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Is It Dangerous to Keep a Dog Inside the House While Being Pregnant?

I want to get feed back from mothers who have had a dog inside the house during their pregnancy

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My dogs slept in the bed with me while I was pregnant. I think it helped that they could feel the baby and the baby could hear their heartbeats. If you feel comfortable with the dog and do not fear it...then that is where the dog belongs. If you throw it outside, it will resent the pregnancy and therefore the baby.

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Hi N.!! I am pregnant with twins right now and we have 3 labs (2 pups and 1 really old guy!). When I was pregnant with my 3 year old we had 1 lab. It was perfectly safe. No issues at all. I think that it just depends on what type of dog you have and the temperment of the dog. Our dogs are just apart of the family, Bull sleeps with on the floor next to my son's bed and wouldn't know what to do with himslef if he wasn't inside!
Good Luck!

No dogs are not dangerous during pregnancy unless a) they are naturally mean and b) be careful about the dog jumping on you.

I have a beagle and there was no warning from my doctor or any problems throughout my pregnancy. As a matter of fact, she was good to have around because she wanted to go for walks and it kept me walking. My little guy is starting to crawl and he and the dog are slowly becoming best of friends!!

I had two dogs throughout my pregnancy and fostered a third for most of that time. We also own a kennel, and my doctor never gave me any warning about dogs, not did I ever hear of anything. The only thing that you need to be careful with is if the dog isn't trained at all and jumps on your tummy a lot. There aren't any special diseases or anything like that to worry about like there is with cats and their feces.

I've never heard of problems with Dogs inside with you while you are pregnant.

Just watch where you are walking to not trip over them...

Dogs are fine. I have 2. One of them is a 4 month old American Bulldog puppy. My big baby boy for now since the rest of us are female and I am having a little girl. My poor DH needed some more testosterone and the pup is a great addition to our family.

In all actuality, dogs are really great to have around kids as they are growing up to help the child develop their immune system and reduce allergies later in life.

As long as you love your dog and you don't have any behavioral issues that you are concerned with, there is no reason to get rid of your dog.

Good luck!

I am pregnant now and have a dog in the house with me. My docter has never said anything about it.

No, unless, of course, you have a mean dog that will bite you. In that case, you wouldn't want to bring a baby home to a mean dog, so I'd say get rid of it. The main pet problem is with cat litter boxes during pregnancy.

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