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Is Cetaphil Good for Babies?

My baby girl's skin is quite dry. Is Cetaphil good for babies? Can I use it on her body and face as well? I'd love to know if there are any other recommendations. Thank you.

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Dear All,

I tried Cetaphil on my baby's skin and it worked very well for her. Thank you all for your responses.

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Yes, I used Cetaphil on my baby when he was a couple of weeks old. I had tried the Aveeno baby on him and he broke out with red spots.

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i'm not sure what cetaphil is perdon my ignorance but if your baby has dry skin try alomd oil on her body and face just don't get it in her eye this will help you. i used it for my son he had reall bad skin and he got better with the almond oil.

My 14 month old''s pediatrician also recommended Cetaphil. He was getting dry patches here and there from taking too many baths. (He just loves the bath) It really worked wonders and cleared it up although I agree with one of the other posters, it is kind of greasy.

I would try not to use lotion too much on a baby that age. The skin makes it's own oil and the more you put stuff on the skin, the less it makes. That being said, mild baby formulas are really best. I'd use Aveeno baby lotion rather than cetaphil. cetaphil has ithc stopping agents that make the skin feel cold (like camphor) Aveeno oatmeal bath is very hydrating too, you might try giving her an oatmeal bath every couple of days. If her skin gets itchy when she's older (a year old or more) my favorite itchy lotion is Neutrogena anti itch lotion (you can get it online or at DrugEmporium) it has an analagesic in it and it numbs the skin-great for toddlers who won't stop scratching!

My pediatrician recommended Cetaphil or Aquaphor, since most baby lotions have alcohol in them. She said this could make the skin more dry. I use Cetaphil lotion and wash on all of my baby and it works well.


I've used Cetaphil on my daughter and being from a family with a history of allergies, I'm happy to say that the lotion has moisturized her well. Cetaphil is hypoallergenic and fragrance free.I usually buy a tub of it from Costco or a drugstore like Walgreens.

My in-laws use Eucerin on their children and it's also hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

If your child has eczema, then Mustela's eczema cream works very well. You can get it from DayOne in Palo Alto, Babies R'Us, or at Elephant Pharm in Los Altos. You can also get it online from diapers.com or amazon.com.

Yes, I used Cetaphil on my baby when he was a couple of weeks old. I had tried the Aveeno baby on him and he broke out with red spots.

My son is now 4 1/2 mo old and at 1 mo he had a babd case of baby acne and exema. The ER doctor and Our doctor had us use Cetaphil for him as it is very gental. Go ahead and use it.

As with anything, your experience may vary, but when my son was an infant, a friend who is a dermatologist recommended Cetaphil.

She also said that if the skin is dry, bathe less frequently.

Due to my son's allergy to milk and slight ecezma I used Cetaphil every day. I do agree that it was a little greasy but I just used a little less. Be careful as always near their eyes but as he got older I switched to aveeno but I still use Cetaphil as well and he is 6 now.

T., there is Cetaphil for the bath and Cetaphil lotion. You might want to try the Cetaphil for the bath first and see if that soothes her skin enough before you try the lotion because you really want her skin to try to help itself first.

Good luck!

Hi T.,

My daughter had dry skin as a baby as well, and I used Cetaphil to bathe her and Aquaphor in place of a traditional baby lotion. Another gentle bath product is Canus Goat's Milk body wash and lotion. You can find them online or in many drugstores. I did not have much luck with the more expensive "baby" soaps from boutiques and baby stores. I still use Cetaphil to wash her face (she is now 5) and I use it on my face as well.

Good luck,


Hi T.,

Cetaphil is good, but I found it to be a little too creasy for me. My pediatrician also recommended Aveno. My little girl has battled dry skin/rash most of her 4 years. Aveno soothes her when she is itching. Good luck.

Pediatric dermatologist recommended Cetaphil lotion and soap for my kid.

We've used Cetaphil wash and Aquaphor to moisturize DS1 from 2mos and DS2 from birth. Eczema and allergies are far less aggravated with the simple ingredients and I love that the Cetaphil cleanser can be used w/o water and wiped off.. we found this to be extremely helpful for quick face cleanups, diaper rash and after using baby wipes for poopy diapers... it restores the pH and removes the soapy residue. We don't use the Cetaphil cream because it contains Almond oil. Lots of folks swear by special treatments with nut oils in them but we've found the simpler the better.

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