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Is It Ok to Take Medicine for Urine Infection (UTI) When Pregnant?

I am a bit conservative about taking the medicine for UTI since I am in the early stage of pregnancy. The medicine my family doctor gave is Nitrofurantn 100 MG. Is anyone taking this medicine when pregnant? Is it really safe to take during pregnant? Any side effect? Any advice? Thank you.

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Hi M.,

I am a doula, so I cannot give medical advice, nor did I take the medication when I was pregnant, but I can say that if your physician ordered it, and knows that you are pregnant it is likely safe. That said, if you want to get a second opinion on the safety you might speak with your pharmacist. Lastly, you can go the the website and educate yourself on the safety. The Nitrofurantn, or more commonly known as Macrobid is easily found at www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/nitro25m_wcp.htm You can then decide what is best for you. Do keep in mind that sometimes the risks associated with the problem is greater than the risks associated with the treatment, and sometimes it is visa versa.

Good luck!
T. Nelson CD

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In order to stay away from conventional medications I would take cranberry capsules, which deter bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract. I would also double up with organic unsweetened cranberry juice too. In addition, I would add probiotics in order to fight off the offending bacteria already present and to strengthen the immune system. If you visit a Whole Foods Market you should even be able to find a probiotic combination that is made specifically for urinary tract health. Just ask someone in the nutrition department to help you. Avoid sugar and drink lots of water.

I hope this helps. I, too, experienced UTI issues during my first pregnancy. This protocol worked wonders for me.

D. :o)

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Yes, there are a few you can take while pregnant, and your doctor will start you off on the safest one first. But, if you continue to get them, they have to change the meds. I kept getting them while pregnant with my son because of some weird way he was sitting. The times I didn't take the meds, I ended up in the hospital with kidney infections and contractions... not fun! When you very first feel the symptoms coming on, you can drink TONS of cranberry juice... this has warded off a couple minor infections. Also, eating yogurt will help prevent them.

No, there were no side effects to the meds I took or any adverse reactions.

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As long as your doctor knows you're pregnant than you should be fine. I had to take some (in fact, that's how I learned I was pregant too!) and it was just fine. Be sure to drink 100% cranberry juice as well (i.e. not cran-cocktail).

I think the bottom line is to call your OB and ask to make sure before taking any medication. If you have a good OB, he or she likely stays up to date and current on medications and safety during pregnancy. A family Dr. might not be as well informed about any new developments in whether medication is safe during pregnancy or not. Yes, it most likely is fine, but you wouldn't put your new baby in a car seat that was "most likely" fine. Check first, and alleviate the stress of worrying about it :)

Hi M.,

I'd make sure that a culture had been run on your urine to determine what the offending bacteria was, and then choose the safest medication to treat that particular bacteria. My drug of choice for UTIs is Keflex (Cephalexin). I've never had adverse side effects with it, and it was safe to use when I was pregnant. (Check everything with your OB as others have mentioned). I'm sorry that you have to suffer through this while pregnant. Make sure you take an antibiotic soon though...the bacteria really multiply quickly and you can end up with a pretty severe infection.

HI M.,
I had continuous UTI's in the first trimester of my pregnancy, as I did with my previous two preganancies. Each time I was prescribed the same drug as you. UTI's for me were so painful and caused me to become very ill. With my third pregnancy, I actually took 50mg every day to prevent them as well. The was recommended by my urologist and OB. I had to stop taking it the last month of pregnancy, because then it is not considered safe. I have three boys, my most recent is only 3 months old, and they are all beautiful and very healthy. The drug they worry about most, because there isn't enough information is Pyridium or Uristat (over the counter version), which helps with the pain.

Hi M..

UTI's are easily cured naturally, but you need to really stay on top of it. Also, the herbs and other curatives are safe during pregnancy. I have lots of successful experience prescribing herbal medicines and nutrition for this specifically.

Call me if you would like a consultation.


Please go see a naturopath. I have a great one if you'd like her number.

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