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Is Flavored Milk Okay?

My 12 month old doesn't like milk. We've tried formula, cow's milk, soy milk... When he drinks, it's almost like we have to force him. Someone suggested flavored milk. Has anyone tried this on their child? Any success? A doctor friend told me that they discourage this as it will lead to rotten teeth and that the child will no longer want to eat other things as they will get used to the sweetness.

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Hey J...

Well, I personally can't stand the taste of my milk! I can only drink it when it's chocolate milk (or someform of flavored milk). My Mom got me hooked on half doses of ovaltine, because it is better than chocolate milk itself, but I could still drink it. She also gave me Carnation instant breakfast! ALl of these she gave in half doeses, so I wasn't consuming plain milk, but I was getting half the sugar and calories of flavored milk! My first daughter (12 now) loveeed milk alone! I gt lucky..my2nd daughter (15months) hates the taste of plain milk s I'm giving her 1/4 the amount of Ovaltine added to her milk and she's in heaven and nt gaining weight! Hope this helps!

My husband's mother gave my husband flavored milk as a child because he wouldn't drink regular milk, and to this day he still will not drink plain milk - only flavored.

Hi J., My daughter didn't like milk, 19 and she still doesn't, i used to flavor her milk with a little vanillia, soetimes iwould putchocolate or strawberry, just enough to give it a little flavor, and it worked for her. J. L.

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No. Sugar, aspartame, food dyes, no flavoured milk is not okay.

Why are you insisting on milk? What is it that you are looking for for your child? Calcium? There are other ways.

Collard greens
Turnip greens
White beans
Baked beans
Brussel sprouts
Sesame seeds
Bok choy

Milk is NOT a necessity for children. I always think about the WHY before I give anything on my children. Just because "everyone else is doing it" doesn't make it right. Just because your mom gave you milk growing up doens't make it right.

Want to chat?

B. H B.A.:B.Ed.
Family Nutrtion Coach

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Why do you children have to drink milk at all? If you are "forcing" them to drink something they don't like because you have been told it has health benefits, do some research to replace the nutrients you feel they're missing with another food. Calcium is found in vegetables (especially green ones), meat and eggs. Kids know when their body isn't responding to a food or beverage. If he has an allergy or sensitivy to milk, he won't want ot drink it. My son (3yr) has never had a glass of Milk in his life and he is fully functional, strong and has never had an ear or nose "infection."

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I agree with just letting him drink water and avoid giving him milk. You can still feed him cheese or yogurt if you care to give him dairy. Or soy or rice milk are great alternatives. Don't force it with him - he doesn't need it.

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Don't do it!! You are better off having a child not drink milk and get the needed vitamins from other sources (veggies, whole foods, etc..) then add something to the milk to make it taste better. Aside from the possibility of rotting teeth, you'll train your son's taste buds to prefer the sweetness that you created and nothing else.

I highly recommend you read, The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood, By. Dr. William Sears.

Make him smoothies, feed him cheese, cottage cheese, salmon, leafy greans, veggies, feed him this stuff now and I promise you - he will eat healthy.

** After reading a few responses, I wanted to add.. I thought/assumed you meant adding something sweet to reg. milk to make it sweet. Chocolate, vanilla or even strawberry milk is fine but like any treat - in moderation. I think if you give him those flavored milks on a regular basis then that is what he'll prefer, so personally, I'd save those for special times not at each meal (he'll fill up on it and not want to eat any food). We eat very healthy over here too, and the kids do enjoy their "chocolate milk in a box" that we get from Costco, they are 5 and 3 years old and get a box maybe 2-3x a week.

I also second Vera - don't force it. My kids don't drink reg. milk (my son every now and then, my daughter - not at all) I don't drink it either. My milk substitute choice is Almond milk when I have cereal. Otherwise, we get what we need from other sources.

Best wishes,

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Babies don't need milk, unless it is breast milk. Many allergies and 'colds' are related to casein. Almond milk is better for him, and has all of the essential fatty acids he needs for healthy brain development. This would be an excelloent drink during the day, I believe it comes in flavors. I would dilute it with plain almond milk and gradually cease giving him flavored. My daughter likes this a lot. GL!

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The best is Carnation instant breakfast, our pediatrician recommended it. It actually is good for your child. If it gets them to drink milk, why not! They do make Carnation with less sugar if you are concerned about the sugar.
I have 3 kids and non of them have loved milk... but will drink it if I make it with Carnation Instant Breakfast...

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Do not go the flavored milk route. It will just show your kid that you will sweeten in order to get him/her consuming. Just keep putting out the regular milk, until he/she caves. It is a great lesson in eating well. Furthermore, my Doc and several nutritionists actually discourage the consumption of milk as a main calcium source. There are so many other sources and suppliments.
J.: Mom with three kids

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I wouldn't do it. He doesn't need milk as long as he gets calcium in other ways, cheese, yogurt, creme cheese, fortified orange juice, and so on. My daughter never drank milk after I weaned her off bf. She's fine. I believe in what the doctor friend says. Will her eat cereal with milk on it. My daughter would so I got her one of those bowls with a straw built in. She drank that just for the fun of it, but to this day (8yrs old), she will only have milk on cereal.

Good luck, J.

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