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Is It Really Necessary to Get Your Roof Replaced B/c of the Hail Storm?

I was just wondering if most of the residents of Keller and nearby cities are replacing their roofs due to the recent crazy hail storm we had!
We had a guy come to our house and offered to inspect the roof for free-after I had told him my husband had already inspected it. He told me that we didn't have any holes but that of course we had some dents/damgage-he explained that when the hail hit the shingle it dented it and therefore the granules would fall off with the rain and wind. Then after there are no granuels, the damage will get worse with the sun beating down....he said that every single roof needed to be repaired (which makes sense right?). He wasn't pushy or weird, he seemed straighforward and honest.
Anyway, I was just wondering if that many people were really going to replace their roofs or if thats just a gimmick these guys are saying to get business?

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We don't do anything to the roof unless we notice shingles in the yard. then hubby gets up there and lets me know if I need to call the ins. company.

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Before you call your insurance company, you might consider calling a few REPUTABLE roofing companies and have them come out to inspect your roof first. They should give you their estimate for repair/replacement in writing. If all of them state you need your roof replaced, at that point you should consider calling your insurance.

The reason I personally would wait to have my insurance come out and appraise the damage is because once you do, it's considered a claim against your policy and it will stay on record for I believe 5 years. That's even if they determine the amount of damage is worth less than your deductible and the insurance ends up paying nothing at all. If your roof is damaged again within 5 years, and you don't have proof that you had the damage they found fixed, that amount will go against your future claim as well. I'm sorry to say I know this through first hand experience. :-(

If you do end up needing your roof replaced, you may find some roofing companies willing to refund/rebate/discount some or all of the deductible cost to win your business so it can be very little out of pocked expense to you. Unfortunately right after a big hailstorm like that, roofing companies aren't hurting for business so no guarantees on that. Like the previous poster mentioned, getting recommendations from others and/or checking out their reputation with the BBB is a good way to find someone you trust.


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We live in Keller and our roof needs to be replaced. We had a great roofer come out (very trustworthy). He said if it rained we could have leaks. If you have insurance...why not!!! The last thing you want is a bigger problem with leaks. The name of our guy is Wayne Pitman with Broadway Roofing, ###-###-####. Call him if you want a second opinion and let him know R. Feigel referred you.

Good Luck!

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I just had a company out and here is the long and short of it. Go on your roof does it have marks where there is no asphalt? If so you need to repair it. I have included a picture of mine and you can see the marks. I need a new one.


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If your roof is bad it would be necessary. Over time it can cause your roof to leak. You do have to watch out for scams right now. Like the one lady said wait until the season is over.

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Definitely call a couple of places and get estimates..DO NOT get a company that says they will accept anything your insurance gives you. Get an actual dollar amount (this way if your insurance gives you more than the estimate you keep the rest). We mistakenly did that on our first roof. You can also call your insurance to inspect it. I have no idea what insurance another poster has (the one that said they list as a claim no matter what)..thats not how most insurances do it. They shouldnt list it as a claim unless you get money and actually file for a claim (that is what a claim is). We've had them come out 3 times (3 different storms), but only had to replace things (roof/gutters/fence) one time luckily, so we've only got one claim listed.
The next time it rains or is windy, check around your house to see if you have many granuals falling from the roof. If you do, most likely you need it replaced.
The last storm we had didnt have the big hail like you had in your area and it still cracked a couple windows and ruined all our gutters and fence. Luckily our insurance paid for all that too. Also, ask the roofers how long it will take...We had a great roofer who took less than two days...Our neighbor got stuck with someone who took almost a week...It was horrible. Good luck!

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As you already kind of know, you may or may not need a roof replacement. We live in Colleyville and our neighbor is a roofer, he said most probably don't b/c it wasn't that long, but he's inspecting some houses this week and would know more. Is your roof old? Older roofs are more likely to need replacing. Don't call your insurance company b/c even if you don't get a roof, it will show on your insurance as a claim (making you look like you call for EVERYTHING!). My suggestion would be to call a roofer YOU trust, not the guys that knock on your door, and ask for their opinion. ALL I've ever dealt with do a free check for you. I'd probably talk to like 3-5 before making a decision - you may still get some yes', but if you have 2 that say you need it replaced and 3 that say it's fine, then you know. Some of those companies are storm chasers and just follow the storms looking for jobs. Finally, watch for your neighbor's houses to see if they are getting their roofs replaced - even that isn't totally fool proof b/c again, it depends on the age of the roof and how badly it was damaged. Good luck!

Here is a roofing company I would recommend - Horton & Evan's Roofing

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It may not be necessary. Don't ask your insurance co to send someone for an estimate! They'll consider it a claim no matter if you end up needing repairs or not. Rich R below has a nice link to a photo to judge your roof by. We had damage to our siding - looks like bullet holes but we're waiting out storm season before replacing it, we duct taped it and painted to match the siding to avoid HOA problems (LOL) the roof survived just fine (our house is 5 years old.). I'd be leery of the guys going door to door and would research my own roofing company before allowing them to do an estimate.

Hi M.,
I would recommend calling a reputable roofer to give you an opinion. We had a roofer knock on our door telling us we needed a new roof following a hail storm last year. We called both our insurance company and Lon Smith Roofing for their opinion since a number of our neighbors were having their roofs replaced. Both told us we only had a little damage on the ridges but no need to replace our roof. We have used Lon Smith in the past and trust their opinion. But since any company could hire a dishonest employee, I would also recommend getting at least two opinions from reputable roofers if you are not calling your insurance company.

Good luck.

We don't do anything to the roof unless we notice shingles in the yard. then hubby gets up there and lets me know if I need to call the ins. company.

Dear M.,

I currently work for Roofing Company that offices in Keller, ACME Roof Systems.

In answer to your question, no one can tell you if your roof needs to be replaced or not, unless they do an actual inspection. But, it sounds like the guy that came by gave you good information. Most insurance companies will tell you the same thing most of the ladies are telling you. You should have a roofing company look at the roof first, before you file a claim. And if it were me I wouldn't have it replaced until after hail season is over. I actually had a guy one time that was in a hurry, and we ended up putting on two roofs, in the same year.

Our office is at 1103 Keller Parkway, Suite 102. The company is owner by Jody Waggoner, he lives in Keller, is married with two kids in the Keller ISD. He started the company 25 years ago, and has well over 20,000 satisfied customers. We have been using the same work crews for over 15 years. (Almost unheard of in this industry) We are members of the BBB, and the North Texas Roofing Contractor Association, as well as the National Home Builders Association. We do Residential and Commercial Roofing. We would be happy to come and give you a free estimate.

The office number is ###-###-####, if you call the office please tell them you would like P. Perryman to call you back, we use an answering service. Or if you prefer you can call me direct on my cell ###-###-####.

I have been doing roofing sales since 1992. The roofing company I used to work for went to doing only commercial roofing a few years back. I have been with ACME for about a year.

I am also a licensed insurance agent, so I know both sides of the business, and can work well with your insurance company, if needed.


P. Perryman
312 Rim Rock Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76108

Just call your insurance company and have them send an appraiser out. If they say it needs replacing, then they should cover most of the cost. I would then recommend you avoid the door to door folks and get estimates from 3 reputable contractors in your area. Talk to neighbors who get their's replaced. Also, a general home inspection is around $300 - most of those guys can also tell you whether or not the roof needs repair.

Hello M.,

if your roof can wait, I'd change it after the storm season. Also, check your policy and see how much is the deductible. if your roof is OK. then I'd wait. It really depends how hard your roof was hit and the conditions it was before the hail storm. We've replaced our roof twice and the people accross the street only once (same storms) but their roof faired better. definitely avoid the door to door offers. After the big hail storm last year, we waited until september to change our roof (the weather is a lot cooler and gives you time to save for the deductible) ask around.

We used Roofco inc. http://www.roofco.net/
###-###-#### They'll even give you a free estimate.

They've been in business in the DFW area for over 20 years. They also did our gutters.
They also did our neighbor's roof and another's friend's roof.
Good luck! ~C.~

Call your insurance company and have them send their adjustor out. They'll determine when/if it gets repaired or replaced. Good luck.

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