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Is Coughing for 5 Weeks Really Normal?

Hi Moms. My baby girl will be 2 this month and she has been coughing for 5 weeks, a congested cough that has gotten better and worse at times. We've been in to see the dr 3x (2 difft drs) and they say she's had cold after cold and then the flu. Once it turned into the flu, she had a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia and went on Tamiflu for 5 days. The flu part is over now, but she is back to that same cough that she's had for 5 weeks with no break. I just have such a hard time believing that it's normal. 5 weeks straight? What is your experience?

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I experienced the same thing and the diagnosis was asthma. A nebulizer machine worked great and she only needs it now when she gets sick with the cold/flu etc.

One of my kids have a long lasting cough a couple years ago. We needed a prescription cough medicine to kick it.

Doc said his body got used to coughing and the diaphragm kept spasming...why it kept continuing. He wasn't sick anymore, but still had that cough due to the muscle spasms.

I am sorry that I can't remember the name of it. I know Doc had a sample in the office, so we could give him the first dose while we waited for the prescription to be filled.

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I love www.askdrears.com He has a whole section on coughs and colds. If I remember correctly it does say coughs can linger for weeks.

Check his site out...I use it for everything from fevers/colds/falls/bumps and cuts.

He always tells you when to just watch it, when to call the doctor during office hours, when to page the doctor after hours, when to go to the ER, when to call an ambulance.

My husband always teases me when I am reading the site asking, "Does Dr. Sears say we should panic yet??"

Hope this helps...

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Hi S., I would suggest that your daughter be checked for asthma. My daughter's first asthma symptom was chronic coughing and nothing seemed to help it. After several years of dealing with mild asthma, she greatly suffers from long lasting coughing after every bout of cold or flu. Good luck.

A cough does not progress itself into the flu. They are 2 different viral strains. No, a congested cough for 5 weeks straight is not normal. Has she been tested for allergies? She may be allergic to something that is making her cough. The drainage from the nose (if runny) could be moving on down into her chest to make her congested.

Hey S., I have a couple of questions for you. After your 2 yr. old child was over the flu and the coughing continued, did the doctors ever do another chest x-ray to rule out bronchitis? Are her coughs productive? I want to suggest that if her coughs are productive that you get a cool mist humidifier especially when the air is really dry and definately push lots of fluids (especially water) and not so much the milk if she is drinking lots of it until this is over! That is what I did for my boys when they were little! Hope this helps!

I experienced the same thing and the diagnosis was asthma. A nebulizer machine worked great and she only needs it now when she gets sick with the cold/flu etc.

First of all you follow YOUR OWN mommy heart and brain. If you feel your child needs a certain medication or a certain type of care, you go for it. Being a parent means doing your best for YOUR child. Making your own decision for your child and then No regrets. As long as you have done your best, you have done all that can be done.

Now that I have stepped off the soap box....

I do believe there are lingering coughs after some colds or flus. I have had them myself.

Could be allergies to mold or whatever else is all around.

Another thing is to document all of this yourself. We realized our daughter had asthma, but it was not diagnosed officially till she was about 18 months. We all documented everything, to make sure that we all had a heads up with what was going on. Ask your physician about a humidifier. You may also want to consider a room filter machine. Some infants really have trouble with dust. Hang in there mom. That lingering cough is very distressing, but there are so many possibilities, it may take a little hile to figure it out.

You should ask the doctor to check if she has asthma?? May just be a little, she may need a breathing treatment, or she might need to be tested for allergies?? Just a suggestion, good luck!!

My son had recently been sick on and off for three weeks and his cough only got worse. So I took him to the doctor and they took and x-ray and he told me it wasn't neumonia but that it was bronchial asthma. It wasn't untill three weeks later for a total of six weeks now that my son has finally recovered by the medicine the doctor prescribed and by my son using a nebulizer machine that the doctor also prescribed that my son is now better. The medicine he prescribed was azithromycin(?) and the medicine to put in the nebulizer is called albuterol. Come to find out I have several friends that have told me the same thing happened with their kids and that at some point in their lives they had to use a nebulizer. Two of them still use it from time to time out of the five friends that surprisingly told me their children went through the same thing. It's usually not something you start talking about, but they happened to tell me when they called to talk and I told them what was going on with my son's health that they told me this. I hope your baby gets better!

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