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Is it safe to take Theraflu during pregnancy?

Can I drink theraflu while I'm pregnant?
Also, what's the best thing for indigestion - I can't have another night like last night. Up from 1 - 6:30 a.m., throwing up most of the time.

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Consult with your doctor before taking any over the counter medication.

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For nausea, I relied on Tums and Ginger Beer. Target (Archer Farms) carries a ginger beer that is pretty good.

I wouldn't. It's pretty potent. I'd go with Robitusin. That's what my doc said I could take while I was pregnant with my youngest. Hope you feel better soon!!!

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For nausea, I relied on Tums and Ginger Beer. Target (Archer Farms) carries a ginger beer that is pretty good.

I don't know about the theraflu thing, but I am the a veteran of indigestion problems & really bad ones during pregnancy. I have reflux anyway, and pregnancy makes it ten times worse. Here are my suggestions. 1) don't eat for a few hours before you lie down, 2)if possible, prop up your bed at night - don't just use pillows - if you bend your torso, it will increase pressure on your stomach and make things worse and 3) use appropriate medication. Here are the medication okay for pregnancy in order of safety (starting with safest first). Start with Tums. If that's not cutting it, try either Zantac (75 or 150mg) or Pepcid AC. Both are over the counter & both are fine during pregnancy. It's best to take them with a meal and/or right at bedtime. If you're still having problems, talk to your doctor. With one of my pregnancies I had to resort to a PPI (proton pump inhibitor). Nexium is a PPI that is pregnancy category B. I've known several people who have used it & everything was fine. It requires a prescription, so you'll need to involve your doctor. But try the others first. Good luck!

I agree with some of the others. NO to the theraflu. I agree with the lemon, cayanne and honey concoction. As for Hearburn (I'm going through that right now with my third pregnancy) I love Papaya enzymes. My brand of choice is from American Health and is called Chewable Super Papaya Enzyme Plus. Also, Celery has a natural pepsid in it. Munching on that also helps heartburn.
Good Luck!

I would ask your doctor about the Theraflu. As for the indigestion, I liked using the chewy types of Rolaids. They worked alright and weren't as disgusting as Tums. The flavors actually tasted good!

No you cannot drink theraflu during pregnancy. Read your labels and run anything by your OBGYN first. You can take Coricidin or sudafed I THINK for congestion. I believe that is what I was able to take.
You can take tums pretty liberally while pregnant, I had indigestion with both of mine bad! :)
Make sure you stay hydrated more then anything else, lot's of fluids.
Call your OBGYN they will let you know what is safe.
I also was able to take Robatussin DM I believe after my first trimester. I got the flu while pregnant with my first and it was miserable! The coughing alone was horrible.
A lot of herbal remedies may seem safe but do not take anything without consulting your Dr. Some of the herbal stuff has no regulation and there is not studies done on pregnant women with them!

I wouldn't. It's pretty potent. I'd go with Robitusin. That's what my doc said I could take while I was pregnant with my youngest. Hope you feel better soon!!!

for heartburn, try pepcid AC. It works wonders and while it isn't good for all day, when it is ad like last night, it will be your best friend. I thought I could only take TUMS which did NOTHING. After I tried the famotidine (generic) I was 100 times better. Good luck

Call your Dr. It is not good for you to be sick and throwing up.

Good luck

I'm so glad I read your question --

There is a herbal tea called "Raspberry LEAF Tea" (make sure it is "leaf"). After you can hold down 2 cups you are sure to recover soon.

Also, if you take slippery elm (another herbal supp) it will help get the bug out of your system completely and get the right flora in your intestines. Same with acidophilus (found in good yogurts or a capsule at health food store). This is also a must know after you have your baby because they both work for hemorroids and making everything work properly again.

I also had bad heartburn while pregnant -- it stinks! If it ever got bad enough I was desperate, just follow the directions on the baking soda box. I hate drinking it but it works! Other than that I kept popping Rolaids (I like the smoothie kind the best -- not gritty). Melalueca also has a great item called "Calmacid" that you could look into.

Best wishes, D.

are you looking for something to stop the morning sickness (that seems to be middle of the night sickness) or actual indigestion. pepcid AC works great for pregnancy indigestion (i went right from naseau to indigestion around 14 weeks. . hooray) but you may have to take it on a regular schedule, it's not fast acting like tums (which i took like 14 a day for a while til i read the back which says no more than 10/day for 2 weeks. . .oops!) so you have to take it before you get indigestion and i think it works about 12 hours so take it again just before the 12 hours are up. it worked like a dream for the last 26 weeks of my pregnancy. . .good luck!!!

NO! Theraflu has alcohol. I wouldn't take anything while pregnant. As for the indigestion, I had really bad indigestion / heartburn while preggo, and I drank a can of root beer every day. Weird but it helped with my indigestion and heartburn.

Good Luck!

Try a ginger tea. Ginger is a natural stomach easer. Make sure it is caffeine free though. Hope it helps!

Well, basically you get Tums and Tylenol. Unless you are really miserable, make sure and ask your doctor. I have had nasty colds with both pregnancies... you just have to suffer through. It sucks, I know. hang in there.. this too shall pass.

No to the Theraflu, unfortunately. Here are some of the things I took with all three of my babies:

- Hot water with lemon and honey if you have a stomach bug or cold (I couldn't stand to drink tea or coffee)
- Try sleeping in a recliner or propped up on pillows to keep the stomach acids down if you have heartburn
- Tums or whatever prescription antacid your doc recommends (there are several that are approved for use during pregnancy)
- If it's morning/all-day sickness that has you up at night, try a 1/2 of a unisom to control the nausea and keep you asleep. My doc recommended that and it worked wonderfully. You can also take it during the day too.
- Ginger beer (it's like root beer, not Bud Light) and ginger candies were awesome for a quick-fix to nausea attacks.

Good luck!

Instead of TheraFlu try squeezing one lemon into about 6oz of hot water and add 1/4-1/2 tsp of cayenne then flavor with a small bit of honey if you like. To help indigestion try staying away from junk food, fast food, processed food and all foods containing animal products as much as possible. Eat fresh fruits and veggies and you could try adding about 2-3 cups of red raspberry leaf tea to your day. Chemicals from all drug products get into your blood system and, therefor, into your baby's system. Nobody knows just exactly how they affect a growing baby.

Ginger root raw and fresh chop up and eat or carry the root with you. S.

I would ask your doctor. It may seem silly and maybe it was just my own hormone levels since I run low when pregnant or maybe my doctor was a wack, but my doctor told me to stay away from all medicines that start with P since I was having a boy and some antacid medications could cause problems for boy babies. I took Zantac 150 with great results on those few times that ginger tea didn't work. I also found that avoiding sugar, even fake sugar was amazing. After 4 kids I still struggle with acid reflux but my physical therapist and chiropractor have nearly cured it without medications. I wouldn't worry about taking too many Tums, I used to eat them like candy all the time, doctors orders.

My doctor told me to take children's cold medicine when I was pregnant. I'd stay away from the theraflu. As far as the throwing up goes, I'd keep club crackers and ginger ale close by. Tums are good because you get a little extra calcium. Try to stay away from medications as much as possible though. You might want to have your iron count checked, because sometimes prenatal vitamins have too much iron, and it causes nausea. There are iron-free prenatals if that is the case. I hope you feel better!

*the green stuff is vernors, and it's the best tasting

You can take some Tums. Gingerale helps, but only if it has real ginger. Most don't. The green stuff (I can't think of the name) does have ginger and made me stop throwing up when we flew to Italy during one pregnancy. Preggy Pops are a more expensive way to get the ginger and don't taste as good, I think. Lots of little, very bland meals will help. Drink lots, too. I hope you feel better soon! I know it's the pits. Pregnancy has always been a great weight loss program for me. Trust me. The baby makes it all worth it. Congratulations!

Theraflu is not the best thing while pregnant. You may want to call you dr. My pharmacist I work with says sudafed the little red pill generic s okay. and tylenol for the aches.
Again call your dr, my dr had me take a half pill of unisom and vitamn b. It did seem to help. I was sick my entire prgnancy,

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