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Is It a Boy or a Girl?

Hello Everyone, we are expecting our second baby in February 08, of course we are excited and we decided this time we won't find out the sex of the baby (my husband's idea of course!)But the problem now is that I am so eager to find out so I was wondering if you could share with me your experiences?? I searched google many times and tried old wives tales and still not sure!

What can I do next?

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I don't agree with the gut feeling. I thought I was having a girl so much that my mom had already started buying girl cloths, we have a boy! LOL

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If you REALLY want to know, and your husband doesn't, why not just find out yourself? The only way to really know is through ultrasound or genetic testing of some sort.

We found out and were surprised and delighted! The only difference is that our surprise happened at 20 weeks instead of 40.

Good luck!

I don't agree with the gut feeling. I thought I was having a girl so much that my mom had already started buying girl cloths, we have a boy! LOL

Your gut. My gut told me both times what I was having. Pay attention to your body and what you think in your heart of hearts. Otherwise, I agree with one of the other posters, find out and don't tell your husband.

Best wishes.

Hi there! My son is now nine but I definetely wanted to know his sex before I gave birth. It actually helped the process and made for some great baby book stories. My baby shower was also thrown prior to the birth of my son and it made gift registry easier as well as planning for the long terms (life insurance - room - collectibles). I still stand behind the belief that it is a decision that should be thought about with your partner before comitting to a decision like wanting to know. Good Luck and let me know what you decide.

We found out at 20 weeks that we were having a son in my first pregnancy and with the second one we were going to wait. Also, my husbands preference. Yea, I found out at the ultrasound (DH wasn't there).

This may sound wrong, and I don't mean it in a disrespectful way, BUT...There were certain things that, being the one carrying the baby, I had the final say-so in. Where we would deliver, my OB/GYN, the type of delivery, pain meds, epidural, etc. We wanted to wait to find out the gender, but I told my DH when we talked about it that if at the 20 week u/s I wanted to know, I would find out. I did and I did.

I was 100% SURE we were having a girl and I was 100% wrong. We had a son.

If you REALLY want to know then I say talk to your husband and tell him that.

Congrats on the second pregnancy!


Old wives' tales are just that; tales. If you adhere to them expecting a certain sex, you might be in for a surprise when the baby is born. I guess my advice would be if both of you want to be surprised, then just wait and be surprised. Have fun with the tales but don't put a whole lot of stock in them. Best wishes for a healthy baby!

Congrats! You really don't have much longer to wait to find out! Those old wives tales are fun but totally unreliable so I wouldn't put much stock in them. I did both ways. With my first, a girl, we decided to wait to find out and with my son 5 months ago we found out at 20 weeks. I have to say......since I've gone both routes....I'm not sure it really matters much either way. AT least it didn't to me. Frankly with my daughter, I had such a difficult delivery that when she was born, I could have cared less what the sex was, I was just so glad it was over. By finding out with my son at 20 weeks, we ended up having a really good time planning a real boy's room instead of a gender neutral room and I got to buy boy clothes instead of yellow and green. It's totally individual but I think I had more fun with it knowing then I did not knowing. The only good thing about not finding out with our first was that all our baby gear is gender neutral which turned out perfect for us since our next child was a boy! Good luck and either way you'll find out real soon!

I wanted to find out also the first time, but my husband did not. And we both know I cannot keep a secret to save my soul. Generally, I love to know everything ahead of time, but I have to admit- I'm really glad we waited. It was the best surprise of my life. We did the same with our second.

Best wishes! Yes, it can drive one crazy not knowing, but that's half the fun, right?

old wives tales are so not true!!! my baby is due in march and everyone was saying because the heartbeat is over 150 its a girl but it turns out its a boy.Those are all just fun,I wouldnt take it seriously. whatever it is though its a miracle just think about it as that

Oh, enjoy the anticipation! Don't try to find out what this or that may mean, just stick with the plan of waiting, that includes no guessing, being that there's a very thick layer of skin between you and being able to find out, unless you acquire x ray vision between now and your due date. Nothing will give you solid proof, so stop looking for it and just enjoy being pregnant. That's one thing I wish I could've done. Both of my kids were unplanned, so the pregnancies weren't as enjoyable as I wish they would've been. Enjoy every second of yours!!!!

I just knew my first baby was a girl. With my son, I knew that he was a boy. I carried both the same way. Everyone around me was insisting that my daughter was going to be a boy and that my son was going to be a girl (since I carried him the same way I carried my daughter). They were all wrong. LOL Of course, children tend to be good gender guessers. My daughter insisted that "her" baby was a boy. My daughter and I were the only ones who knew he was going to be a boy. ;)

I didn't find out with either. Well, I did find out with my son 3 days before he was born. But, the U/S tech asked if I wanted to know and I said, "I already do, I know it's a boy." And she just smiled.

Enjoy the anticipation!!

You could just ask your doctor while your husband isn't in the room. That way you know and he doesn't.

My husband and I decided not to know the gender of our baby. As it turned out our little one wasn't very cooperative during the ultrasound anyway. We had a little girl and she's the light of our lives. The hardest part was when people asked what we were having and we replied that we didn't wish to know. Enjoy your new baby when he or she arrives.

I too chose to have the surprise of gender at 20 weeks and the surprise of seeing what he looked like when they were born. I agree not to go by the tales and try not to get your heart set on either way. I've found that whatever my gut says, the opposite is usually true with gender. And the wives tales, it could have gone either way for me as things changed throughout the pregnancy. My advice...maybe convince yourself it's what you secretly wish it not to be given the choice, and then either way you'll be ecstatic. Wouldn't want to feel a hint of disappointment the day you meet your baby. :) Congrats on expecting your second baby!! :)

We waited to find out with our son and I LOVED waiting. We're waiting this time too. I love the anticipation etc. I did all of the internet "quizes" but ultimately my intuition was that I had a boy - I had a dream where I had a boy - and that turned out to be correct.

Just enjoy the anticipation and if you feel like it, solicit guesses from strangers - everyone seems to have their own theory on what the baby's sex is based on how you carry. :)

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