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Is Harry Potter Books Ok for My 8 Year Old?

I was thinking about reading these books together with her. Or do you think she needs to be older to start?

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I think she's the perfect age! My oldest is six, and if I wasn't so keen on going through them with both him and his brother, we would start now. His brother will be 4 this year, so we're going to start next year. I may go ahead and let the oldest read the first one though, because he's wanting to. Remember, real life can be pretty scary and "dark" and it's actually very helpful for children to read through examples of that so they can discuss them without actually being in the middle of something themselves!

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I'm in the process of reading them to my 6 year old. He loves them! (We're only in the middle of the second one at the moment)

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both of my sons began the H.P books at an early age. They paced themselves. With my older son, he had to wait as each new book came out. I remember standing in line with him.....at 10pm for a midnite release! Fond "MOM" memories! With my younger son, 9 years later, he governed himself on the series. He did not finish the series until close to teenhood...by his choice.

At age 8, my older son read Goosebumps. At age 8, my younger son read The Magic Treehouse series....he adored it!

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every parent knows their own children best, and for a few the series might become too dark. but for most kids i think it's a brilliant idea.
not so many generations ago (before disney poured bleach all over them) nursery rhymes and fairy tales were very dark, and this was a good thing. it presented themes of real-world mortality to children in a form they could understand and begin to digest. but then parents decided that children are idiots and can't handle anything real and must be utterly sheltered from anything not sparkly.
it's always a good idea for parents of young children to preview material before their children see or read it, less to censor it than to prepare themselves for the inevitable fascinating questions and discussions that should follow.
and really, HP is just great reading.

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Perfect age!

Good time for you to read them too.

I used to read a bit of it at night to her at this age and then other times have her sit next to me while I did dishes or cook and have her read to me.

My husband got into the book and some afternoons we would all sit together while one of us read to the rest of us. We were hooked!

After we finished it, I purchased the book on tape so we could listen to it again in the car. This was when it first came out so we could not wait for the next book.

Never quit reading to your children no matter how old they get. We still read sometimes to each other. A Librarian friend told me that "the listening to a person read can be just as good as reading it to yourself and others, It heightens the listening skill that is needed for higher learning. "

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I read all the books out loud to my whole family. It was a wonderful experience that I will forever cherish. If you read a chapter (or 2 or 3, it really is hard to put down) a night that would give you PLENTY of time for her to grow as you go!

*Reading them aloud gives you ample opportunity to discuss anything you might feel is too 'Dark' for your child...my children didn't have any issues with being scared really...maybe one or two parts that I remember and we were all together as a family and acknowledged how 'creepy' that would have been (in real life)...but I am also one of those parents who have tried to teach my kids to embrace the scary, not to always shy away from it (within reason and my own common sense OF COURSE) because after all, life is *scary* sometimes.

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I read the first book to my son when he was 8, and I read the next two to him the year he was 9. After that he read the rest of the series on his own.
The first book is pretty tame, and Harry is still pretty young, 11 I think, so I'm sure your daughter would love it! The books get progressively darker and more frightening as the characters get older but they are wonderful stories of good vs. evil, and the bonds of friendship and family. My son literally grew up alongside those characters, I think that's one of the reasons the books are so loved by his generation :)

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Hi Pixie-

My oldest son was 8 when the books came out...(next son was 7) and BOTH were avid readers. They each read the first one on their own...and when I got the next book when it came out, and they were FIGHTING over who would get to read it first...I began reading them! lol

Then...as the next books came out, I would read it first (trying not to crease the binding so I could wrap it as a gift...LOL) I found that as the books became 'darker'...they were getting older/more mature...and were 'ready' for the progression. And since I read them first, we could (and did) discuss...

They have always enjoyed the movies...but that 'series' taught them that a 'movie' is rarely as good as the book!

Best Luck!

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Have you read the books? They really are good!!! This is one of those things that I cannot wait to share with my kids. They're still a little young (almost 3 and 5 1/2). They have seen scenes from all the movies, because I enjoy them so much. But I know the stories very well, and I make sure they don't see certain parts.

Keep in mind that each book is one year long. Harry and his friends are 11 in the first book, 12 in the second, etc. The books are all told through Harry's eyes, and the author did an amazing job of writing each book from the perspective of a child of that age. (In book 5 they are all 15 years old, and much of that book has to do with emotions of a 15 year old. Amazing!)

When the books first came out, I often heard people say that if the child were old enough to read it by him/herself, he/she was old enough to read it. That being said, I really can't wait for my kids to be old enough for me to read it to them!

At 8 years old, she's probably old enough to read it to herself, so she's probably fine. But I would read it with her or at the same time so you can talk about it with her and so you don't miss out on the fun!

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I'm in the process of reading them to my 6 year old. He loves them! (We're only in the middle of the second one at the moment)

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My son was 8 when he read the first one. I read it first just to make sure and that's what I recommend. As the series progesses it gets darker and more violent. It's not awful, it's still a book for juniors, but reading it first lets you determine whether or not she's ready for the next one and lets you know if there are things that will need to be explained. I loved them and my son loved them. For her age, I think reading them together is a perfect idea.

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