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Is It Okay to Kiss Your Children on the Lips?

I will get straight to the point.... I see mothers and fathers kissing their children on the lips.... I must admit that I have done it before and my in laws flipped out on me. Saying I shouldn't do that... I remember kissing my mom and dad on the lips when I was younger... What is your opinions??

What can I do next?

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I have been faced with the same thing. I dont believe in kissing children in the mouth. I do not do that to my children. when I was married my husband use to do that and use to hate it and get on him all the time.

There is a big difference between an appropriate and inappropriate kiss. If it is appropriate, you keep kissing those babies on the mouth, forget about what other people's hang ups are.

I kiss my own children on the lips, but other people's on the cheek or forehead. We grew up not kissing on the lips...like it was reserved for marriage or something, but now that I am a mom I don't have a problem with it at all. I think to each their own...what they are comfortable with. HTH.

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annyone who tells you that kissing your children on the lips is wrong has serious issues that go beyond the norm. Of course you kiss your child on the lips, that is a kiss. Normal, natural affection from parent to child and vise versa. I still kiss both of my parents on the lips! They are 67 and 69. I wouldn't dream of not doing so. If you inlaws think is is sexual or wrong in some way then they have issues I would be concerned with.
Go with your instincts that''s why God gave them to you. If you think it is healthy and natural then continue and if they don't like it tough.

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OK V.,
Here is my take on the matter. I carried these little rascals for 9 months and birthed 3 beautiful 9lb 3 oz baby girls. If I choose to kiss their little tails so be it. I kiss my girls on the lips all the time. Now with that being said, my husband no longer kisses my 9 and 7 yr olds on the lips anymore. I believe there is a fine line when it comes to the dad kissing the girls these days; however, I am 37 yrs old and I still kiss my dad on the lips. It is nothing to our family because we are a very close loving family. I will kiss my dad until he is gone. Life is too short to worry about frivilous stuff. Kiss your babies all you want, after all they are yours.

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What is supposed to be wrong with kissing your kid or grandkids on the lips? They toot those little lips up (pucker-up), and who can resist? Indeed, I kissed my kids and now my little grands on the lips while they were little. Now, with my adult kids, we hug and kiss on the cheeks, forehead, top-of-the-head (some are tall, and I'm short). Even the Scriptures say that we are to greet one another with a holy kiss. As long as nothing sensual or sexual is going on, kiss your kids on those little up turned lips. Of course, commonsense would tell you not to do so if either of you is sick.

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I think it is great, and it is big habit at our house. I do remember my grandma (who would be 100 this year) never kissing me on the lips, and she always said it was because of germs (she was a nurse). I always just thought she had a hangup and let it be. You can tell your kids that (about the germs not the hangup) about your inlaws if they ask about why they aren't getting kisses on the mouth from them. You might even ask the inlaws to say that, so they don't bring any sexualilty into it. Kisses are from the mouth, you can't kiss EACH OTHER unless it is with lips, it isn't logical to say you can't kiss on lips.

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my parents never kissed us hardly at all. they were never like that. so when i had my daughter i kiss her all the time she is 22 months old and when i ask her for kisses she puckers up and i pucker up and we kiss on the lips i kiss her on the checks the neck, forehead. i love her and kiss her all the time she knows that i love her and that she is mommas baby. i dont think there is anything wrong with it.

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I kis my chldren on the lips.. However my stepdaughter (who is 2) is either scared or has been taught that she shouldn't kiss us on the lips. So when we are liek give me a kiss.. She puts her cheek up to us and we are like no I want some sugars and she knows we are talking about lips.. She started giving us actual kisses now,, but DH says it is because her BM and her family are not that way.. I find it rather odd though that they are not that way... I grew up in a very loving family where affection was taught. Raise YOUR kids the way YOU want to raise them, you know there is nothing wrong in it, so do what makes YOUR family comfortable....

Wow...is that really a question? Of course it is okay.
Quit worrying about what society or church thinks, and do what your children need....that's who matters.

I have a 9 yo son and a 6 yo daughter. I kiss them both on the lips. I kissed my parents on the lips when I was a kid. There is nothing unnatural or uncomfortable about it. When my kids are old enough to feel uncomfortable about it, they will stop, just as I did. Show your kids some affection and don't let paranoid people keep you from it! Kudos mom, you are doing a great job.

There is a big difference between an appropriate and inappropriate kiss. If it is appropriate, you keep kissing those babies on the mouth, forget about what other people's hang ups are.

I have been faced with the same thing. I dont believe in kissing children in the mouth. I do not do that to my children. when I was married my husband use to do that and use to hate it and get on him all the time.

I think it's a preference. I do with my own child. I also still kiss my parents and close realives on the mouth. We are an affecionate family so it's neve ben a big deal to use. Except, my husband has Herpes Simplex 1 in his mouth (cold sores) my cousin (who is a dental hygienist) has said that most cold sores that are in the population (almost 3/4 of the pop has them) is transefered from parent to child. Therefore, my husband doesn't kiss her (or me for that matter) on the mouth if he isn't feeling well. Hope that help....I know I sttruiggle with my in-laws freaking out over stuff so I feel you. Good Luck!!!

I feel that it is ok, I have a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. My boy is now going through the phase of preferring to kiss on the cheek. I do however agree that there comes a point in time when it becomes inappropriate but I have yet to decide what that age limit should be. But as long as you and your child(ren) are comfortable with it then ignore your in-laws!

I think it is a cultural and hygeine issue.

I kiss my 3.5 year old twin boys on the lips. To me, it denotes closeness. Moreover, it is quick, as we both are able to kiss each other in one kiss ... unlike kid kissing me on my cheek and then I repeating it on his cheek! I have been debating how long I should continue and I will probably stop in a year.

From a hygeine point of view, it guarantees the transfer of flu or other germs. It will affect the kid's health more than yours, because kids have a weaker immune system than yours.

I kiss on their lips mostly at home, less in public. More when they are well, not at all when they are sick. And in a year or less, as they turn 4, I will probably stop.

When my son was an infant i did not kiss him in the mouth for fear it would give him thrush. He's 2 now and yes, i kiss him on the lips, we eskimo kiss and butterfly kiss. Sorry, I don't see anything wrong with it, I am curious to know their reasoning.

Hi V. I say kiss your kids how you want!!! I kiss my daughter on the lips but my husband doesn't kiss her on the lip for good reason she has reflux and spits up alot and he doesn't want her to spit up on his face(she opens her mouth as wide as she can to give kisses) She's still infant and just learned to give kisses Everyone in my family kisses her on the lips and I kiss my parents on the lips there is no problem with it as long as it an innocent parent/child I love you kiss. I'm a teacher to 3 year olds and some of their parents don't kiss them on the lips and that is fine every family shows affection to children differently and thats okay. But I say if you want to kiss your kids on the lips do it. If the in-laws say anything as nicely as possible tell them they are my children and I will show them affection this way And let them know they don't have to kiss the kids on the lips.
Hope this helps.

I'm 27 years old and have 4 kids...3 boys and 1 girl. I kiss all of them on the lips. And so does my husband. I also kiss my 2 nephews, my sister and my parents on their mouths. I think it is perfectly natural in a close, loving family. I appreciate the affection that I always received from my family and I want my kids to know that same feeling of love. Don't worry what other people think. You do whatever feels natural for you and your family.

In my opinion, yes. It's ok. My husband and I kiss our little 3 yr old boy on the lips and when I was younger, well even today, I kiss my mom and dad on the lips. My mother-in-law kisses me, my husband, and all her grandchildren on the lips. I don't see a problem with it.

Well all of the other responses said yes it is ok. I feel it is fine when your children are young but I feel that as adults we should reserve our lips for our spouses and I do not aprove of my children kissing anyone else but my husband and myself on the mouth if they choose. My boys are 5 and 6 and they have stopped and thing it is yucky. I think that seeing a grown person kiss there parents is a little wierd and not very normal.

Of course. I kiss all my kids on the lips and also my nieces and nephews. I just wanted to respond for all the in-laws that are getting bashed.
My mother chooses not to kiss on lips but only to reduce passing germs. All the kids know it and they just lean in with their heads or cheeks for Grandma. We all tell her she's weird cause everyone else kisses lips- but she has to make her choice. And there's nothing wrong with that. She loves the kids just as much as everyone else- she just doesn't like to kiss on the lips. Everyone should do what they are comfortable with- even the kids. I hate when I see parents forcing their kids to kiss someone.
Anyways, just my two cents.

I kiss my own children on the lips, but other people's on the cheek or forehead. We grew up not kissing on the lips...like it was reserved for marriage or something, but now that I am a mom I don't have a problem with it at all. I think to each their own...what they are comfortable with. HTH.

We all kiss our children on the lips if they want. One of my sons did all the time and the other one didn't. I have a really precious photo from Motophoto of my youngest kissing me on the lips when he was three. I still treasure it.

You in-laws sound really weird. What does your husband think? He was raised by them.


For me, it's more about germs. Why be swapping spit? Children are so fragile and sweet and tender. My family was not very affectionate growing up, so I think that's part of it too. I personally feel it is not an appropriate show of affection between parent and child, and I hate it when my paternal grandmother kisses my 2yo on the lips (she professes that one should not kiss a child on the lips, then she does it to my youngest but not my oldest), and she always leaves a wet sloppy one on my cheek. We usually kiss cheeks and foreheads and tummies -I am a personal fan of the toes (before the walking stage).

My mother won't drink after me now that I am married and have all of my husband's family germs. (I am laughing here) We were always told as kids that we were not to drink or eat after people, not a very popular thing on the playground. Oddly, she is not a neat freak, more of -hmm...what is the word for holier than thou? BUT it was OK to bite butt cheeks and do raspberries on tummies -go figure.

I worked with a lady that thought I was a perv because my daughter sleeps with us when it's storming -that kinda makes you wonder. I think it is all about what you personally are comfortable with and how you grow up. I feel that as long as no boundaries are crossed and the motive is parent/child love, one should enjoy their children and teach them that they are loveable.

Hope my little opinion helps,

I have never heard of anyone flipping out about it! I still kiss my 8 year old son on the lips. I still kiss my baby brothers (ages 26 and 30) and my mom on the lips. I see other parents/grandparents at school, mall, etc. kissing their children on the lips. I had NEVER even thought about this as an issue.

I think it is perfectly appropriate. My husband and I even kiss our very close friends, male and female, on the lips.

Those that judge apparently find inappropriateness in a lot of things. I have no problem with friendly intimacy. It is acceptable more overseas than in the United States; it seems that people who live in the states are a bit more conservative in showing affection.

If you are comfortable and your children are comfortable, I think it is the sweetest gesture of love and kindness.

Hi V.,
Unless you worry about germs alot, I wouldn't see what the problem is. And even then, it's almost certain that your kids will get germs from you in other ways. I kiss my daughter on the lips all the time. When she gets bigger, she will probably rather get a cheek kiss. As a dental hygienist, though, I can tell you that children are not born with the bacteria that causes cavities. They acquire it from their caregivers or their parents kissing them or sharing cups, utensils, etc. with them. That said, you may want to make sure your dental care is up to date, cavities filled, teeth cleaned, etc.
And don't worry--love on that baby!

Honey you do what feels right for you!!! I give my little 2 year old kisses on the lips, and I still give my parents and my PaPa kisses on the lips. And I love them and always will...and as my PaPa always tells me and my mom he still thinks we are little girls compared to him because life is short, so enjoy it! :) Ha.

I see nothing wrong with it. I can remember kissing mom and dad on the lips every night before heading to bed until I was close to 12 or 13. We kiss our boys on the lips, so do our parents, its just a quick little peck, nothing obscene about it, just our way of telling them we love them....before actually saying the words "I Love You"......lol

I think it is disturbing that your in-laws say you shouldn't. Of course you should. Give them all the loving you can. I kiss my three kids on the lips as my parents did me. My grandparents kiss my kids on the lips. Thats the way it should be.

Oh! I have had to deal with this one myself.
My son attends a private Christian school. Last year, when he was in K5, his teacher told him that it is not okay to kiss anyone on the lips.
Oh no they didn't! I was so upset. I could tell he had some major confusion setting in. I explained that it is okay for him to kiss mommy and daddy on the lips... but no one else.
I also explained to the school that they need to be focusing on education and not his personal life.
I say, yes it's okay. I tell my son all the time how much I love him. I am always giving him hugs and kisses. Sure, he may grow up to be a momma's boy. But he will know that he is loved.

Where you kiss your children is entirely up to you and your children to decide. If you like kissing them on the lips and they like being kissed on the lips, then kiss them on the lips.
I kissed my daughter on the lips from the day she was born - she's now 18 and we still kiss on the lips.

hey V.,
i still give my mom kisses on the lips and even my grandma.it maybe differant when you have boys but there is nothing wrong with it.if your boys are still willing to give you kiss get all you can know. at some point they will not even think its cool to give you huges. keep doing what your doing,affection is a good thing. The more kisses the better. have a great day

V.--It is absolutely okay to kiss your children on the lips--How in the world would that cause any problems with your children that is affection from a parent to a child
I could not imagine how my 4 y/o,who thinks I am the greatest mom in the world, would feel if I turned my head when he tried to give me sugar on the lips--I think he would feel rejection or something--Those days don't last forever--My dad is 68 y/o and I still kiss him on the lips--an innocent peck--Now my brother, that may be a different story!!!

Hi V.! I think that it is very sad that your in laws think that you shouldn't kiss your children on the lips. Affection is a great thing for all people. Children need a lot of it I think so that they will feel loved, confident in themselves. I still kiss my 5 yr old son on the lips everyday. I tell him I love him bunches and give him big hugs as much as possible. I grew up in a home that did not have a lot of affection, but thank God, there were other people in my life (teachers at school, friends at church, etc) that were affectionate to me. I am VERY thankful in my life that those people were put in my life when I needed them or else I don't know where I would be today.

Hug, kiss, love on, tell them in the words and actions as much as you can that you love them. Not doing these things are what hurts a child.

Have a blessed day and I love you all.

Of course!! It seems crazy that they think it's wrong! I kiss my kids on the lip ALL the time and mine are 7, 4, and almost 2. Maybe at some point they won't want me to or maybe it would be a little wierd around 10 or 11 (it's funny....i've actually never thought about it) but as long as they don't mind, I'll do it. I don't think you should worry about "what others think" with this. Do what you feel is right and if you like kissing them on the lips, so be it. Your inlaws will get over it! Hope this helped a little.

This is ridiculous! We are a VERY affectionate family! We kiss all 3 of our children on the mouth,we hug tightly,snuggle,wrestle-we STILL take showers w/ our children and they're 5,4 & 2...my MIL (his own mother!!!!!) wants to know "when r ya'll gonna stop letting DD take showers w/ daddy?!?!" Ummmm-excuse me?!?!?! OK-1.She's OUR child-not yours..2. She's 4!!!!!!!! 3.She is his daughter! 4. When she starts asking questions and becoming visually curious,that's when we'll stop-not when ANYBODY else sees fit...I STILL kiss my father on the lips.SCrew anybody who says it's not "proper"...they are YOUR children and I think w/ so amny parents out there who don't show enough affection to thier children, nobody should complain about a happy family

Dear V. L
I do not have any valid research about mothers and fathers kissing their children on the lips. Mothers and fathers know where their mouth's have been but other people kissing other people's children on the lips concerns me. My question is was there previous herpes, colds, smoking, bad breath, cavities etc. I prefer that the child is kissed on the chin not directly on the lips by other people. The parents may kiss their children on the lips if they desire, but do think about it carefully.
R. E. mother/grandmother, RN

Your post made me smile. Some people just have hang-ups about things that are strange - the hang-ups, I mean. I think it is perfectly okay to kiss your children on the lips. My 6 yo still kisses me on the lips - now my 16 yo would die if I did that to him. I'm just glad that he still lets me hug him and kiss him on the top of the head (when I can reach it). It is all in what you are comfortable with as a family. Give them all the love you can. Maybe you could restrain yourselves around your in-laws so they don't feel uncomfortable, but in the long run, it's not really any of their business.

Yes! It's ok! I am a grown woman, and still kiss both my parents on the lips--even my mother-in-law!
Wrong to kiss on the lips?? Good grief. What next?? Air hugs?? LOL
Sounds to me like your in-laws have affection issues, and you just might be the one to cause them to have to get over it. Just because they have an issue doesn't mean you must abide by their dysfunction. Pushy inlaws aren't fun. I will pray they will leave you alone while you kiss away! hahaha
Many blessings,
PS: Peggy B, you make me laugh!!! LOL!!

We kiss our children on the lips except when any of us has a cold or the flu. My children are 6 1/2, 4, and 1 and very affectionate kids. It really shouldn't be an issue, and your in-laws can have their own opinions to be kept amongst themselves.

DO NOT LET YOUR INLAWS DICTATE HOW YOU LOVE AND RAISE YOUR CHILDREN!!! My husband came from a family that rarely ever touched each other, much less hugged and kissed each other. In the almost eleven years that we were married before he died I NEVER sas his parents hug or kiss each other, their children or their grandchildren. My family, on the other hand, has always kissed and hugged each other. My brothers and I never left the house without kissing our mother bye, on the mouth or check (which ever) and I still don't leave my dad's and grandmothers without hugging and kissing them bye. I also kiss and hug my brothers every chance I get as well as my niece, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins. That is just the way we were all raised. I have a daughter that I kiss and hug at every opportunity. I kiss her all over because I want to. I want her to be secure in showing her emotions to me and other people and she is. She climbs up in my lap several times every day just to give me a hug and kiss and I wouldn't have it any other way. She hugs and kisses all of our relatives without hesitation, no matter where we are. You need to follow your heart in this matter and do what you believe is best for you and your family...not your inlaws.

If you're not doing some Romeo and Juliet type thing, what's wrong? Your in-laws have dirty minds. Kiss your children while they still let you. Do as is comfortable to you. Some people kiss young ones on the lips and some don't. It didn't mean anything sexual in your family so it won't to your kids. YOur husband needs to handle up on his parents.

My husband and I kiss our 3yr old on the lips all the time. I see nothing wrong with it. We did have to explain to her that when she is giving someone else "sugars" she has to kiss their cheek.

some parents are very loving and affectionate; some a little less. I love my (2 1/2 y.o.) son and can't get enough of him, I give him compliments all day long, hugs, and kiss probably every square inch of his body that I can (except of course his private parts). We kiss on the face, head, lips all the time. His grandparents, etc. do too.

I guess it all depends on what you're comfortable with. I'm sure the older he gets he won't allow me to love on him so much! I'll have to see what the appropriate level of affection feels like at that age.

Just my opinions! :)

kiss, hug, love, as much as you can, and screw what other people think. i still kiss my daddy on the lips, and i am 32. just because other people have sexual hangups, and sexualize something innocent, doesn't mean you have to agree and pass it on. love your babies.

Why would anyone even think of kissing their babies in such a way? Noone should ever be uncomfortable when it comes to showing their children love. This is the problem with the world today. This is why there is such violence, and war. Are we seriously debating whether or not to teach the next generation how love, and show there love? After reading some of these responses Im serously worry about the future that my children will be living in.

I think it's whatever YOUR family is comfortable with. Some people aren't even comfortable hugging each other! I know some people worry about transferring germs or tooth bacteria, but really, germs get transferred simply by virtue of living in close contact - and exposure to them actually helps your immune system develop and stay strong. So, if your husband doesn't have an issue with it, then y'all do what you feel comfortable as a family doing, and don't worry about what the in-laws think.

What is the reasoning behind your in-laws "flip out"? Are they worried about the spread of germs or do they just feel it is inappropriate? I was raised in a family where open affection was the norm. My mother and I kissed on the lips until the day she died! I still kiss my brother when we see eachother....and I kiss my grandchildren every chance I get. You never know when you'll not have that chance!

My kids kiss me on the lips, I don't care, the kids do not kiss other adults on the lips, even their grandparents but some times they kiss their siblings on the lips. As long as it is little pecks I don't see an issue, (now if they start trying to "make out" with me or each other, we'll have a conversation...lol) and I figure I better get all the kisses I can in now before they get older and decide they don't want to kiss mommy at all anymore.

Personally I don't see what the problem is with kissing your own children on the lips. They are your kids, right? Your inlaws have had their chance to raise there own and therefore should back off, unless you ask for their advice. Some people would be better off minding their own business.

Maybe your inlaws never kissed t heir kids/parents on the lips and so seeing that makes them uncomfortable. I kiss my baby boy on the lips all the time, but I will know when it is time to stop doing so. If you are comfortable and your kids are comfortable being kissed on the lips, then I don't see the big deal, unless you were giving them more than a peck or something. It is pretty sad that our socieity has become so twisted that you can't even give your own kid a peck on the lips without someone throwing in their two cents.

I think that those of us who are good parents know when and why we should start/stop doing something, and what our appropriate boundaries are. I'm sure you won't still be kissing them on the lips when they are 17 or something.

;o) Good luck!

Hey V., tell your inlaws that you appreciate their input but this is what you choose for your family....enjoy your kids and kiss them often...yes, on the lips....R.

V.--sweety, it is perfectly fine to kiss your kids on the lips! I have 4 kids (3 boys and 1 girl) 1 of the boys are my step-sons and their ages are 23, 19, 18 (my girl) and 15 (my son) and I have to tell you that I still kiss them all on the lips! Every morning when my son or daughter leave for school, I tell them how much I love them, to have a good day, give them a hug and a kiss on the lips!!! Now, my husband doesn't do it, but I think it's just okay for mom's because of the special bond moms & kids have! As for your in-laws, it is crazy for them to flipout about kissing your kids on the lips...what did they say?

Keep kissing them!! They are your babies and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! My 18 year old daughter would think something was wrong if I didn't kiss her daily! If we can kiss their little toes and their feet when they are infants, why can't we continue to kiss them on the lips as they grow up? I just find it crazy that anyone would even think this is an issue!

Good luck and let me know how things go, especially with the in laws! How does your hubby feel about it?

I kiss my kids on the lips, and I see nothing wrong with it, my parents did the same when I was little. I wonder what your in-laws hang-up is, and I would be worried about them for thinking creepy thoughts about something so innocent. I agree with an earlier comment, don't let your in-laws, or anyone, tell you how to raise your kids. You know them better than anyone.

Hi V.,
That's a personal preference. It's totally up to you. We don't kiss our children on the lips but we choose not to do so and we let people know that we don't do it so we don't expect them to do it and it has nothing to do with lack of affection, it's a germ issue. I mean they are going to come in contact with germs and everything else, but that's one way they won't get them from us. Plus it works both ways because I find that I get more stuff (viruses) from my son, who's at daycare, quicker than he gets stuff from me. Again, its a personal preference and whatever you decide, don't let anyone tell you that you are wrong. Those are your children -- kiss them anyway you want to.

In-laws and their hangups!! Really!!! Have that not heard of a "Holy Kiss". These are your children. I kiss my kids on the lips. They are now 33,30, and 25. The ones that have a problem with it need to examine their "OWN" hearts. Sorry, I don't mean to sound sarcastic. My mother-in-law did not allow my husband to take the garter from my leg on our wedding day. She also did not like it when we kissed after the minister told my husband, "You may kiss the bride." I think it embarasses them. My boys are o.k. They are now engaged to lovely girls and I would never hinder them from expressing their compassion.
You do what makes you and your family happy. You know your own heart and the hearts of your children better than anyone else.

I wonder if it is somewhat different in different parts of the country? I grew up in Montana, I do not remember ever seeing adults kiss thier children (above say age 5) on the lips. Not in my family, extended family, friend's families anyway . .. As an adult, I moved down south and was somewhat surprised to hear adults say to teen or even adult kids/grandkids "give me some sugar". My husband's great aunts and gmas always expect a kiss when we leave.

Nothing wrong with it, but perhaps that is why some are less comfortable with it.

Oh Lord, my 5 year old daughter comes running from acorss the room, mouth wide open, breathing in real loud and plants one on me! LOL! I make a big deal of "whew....that was big!"

My 8 year old son though won't let me kiss him anywhere but the top of the head. LOL...going through that stage. (sniff sniff)

Kiss those babies!!!!


What is wrong with kissing on the lips? There is a stark difference between affectionately kissing someone and having an all out tongue wrestling session. In my family, we have all grown up kissing (except for that teenage phase). I am 33 and still kiss my parents on the lips. It is hard to go to a family holiday together and not get slobbered on by aunts, cousins, neices, nephews, grandparents, etc. Ok, I am exaggerating a tiny bit, but there is nothing wrong with it. Kissing strangers would be a completely different matter though. I think that if your child feels loved and learns that there is nothing wrong with being affectionate (with family members), they will be more open and loving in their future relationships.

I can remember kissing my mom on the lips occasionally. I kiss my girls on the lips anytime we are parting (going to school, etc) or putting them to bed.

Just do whatever you are comfortable with and don't worry about what other people think!

HA! Do what you want, and what feels comfortable to you!

Ok now i think your in laws are a little weird.... i am 25 and i still kiss my mom on the lips this is a show of affection.... shows your child you love them... i don't really get why they freaked out but i kiss my seven year old on the lips all the time... and as his mother i don't see anything wrong with it i am his mother and i raise him there is nothing inappropriate about showing your child affection

Absolutely V.! I kiss my little girl (3 yrs old) on the lips all the time. I find it sad that people would censure the type of affection they would give their child. The only reason I can see anyone having an issue with kissing a child on the lips is that they see something sexual in it. That is just blatant stupidity. No good parent kisses their little one with anything but the purest love and tenderness as motive. Children see mommies and daddies kiss on the lips all the time and they would not understand why mommy and daddy would refuse to kiss them the same. I think you should continue to share affection with your children in a manner that makes you all happy, it makes you a closer family. Good luck with the in laws.

I have a 12 year old daughter who i do not like to kiss on the lips. However my dad still kisses me on the lips and I am 31. My daughter still wants to kiss me on the lips but I like to make a funny face and turn my head but she still gets me sometimes. I kiss her on her cheeks and forehead. I just do not feel comfortable kissing her on the lips and would prefer my dad not to. Of course he doesn't do it as often as he did. Even when she was younger I did not like to kiss her on the lips and hated when someone else did. Their your children you do what you feel like as long as they are still comfortable with it.

I vote definitely! I kiss my son and daughter on their lips and they never turn away. If so, I would never call any attention to it. We come from a long line of kissers in our family. I'm in my 40s and still kiss my parents on their lips. Even my sisters, sister-in-law and some brothers-in-law all give a quick kiss on the lips. I see nothing wrong with it at all. It's just a show of affection nothing more than a kiss on the check. If anyone turns slightly away, we just as freely kiss on the check. Share the love ...

I don't think there is anything wrong with it, and your in-laws need to get over themselves. Children love to be kissed by their parents and to give kisses. It is completely natural to kiss your child on the lips.

Absolutely it is OK!!! My kids are 4yr, 7yr,and 9yr. I kiss my children everyday on the lips unless of course we are sick. When they grow older they may "grow out of that" for a time or they may not. I still kiss my parents on the lips and I am 37. I also make sure I hug and squeeze them tight each day. We are not afraid to show our love to each other by hugging or kissing. It is not weird but if your in-laws come from families that are not like that then that may be uncomfortable doing that.
I have friends that don't outwardly show much affection in terms of hugging or kissing because their parents didn't show it to them and on the other hand I also have friends who have told stories about how their parents never even hugged much and how sad that makes them and they have children now and do not want to be like their parents. So, my advice to you is kiss, hug, and love them while you can!!!!!!!!!!!

I would find it really odd if you didn't kiss your kids on the lips. I mean its not like they are 16 years old or something! My question to the in laws would be "why not?" Why in the heck would you have an objection to kissing your young child on the lips? There is absolutely nothing sexual about it, unless you make it that way, and I am pretty sure you are not! Stick to your own judgment, your right to question their idea.

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