but a regression? So I understand those who are concerned.

I was wondering if the MMR is available as separate shots and it looks like it is. Maybe that'd be better?

Dear A.,

My three children all got all their immunizations at the suggested ages - and all without any negative side effects - this was many years ago (they are 19, 17, and 15), and I don't know if the make-up of the shots are the same. There is much controversy over this issue, and I am sure you got many responses saying that you shouldn't do it. I will say that for one thing, rubella (the R in MMR) is dangerous to the unborn infant, and if there is a chance that you may become pregnant, you will want to make sure that you (and esp the baby) will not be exposed through your child. My feeling about immunizations, as with many other things, such as the link between swaddling and tummy sleeping and SIDS, is that there are people (babies) with sensitivities who may have a problem, and we won't know who they are until it happens.

This is a tough decision for many -
good luck with whatever you decide to do!

in response to Robyn below - response/reaction to immunizations, as anything, is individual. Eighteen years ago we were in the middle of a measles outbreak and they recommended that jr. highers and health care workers be re-vaccinated. I had stopped breast-feeding recently and went in for my shot. I had NO problems, whatsoever! It did not make me ill or miserable! However, it was recommended that I not get pregnant for three months - three days later I found out I was pregnant. It was a horrible week! My mother wanted me to have an abortion to which I am strongly opposed. When I finally spoke to my ob/gyn, he said there was no link between the measles vaccination and birth defects - however, had my shot been an MMR (inc the R[ubella] portion), he would have recommended an abortion. Praise God! I found out later that three weeks after I had my shot, they started doing an MMR instead of just the measles vaccination. My baby is 17, bright (9th in her class of 500, and concert-master for the second year) and healthy, set to graduate high school this year and start college in the fall.

Another thing to consider regarding immunizations (besides MMR): I always said that I had not had chicken pox, and thought that I would get them when my children brought them home from school. Instead, I got them seven weeks postpartum with my second child (the same one mentioned above!) and then gave them to my two year old and then the two month old. Longest six weeks of my life! Chicken pox as an adult can be dangerous, there is a pneumonia that one can get with the chicken pox as an adult - I was lucky and avoided it. My "baby" was born two years later and got the vaccine.

There is a lot of overwhelming information out there on the safety of vaccines, especially the MMR. Personally I do not vaccinate my children anymore, but if you do decide to vaccinate, talk with your child's pediatrician about waiting until they are two and a half. I say 2 1/2 because prime development is going on those first couple of years. Before I stopped vaccinating my children I waited on their shots until then, but as I said, have made the decision not to anymore. If you decide to forgo them completely please do your research so you can make an informed decision, because it is not for everyone. Good luck

The bottom line is that every child's immune system is not the same and to give every new life the exact same vaccines without checking their immune system is wrong. when the rate of autism is 1 in 150, every parent needs to do their own research and make the decision themselves on what FEELS right and safe. the doctors and the government all make money from these vaccines which, to me, is a conflict of interest. we need to make sure these vaccines are safe for our children. all the best to you and your child.

I would **definitely** wait until your child is 2 or older to give him or her this vaccine if you choose to. That shot is harsh, I don't know if you have had one as an adult but my college made us get them and it made me feel like total crap for 4 days. I can't imagine how a 1 year old would feel. I have a son who got it at age 2 and a daughter who will not be gettting it at all due to a horrible reaction to her 6 month old shots (she fell asleep and could not be awoken for like 15 mins). Needless to say, the only vaccine I will EVER give my kids from this day on is the tetanus shot after that experience. Your child could be totally fine with any shots, like my first, or could have a horrible reaction to one, like my second. The sad thing is there is no way to know. Good luck!

I don't want to create any drama or upset anyone, however there is no legitimate link between Autism and vaccinations. However, I have no comment as to the potential dangers of reactions, etc. I have vaccinated my daughter and have had no problems.

I am not a medical professional, however I have access to a great deal of research regarding Autism as part of my job. For years there was specualtion that there was a link between the two, and that was the prevailing belief in the medical community. However, the link was not to the actual virus in the vaccine, but to the Thimerisol (mercury) used in the vaccines. Thimerisol was removed from babies' vaccines in the US quite a few years ago (I can't remember what year exactly). The incidence of Autism did not change significantly in response to removing the Thimerisol. However, in the time period during which the incidence of Austim rose in the US, there were some differences in the diagnosis of Autism. The Autism Spectrum Disorder was broadened enormously, meaning that children that would not have been diagnosed in the past now qualified under the Autism Specturm.

Additionally, in the medical community there is now a belief forming (based on preliminary research) that Autsim may be traceable to a gene mutation (not in 100% of cases, but definitely as a contributing factor). I do think, however that the medical community believes there is an environmental factor in the rise of Autism, it just not been proven to be vaccines and they haven't figured out what it is yet.

Lastly, no one can make the claim that they had perfectly normal children before they were vaccinated and then they got Autism as a result of the vaccination, unless they waited until 2-3 years of age to vaccinate. Autism does not present until 18 mos to 2 years of age. Therefore, just because a baby seemed normal at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 1 year (when the vaccinations were administered) and then was diagnosed with Autsim at 18 months to 2 years old doesn't mean the vaccination gave the child Autism. That child most likely would have been diagnosed with or without the vaccine at the same time.

Once again, I don't want to upset anyone but unfortunately because the more recent scientific data offer less comfort than does the older data, it is often ignored. Everyone has to make their own choices, and we all do what we feel is best for our children as mothers.

Just my 2 cents. (sorry for any typographical errors)

Hi A.,
I am dealing with the same problem right now. My baby turned 1 year last 27 december and since then I have been postponing the MMRV (at my doctor's office they give also the chicken pox together with the MMR). I am concerned and don't feel comfortable to give it to her. Her doctor says it is safe but she also says that if I want I can wait a little bit longer but she still has to get it by 24 months of age. Also I've been told that if my baby will go to a child care (and I am planning to go back to work in a few weeks) then my baby won't be accepted if she doesn't have this shot. So next week I'll have to take her in for other shots and I still don't know what to do with the MMRV....I just think it's too early for her little body and her system which is not completely developed yet....So I don't really have suggestions for you because I am in the same situation, probably I'll be forced to take her in and get it because of the child care....anyway I feel for you! I just pray that everything will go well and we'll take the right decision for our babies!

From my experience (as a preschool teacher & mother of 3) I would say that the MMR is much safer than a lot of the other moms are telling you, but it is a live vaccine, which means that there is a possibility that your child could get mild symptoms of measles, mumps, rubella, or all three. Personally, I'd rather run the risk of mild symptoms than have my child suffer through a full-blown attack of any of these diseases.

C. : )

there is a good book called "what your dr might not tell you about vaccines".

It has great information on MMR and the other shots..

Absolutly, and important to have. Not only for health reasons but they won't except your child into school without it.

I think in most cases the vaccine is safer that the diasease, how ever it is believed that the vacccines that the children are getting is the cause for Autisum in children, Children are not born with Autisum, it usually shows up around 2-3 years old. All 3 of my kids got the MMR and all 3 did fine with it, they are grown now. Here in the San Diego County, a case of Measles has broken out, I would get your child the vaccine, but every year new ones come out that the kids really don't need. J.

I would delay it another year or two at the least and then when you do give it, do 3 single doses one year apart. This is what we are doing at our Dr.'s office.

Most doctors will argue that the MMR is 100% safe. However, there are some parents and even a handful of doctors that think that the MMR should be given at a later time and then even separated. The most publicized reason is that some parents claim that their child was perfectly normal but then became autistic shortly after the MMR. The CDC claims that evidence shows this to be false.
As a mother of four children I like to play it safe. I decided to wait until my four kids were 2 years old and then I separated the shots. More trips to the doctor and more pokes for little arms, but well worth it on my end for a little piece of mind.

Hi A.,

My little guy is just under 5 months old & I've talked to 2 different Dr.'s & read up on vaccinations. From what I've heard & read, my understanding is that nowadays MMR is the 1st vaccination they get w/ a live virus. They normally get a fever from it, but, by overwhelming odds that's it. From what I've read they don't put mercury in the vaccinations for children anymore, that's considered to be what caused kids to get autism from shots.

In deciding whether to get my baby vaccinated (it seemed like a scary & hard call for me), I thought 'What would I do if my Mom told me today that she's never gotten me immunized for something major like Polio, Rubella, Mumps?' my answer was, I'd make the appoinment ASAP to get them done. So I got them for my little guy. It's all a hard call & I wish you well.

On a side note, a woman @ my church, for whatever reason, didn't get a vaccination (I'm not sure what for) for her daughter as a baby. When her daughter was 15 she went on a mission trip to Russia & caught whatever it was. It almost killed her. So these diseases are still out there & if you read up on what the diseases are it's horrifying.

Love always,


If you go to YouTube.com and type in the search box
'dangers + vaccines' it is a trip.... yucky testimonials about vaccines from parents and doctors

I'm glad you are even considering not giving it to your daughter. I personally Don't believe in giving my kids any shot. I went to the local library back when my first child was born and checked out EVERY book on vaccines and I was amazed at how much information there was I would suggest you do the research yourself. I get a lot of slack from people I don't know about it but ultimately you are given your child and it is up to you to decide what you think is right for your children. My kids are 16, 14 & 5 and the older ones know and are old enough to make the choice for themselves now if they want any and they don't but if they travel to places they want to get them someday that will be there choice. I would at least wait longer. Good luck

Both of my children and both of my grandchildren had the vaccine. I know there is always the posibility of side effects but not having the vaccine leaves your child open to very dangerous disease. May I suggest that before any vaccine that you give your child tylenol. It really does help.

This is a huge topic so I won't try to give my opinions on it, but I will say, if you want to vaccinate your child, do NOT do the MMR, do them as separate vaccines. The ARE available as three individual vaccines which can been given months apart. Do NOT let your pediatrician tell you that it's only available as the MMR. The only reason the three shots were combined as the MMR was because mother's were not coming in to get all the vaccines. It's a convenience factor and has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the vaccines. I would give them separately to ensure that your child's system is not overloaded.

Take care,

My children's doctor always says that vaccines are the best birthday present you can give your children. Doctors wouldn't give the vaccines if they weren't safe. You have to think of the alternative; your child getting the deadly diseases that the vaccines protect against. With MMR, they can develop a rash and a fever 10 days after the shot is given, but none of my three children have had any problems with this or any other vaccine.

I wouldn't do it... Wait as long as possible!

There is currently a measles outbreak going on in the San Diego area. Would you want to have to worry about your child contracting the measles and the dangers that would cause for your child? I think actually getting the measles would be much worse than having a reaction from the shot.
And from what I have heard, the vaccines no longer carry thimerosol which is what people thought caused autism... and there has been no link proven anyway. Its likely just coincidence that the onset of autism occurs at around the age that most children get the MMR vaccine.

Go to my website www.victoryoveradhd.com and read under latest news and link to autism and vaccines connection.

I like yourself struggled with this decision when my daughter turned 12 months which was only a month ago. Time came to take her in to get her vaccinations and I sat in the peditrician's office going back and forth about this particular MMR one. I also had skepticisms about the other vaccines needed as well, but I went ahead and got those for my daughter and skipped out on the MMR because all the research and findings I came across scared the hell out of me! At this point in time I decided to hold out on it and do some more research. With all this being said, the ultimate decision lies on the indivdual parent.

Please do more research before you make your decision. Our pediatrician does not believe any vaccinations are safe before 2 years of age and in many cases, beyond. These links will give you food for thought.



All three of my children have been vaccinated. I'm a pediatric ICU nurse and have seen what the actual diseases do to babies and kids. I'd rather my kids be uncomfortable for a few days, and with Tylenol, they're fine and running around, than go through a long illness with possible long-term side effects. Worse than that, how would I feel if my unvaccinated child contracted one of these diseases and infected another child who became extremely ill or died? Some children, for multiple reasons, such as acute or chronic conditions such as or blood marrow or organ transplant children, cannot have vaccinations because their immune systems do not work properly or are compromised to keep them from rejecting their transplant. These diseases could kill them. And you can't tell just by looking at them that they are in danger. They look like normal kids. Just my take on it all.

I suggest you get one book, The Vaccine Book written by Dr. Bob Sears. I drive my children to their office in San Clemente because of the amount of research and knowledge they have regarding vaccine safety. I am confident that when I give a vaccine under thier recommendation I am making an informed decision. He has three vaccine schedules in the book that you can follow based on your decisions. The traditional one that all pediatricians follow (scary) and two alternative schedules that give the most important vaccines first and delay those that aren't needed until the child is older and thier body can deal with the ingredients better. There is actually a small outbreak of Measles in Southern California right now that originated in San Diego. Non of the 13 confirmed children have suffered any major complication from the disease and are being treated for at home. My two year old has not had his MMR, I would like to wait until he is at least three. I feel comfortable still waiting on this vax due to the info in his book. I read it cover to cover and feel MUCH more informed now. Good Luck, my heart goes out to you, we vaccine not-so-sure mom's need to stick together. T.

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