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Is It to Late to Receive Assistance for Christmas This Year?

Hello everyone, I can't believe I'm actually posting this request, what an embarassing situation! I'm in need of holiday assistance in order to provide a Christmas for my children this year. I spoke with the school Social Worker today and she's unable to assign our family to anyone for help...since the process started a while ago and she has exhausted her resources. There are 13 families at our elementary school that will receive support this year, and for whatever reason mine was not placed on a list. Many of you might know about me already because I've been mamasourcing for a while. I'm a single mother, on Social Security disability for Depression and Anxiety. Both of my children are in therapy with a Child Pscyhologist and my son also has severe Learning Disabilities, Executive Dysfunctioning and other special needs. Seldom do they see their father, in fact it's been one year since they've even spoken with him on the telephone. In addition to my Social Security I receive Child Support on a fairly regular basis, but he does not pay the medical expenses he's supposed to; which add up quickly with two special needs children. I have spoken with my ex about the holiday's, and he's firm on the fact he will not be participating this year. He's a real winner - and that's putting it mild. Financially, I am struggling worse than ever..and as of today, have not even paid my utilities for the month of November, have zero cash until Dec. 3rd (when SS arrives) and no matter how much I brain storm, I'm without a resolution to provide a Christmas for my family this year. I do emphasise the true meaning of Christmas with my children but they are just that..Children and due to my son's uniqueness..he's more like a 7 year old than a 10 year old. Both of them believe in Santa! Ok...I'm probably not making much sense and HATE sharing this information with people. What I would like to know is ....Do you know where I could go to seek in makiing a Christmas for my family - gifts, food etc..?? I appreciate any ideas you might have and realize I'll probably receive some critisism as well. Not that this should matter, but I am a college graduate, raised in an upper class family and lived a normal life until I was blessed with Post Pardum Depression/Psychosis 8 years ago and haven't been myself since. I am a fighter, a giver and will not quit trying to get myself back on my feet.

Thank you for reading my request.
M. M.

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So What Happened?™

Thank you everyone for your kindness, encouragement and support. A family from the mamasource site has embraced me and my children by offering to provide help this Christmas. While I am not sure what all it entails..no matter what, I feel blessed! Another mamasourcer has been actively paving the road to get me to a Toys For Tots location and apply for assistance there. For those of you that might need help now, or in the future, Toys For Tots provides 2 1/2 gifts per child. (2) gifts and (1) stocking stuffer. I met with Toys For Tots and have my children on their list to recieve toys. They require: birth cert. of children, Soc. Sec. cards for children, proof of income and photo id. If you would like help looking into Toys For Tots help this holiday, please send me a message and I'll share everything I know. Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers!! It's greatly appreciated.

M. M.

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Do a search on the computer. Search the salvation army in your area. The site I looked up had several locations for help with food and it looked like seasonal things. Also check with your local church, they always provide support to people in need.
Check with your local FIA office, they may have some numbers for you as well.
I hope that helps you. I know this time of year can be so hard if the money is tight. Wishing you the best....

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Hi M.,
I believe the Lions club is helping families this time of year. Call them and see if they can help. Goodfellows also is a place. The school may have used whatever was avaliable to them, by this time of year. Sorry about that.
Hope that helps.

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I looked into Toys For Tots for you. Here is what they said to do:

To receive toys -

1. Visit www.toysfortots.org
2. Go to "Find a Local Campaign Office”
3. Select your state - click "go"
The names of local TFT Coordinators will appear
4. Select the TFT Coordinator nearest you
5. Contact by phone, FAX, email
Recommend you use email
Click the hypertext email address
An email form will appear
Fill out the form by providing your name, phone number and address. Provide the ages and gender of the children and request that toys be provided for them. The Coordinator will then contact you for more information to help.

I wouldn't waste a minute of time contacting them!


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That sucks I am so sorry to hear that. Do you get any kind of state assistance, medicade, wic? If so your case worker might have some suggestions or made try to contact a non-profit group. Times are tough all over I know we are going through a foreclosure. We usually donate a few of the toys that my children have outgrown or don't like. If I have anything that looks new I will let you know, probably mainly boy toys but I will keep you posted.

Good luck!!!

I can't believe school turned you away - shame on them! What the other mom's here have suggested are good leads. I would try first the United Way's First Call For Help - they are the "211" call. (For some reason I remember it as "411", you may want to try that one, too.) I do believe it's for Oakland County, though. If I knew the area you live in I might be able to come up with more to help out. I'm in the same boat you are with three boys. Another thought is trying the Lion's Club or maybe even an Eagles club in your area. Remember to say a prayer before you start calling and God will take care of the rest. Don't lose faith and you'll find something.

Good luck - S.

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