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Is It Another Ear Infection?

Hi moms, my daughter will be 2 in August and after she turned 18 months she started getting ear infections. There were two months that it seemed like we were going to the doctor every week to deal with these ear infections. She hasn't had one in a while but she got a runny nose on Friday and has had one since. Her eyes were watery on Sunday night but since then I have not seen them red or watery. We have been running her humidifier, saline up the nose the last 2 nights and vapor rub on her. Last night she was warm (no high fever) and again this morning she is warm. So my question is do I make an appointment to make sure that she does not have an ear infection or do I wait and see if she gets worse? I am not sure how to tell anymore if she has an ear infection because ever since the last ear infection she plays and itches inside her ears. What do you moms (and dads) think I should do? Thanks!!

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Thank you everyone for the advice. I will have to try your suggestions next time. I did take her to the doctor because the next morning she woke up with a croupy cough. Low and behold she had ear infections. She is being treated and we will see in the future if it happens again. Thank you again for your advice.

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I haven't had to take my kids to the doc for antibiotics since I discovered garlic oil drops. Simply warm up the garlic oil and drop a couple drops in the ear, followed by a small piece of cotton in the ear. I do this as soon as they show any signs of a sore ear - I usually only need to use it once or twice and the pain is gone.

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If you think your daughter has an ear infection, you should try this home remedy. Heat a little olive oil in the microwave with a couple of halved garlic cloves. Allow it to cool to warm-tepid and then put a couple of drops in her ear. I've done this for all 3 of my daughters, even my 1 year-old. I haven't had to take any of them in to the doctor for an ear infection in over 8 years. Sometimes I have to give them 2 doses but it's never taken more than that. Good Luck!

My daughter at that age was always getting ear infections. I didn't' take her to the Dr. very often because the research shows that they seem to get rid of it in about the same amount of time either way... she survived. But then she was getting close to 3 years old and most people couldn't understand her. She was leaving the constenents off of her words at the beginning and end. I had her tested for alergies- nothing. But she was constantly catching something. We finally got health insurance again and I took her to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat specialist) for kids. He took one look at her and told me her adenoids were enlarged and forcing any mucus in her nose to drain right into her ears. He said she was hearing like she had a pillow over her head. The put tubes in and took her adenoids out -(he said she would grow into them by about age 10... I didn't think we could make it 'til then). That day she was covering her ears in the Target bathroom telling me how loud it was when we went to get her medicine.
The moral of the story is... most pediatricians are used to just treating symptoms. My ENT (sorry not in AZ) was great and solved the cause of the problem.
I wish I had done it sooner. Consider taking her to a specialist who can hopefully treat the cause or at least help you stop them so that she is not miserable and taking meds all the time.

I haven't had to take my kids to the doc for antibiotics since I discovered garlic oil drops. Simply warm up the garlic oil and drop a couple drops in the ear, followed by a small piece of cotton in the ear. I do this as soon as they show any signs of a sore ear - I usually only need to use it once or twice and the pain is gone.

Sounds like allergies - specifically food allergies.

I recommend you take her to an Osteopathic Doctor in your area. Both my girls were born vaginally and sometimes their heads can get "tweaked" on the way out so early age ear infections ie 6 mos - 4 yrs may be from the inner ear being out of whack and stopping the ear from draining fluid. I had that problem with both my daughters and the osteopathic doctor by my house adjusted them and the results were immediate. I take them about every six months to be sure they are still in place, but the ear infections stopped immediately. They are like chiropractors with full med schooling and the ability to write scrips. You dont need to keep giving them antibiotics over and over, though. That is no good, either. Good luck.

hey M.
I would say take her in and have it checked. it could just be allergies but you should still check if she has an ear infection and you let it go for ot long it could damage her hearing. So i would say take her in, just to be safe. I hope she feels better soon: )


Read the labels of everything you are feeding her and educate yourself as to what each ingredient is. Feed her only pure, natural foods - stay away from processed foods (especially anything with high fructose corn syrup) and DAIRY. She needs some herbal detoxifiers and system support. I am a certified herbal consultant so if you are interested in specifics feel free to contact me. You could also look at my website for information: www.shootingstarherbs.amazonherb.net.

Hi M.-
Chiropractic care will eliminate your daughter's ear infection problems. Dr. Kevin Ross is Phenomenal with children ###-###-####. Give it a try, hope it helps.
K. S

To me it sounds like allergies.

I will tell you though..... with my oldest daughter if I do not treat her allergies she will end up with an ear infection.

So when she starts complaining of allergies I have to jump up and get her something to help with it... because I do not want her to get an ear infection.

I used to get ear infections all the time as a kid and unfortunately passed it on to my son.
I found that when he has symptoms of a cold, or when his ears first begin to hurt, I put Mullein Garlic drops in his ears and it prevents infection. Similar to echinacea, you have to put them into her ears at the first symptom...if you let it go to far and use the drops it will cause pain (which will let you know it's gone to an infection and in that case a doctors visit would be appropriate)
You can find the drops at a health food store.

Have you tried going to a chiropractor. I know that sounds odd, but it is true. Personally, I have had to go to one for a few years due to a car accident; not my fault...and I read in a magazine that he had for his clients. I asked and he stated that it is true! Having an adjustment will help with ear infections. Not sure where you are living, but I go to Dr. Gibb ###-###-####. He is on Gilbert and Baseline behind the Frys Marketplace and the day care. He is very sweet and honest. Good Luck- it beats giving your child another medication... J. Chandler

I would highly recommend the Herbs for Kids class at http://www.inspiredabq.com. You learn how to treat your kids naturally with herbs. THis is just a three hour class and the teacher also has a full day one occasionally that is even more comprehensive and includes learning how to use an otoscope to look into the ears and what to look for. But starting with this one will be so helpful even without that.

You are receiving very good feedback from the parents who are telling you to AVOID DAIRY and check for allergies. Also the antibotic cycle is just that. Once started it will continue. Your body can fight off an ear infection but once the antibotics are begun the body just cycles the infection back again and again because the artifical meds are just surpressing the infection not clearing it.
Garlic in the ear is great. You can make your own or go to the store and get garlic/mullien drops (garlic is the best natural antibotic and mullien for pain)

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