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Is It Illegal to Hack into Your Spouse's Email?

My spouse admitted hacking into my email without my consent. Does anyone know if this is this illegal?

What can I do next?

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it doesn't matter if it's illegal or not, it's how you feel about it. If it bothers you, ask yourself why it does. My husband goes on my facebook and email accounts all the time and reads my stuff. I don't care cause I have nothing to hide from him. We share every detail of our lives for the most part so it doesn't bother me at all. No, he doesn't control me, but we have no secrets cause we are married.

If it bothers you, set up a new email password and make it something unbreakable, clear your cookies after you use the computer and be secretive. OR talk to him about it and ask him to not do it and explain why. OR go to marriage counseling cause it sounds like there might be trust issues. I mean to ask if it's illegal means you would have him charged with a crime. Your husband? Hmm...

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I don't know if it's illegal but of course it's not ethical, and not very respectful.

Even if it is illegal, it would probably be hard to get anyone to take action on it between a married couple unless there was some sort of fraud or harm (like if he logged in as you and sent email that committed you to a contract against your will or something like that.)

I disagree with the responses that say you should not have private email - I don't have anything secret in my email and I'm sure my husband could guess my password, but I expect him to ask if he wants to look at anything. It's just common courtesy.

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I don't agree with the response(s) that make it look like you are hiding something...have you and your husband discussed this? Does he have his own email account that you are not privy to? I think it is fine to have your own emails and if he wants to look at yours or you want to look at his then you should bring it up with your spouse. I had an ex boyfriend hack into my email from a different location...I think it is illegal, but I am not 100%. I would love to press charges against him if possible, so if anyone finds out if it is illegal I would love to know! Good luck to you.

My husband reads my email too. It doesn't really bother me. I think he just wants to know what is going on with me. If it bothers you, I would ask him to respect your privacy and or just change your password to a more complicated one.

I don't think so. It's more unethical than anything else. It is a federal crime for him to open mail addressed to you that was delivered by the US Postal Service.

Change your password and move on.

Of course it is illegal but I would assume that you are not going to pursue legal action against your spouse. You may want to consider sitting down with your husband and asking him why he would do something like that as it is an invasion of privacy and most of all - TRUST.

Are you hiding something....Maybe he has a reason to "hack" into your email. Sounds very strange????

The answer is no, it isn't. I had this conversation with a Pastor friend of mine and he literally told me to ask for my husband's password, after all, he knew mine and could see anything he wanted. In a marriage, there is no need for these secrets. Was he looking for something particular? Is he upset about something you did and researching to find out why and who you talked to? Regardless, you two need to share openly and honestly. What is a marriage if you two hide things! Are you using a mutual computer? Ask him for the password, if he protests, you may have other issues? There should be no secrets.

I can get into my husband's things and he into mine.

God Bless!

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