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Is It Okay to Kiss Your Children on the Lips?

I will get straight to the point.... I see mothers and fathers kissing their children on the lips.... I must admit that I have done it before and my in laws flipped out on me. Saying I shouldn't do that... I remember kissing my mom and dad on the lips when I was younger... What is your opinions??

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I have been faced with the same thing. I dont believe in kissing children in the mouth. I do not do that to my children. when I was married my husband use to do that and use to hate it and get on him all the time.

There is a big difference between an appropriate and inappropriate kiss. If it is appropriate, you keep kissing those babies on the mouth, forget about what other people's hang ups are.

I kiss my own children on the lips, but other people's on the cheek or forehead. We grew up not kissing on the lips...like it was reserved for marriage or something, but now that I am a mom I don't have a problem with it at all. I think to each their own...what they are comfortable with. HTH.

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annyone who tells you that kissing your children on the lips is wrong has serious issues that go beyond the norm. Of course you kiss your child on the lips, that is a kiss. Normal, natural affection from parent to child and vise versa. I still kiss both of my parents on the lips! They are 67 and 69. I wouldn't dream of not doing so. If you inlaws think is is sexual or wrong in some way then they have issues I would be concerned with.
Go with your instincts that''s why God gave them to you. If you think it is healthy and natural then continue and if they don't like it tough.

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OK V.,
Here is my take on the matter. I carried these little rascals for 9 months and birthed 3 beautiful 9lb 3 oz baby girls. If I choose to kiss their little tails so be it. I kiss my girls on the lips all the time. Now with that being said, my husband no longer kisses my 9 and 7 yr olds on the lips anymore. I believe there is a fine line when it comes to the dad kissing the girls these days; however, I am 37 yrs old and I still kiss my dad on the lips. It is nothing to our family because we are a very close loving family. I will kiss my dad until he is gone. Life is too short to worry about frivilous stuff. Kiss your babies all you want, after all they are yours.

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What is supposed to be wrong with kissing your kid or grandkids on the lips? They toot those little lips up (pucker-up), and who can resist? Indeed, I kissed my kids and now my little grands on the lips while they were little. Now, with my adult kids, we hug and kiss on the cheeks, forehead, top-of-the-head (some are tall, and I'm short). Even the Scriptures say that we are to greet one another with a holy kiss. As long as nothing sensual or sexual is going on, kiss your kids on those little up turned lips. Of course, commonsense would tell you not to do so if either of you is sick.

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I think it is great, and it is big habit at our house. I do remember my grandma (who would be 100 this year) never kissing me on the lips, and she always said it was because of germs (she was a nurse). I always just thought she had a hangup and let it be. You can tell your kids that (about the germs not the hangup) about your inlaws if they ask about why they aren't getting kisses on the mouth from them. You might even ask the inlaws to say that, so they don't bring any sexualilty into it. Kisses are from the mouth, you can't kiss EACH OTHER unless it is with lips, it isn't logical to say you can't kiss on lips.

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my parents never kissed us hardly at all. they were never like that. so when i had my daughter i kiss her all the time she is 22 months old and when i ask her for kisses she puckers up and i pucker up and we kiss on the lips i kiss her on the checks the neck, forehead. i love her and kiss her all the time she knows that i love her and that she is mommas baby. i dont think there is anything wrong with it.

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I kis my chldren on the lips.. However my stepdaughter (who is 2) is either scared or has been taught that she shouldn't kiss us on the lips. So when we are liek give me a kiss.. She puts her cheek up to us and we are like no I want some sugars and she knows we are talking about lips.. She started giving us actual kisses now,, but DH says it is because her BM and her family are not that way.. I find it rather odd though that they are not that way... I grew up in a very loving family where affection was taught. Raise YOUR kids the way YOU want to raise them, you know there is nothing wrong in it, so do what makes YOUR family comfortable....

Wow...is that really a question? Of course it is okay.
Quit worrying about what society or church thinks, and do what your children need....that's who matters.

I have a 9 yo son and a 6 yo daughter. I kiss them both on the lips. I kissed my parents on the lips when I was a kid. There is nothing unnatural or uncomfortable about it. When my kids are old enough to feel uncomfortable about it, they will stop, just as I did. Show your kids some affection and don't let paranoid people keep you from it! Kudos mom, you are doing a great job.

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