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Is It Possible to Dry up Son's Runny Nose?

My nearly 4 yo son has a cold/flu virus. He is oozing goo. His nose is running and dripping down to his mouth, and because he is breathing through his mouth he is drooling excessively. Is there anything I can do besides constantly wipe his nose and have him blow to dry up his sinuses? I know he's too young for decongestants. Help!

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I always avoid giving my kids dairy products when they're runny/stuffy. They seem to add to the phlegm.

We use a Nettie Pot. You put warm water with salt in it, then rinse out the nasal cavity. Then blow his nose. That will keep it clean for a short period. Other than that blow often. Good luck.

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Hi J.,
My 14 month old just went through the same thing. The doctor said to use the suction bulb but don't over-do it because it actually causes the nose to just keep producing boogers if you do it too much. He suggested the saline drops..not a big hit for my son, but it works. Also we did the same thing that another Mom mentioned, steammy bathroom for baths and then we put some vicks on his chest at bedtime. Hope your little guys feels better soon :)
G. :)

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HOw about asking your pediatrician about benadryl?

Try squirting a saline solution up his nose to clear out the mucus.

I always avoid giving my kids dairy products when they're runny/stuffy. They seem to add to the phlegm.

You could try a saline drop. I found it worked great for my daughter.
Best of luck,

Saline solution will help to get it out. You can also try to get him to let you use a nasal aspirator.. like you used when he was an infant... to get more of it sucked out. At age four, he'll likely resist that, unless you can convince him that it will make him feel better and make his life easier.

he doesnt need a decongestant it is coming out all on its own! this is the bodys way of curing itself why would you stop the body from removing the gunk out of it?

Netti pot. Health stores should have it. Or gooogle it. I found /www.mountainroseherbs.com/bathbody/body.php#bod_neti

You put warm water and sea salt (not regular iodized salt) in it and clears out your nose.
Good Luck.

We use a Nettie Pot. You put warm water with salt in it, then rinse out the nasal cavity. Then blow his nose. That will keep it clean for a short period. Other than that blow often. Good luck.

I recently dealt with the same thing with our 8 month old. We would steam the bathroom, running the shower to get it warm and steamy before giving a bath. Also would use menthol/eucalyptus bath for the vapors. The combination would cause her to nose to run a lot, but it seemed to get a lot out and clear her up. Plus it's way easier to deal with in the bath. Also, we would do saline spray in her nose. She hated it. But it helped a whole lot to get the stuff out!
Can't really dry it up, but you can help to clear it out! Good luck mom, nothing worse than your babies being sick!

Go for the homeopathic remedies or the Chinese remedies at your local health food store. There are many things Cough/Cold rememdies - both in liquid and tablet form that are great, Sniffles, Yin Chao Junior; also, you can swab his nose with warm salt water w/ a q-tip (just near end of nose - not pushing up the nostril)... Good luck!

Actually, he isn't too young for cold medecines.....just look thru the cold/allergy section at the drugstore. I also agree w/2 other comments: use the aspirator (or booger sucker as we call it!) as it really get all of it out of his nose. I also kind of agree w/the no medicating comment if it's already coming out of his nose. I'm not a big fan of OTC medication cuz all it does is mask the cold but not actually make it go away. I generally only medicate if/when one of our two boys is miseable or can't sleep. With our younger son, I medicate much more than our first cuz our second is just way more bothered by running noses & coughs. So, gauge the use of medication on your son's discomfort. At 4, he's old enough to tell you if he's miserable & is willing to try some meds. to help him feel better.

I would recommend trying the Little Noses or Ocean spray saline spray. We used it on my 4.5 yo son's nose, and it helped tremendously.

humidifier, "simply saline" from the drug store, shower soothers (by vicks?). hope he gets better soon!

If he's really stuffy with the thicker "gunk" you could try more of a nose flush. Little Noses has one for kids (link below). Not sure if your 4 yo will sit still but I use something similar as an adult (kinda like a neti pot) and it works wonders for clearing things out. Good luck!

Hi there
you may consider taking him to an allergist. My son who is now 7 had a perpetual runny nose and we thought, oh it's a cold, it will go away.. but eventually it never really cleared up. so we took him in and the doc and it was found that he has allergies. not bad ones, but enough to keep his nose somewhat runny. they suggested Zyrtec and nasonex nose spray. since taking the two (once a day) my son has NOT sneezed.. used to be he would awaken and sneeze at least 7 times each morning... also, no more runny nose. it's def worth getting an opinion from an allergist... even if it's just a cold.. at least you'll know for sure.
best of luck

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