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Breastfeeding Bruising Symptom & Vitamin - Bruising easily a symptom of breastfeeding?

I am still nursing my 8 month old daughter and my legs are covered in bruises and now my arms are starting to bruise easily. I was never like this before and just started noticing it a few months ago (it could have been longer, but with summer and wearing shorts, it's more noticeable).

I was wondering if anyone else experienced this and if there's something I can do, like taking certain supplements? I am still on prenatal vitamins. My first thought is iron deficiency??

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi A.,

I have the exact same problem. I've been breastfeeding my daughter for 9 months and for the past 3-4 months my legs have been VERY bruised! I just had a complete blood work-up done and everything came back normal. I'm going to try the Vitamin K suggestion.

It sounds like anemia (iron deficiency)or vitamin K deficiency. Both can be confirmed in a quick blood test. Both can be treated easily.

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@Alison S.
Wow I have the same problem and I have been researching and asking doctors and friends the same question. I nursed my son for fifteen months and had bruising and now I am nursing my eleven month old daughter, I had the same problem for both. I was wondering if it could be my iud, but i had it with my pregnancy too. So did you ever figure out what it was? Sometimes even doctors are not so helpful at figuring things out.
Thanks, S. D

...Hi the next time you visit your doctor be sure they check you for Anemia; low blood iron. Breast feeding and pregnancy take alot from Moms .Bruising easily is a sign of Anemia,along with fatigue. Id keep taking prenatal Vit. if u have some still. Anemia can cause other health problems down the road if untreated.. Good luck


You should call your Dr. and be seen for this. It may be an iron issue or something more serious. No need to speculate right now and worry yourself. If you google it, you'll find many things it "could" be, so you are better off seeing your Dr. I wouldn't put it off.

I breastfed both of my kids and didn't have any bruising so I don't think it is related unless maybe baby is depleting you of something your body needs. Most likely you are anemic. But again, I'd call your Dr. to be sure.

Best wishes,

Bruising is sign of Vitamin K deficiency. You have probably given it all to your daughter as your body will always defer to the baby at your expense. Look for a NATURAL version at any health food store. Rainbow Light brand prenatal would be a good one to switch to.
Also look for Traumeel cream. It will speed up the healing of the existing bruises.

Hi A.,

I have the exact same problem. I've been breastfeeding my daughter for 9 months and for the past 3-4 months my legs have been VERY bruised! I just had a complete blood work-up done and everything came back normal. I'm going to try the Vitamin K suggestion.

It is normal. Keep taking your vitamins and maybe some iron.
I also had that problem, I breastfed for a year and 1/2.
Of course you should also speak to a doctor.

I agree that it is probably an iron definency. I would take Iron pills

Rarely is bruising a symptom of breastfeeding. If you have other symptoms like fatigue and bleeding in other areas (like nose or gum bleeding) definitely see your doctor as soon as possible. A blood test with complete blood count (CBC) can identify if you're low in hemoglobin or platelets (clotting factors in the blood). A protime (PT) or PTT can also evaluate if you have prolonged bleeding time due to vitamin k deficiency. In any case, your MD will have to examine you and evaluate these lab tests. Good job in beastfeeding! I hope this helps.

Hi A.! First, I want to say that it's wonderful that you're breastfeeding your baby. Nothing can be better than being close to your baby and giving your baby the best nutrition. I don't think, though, that bruising easily is a symptom of breastfeeding. Certain medications and supplements can thin your blood and cause you to bruise easily. Are you taking aspirin, NSAIDS (Motrin, Aleve, etc), fish oil, or Vit. E? Some foods can cause that too...I forget what they are but you could probably find out. It wouldn't hurt and would probably be best for you to see your dr. and get a blood test done ASAP. Take care, B.

No, it is not. Sounds like you have a bleeding disorder. Get to the doctor ASAP. Something is very wrong here. Let us know what is going on.

Sounds like a vitamin K deficiency to me! Time for more green leafy veggies... spinach, broccoli, things like that. Iron deficiency would result in lethargy because your blood wouldn't be able to carry enough oxygen to your brain. So the bruising isn't because of that. Add some extra dark green veggies or a vit. K supplement (from foods is the better option) and you should have a little stronger resistance to bruising.

I would make an appt. with your dr. to have a blood test done. Anemia is what is sounds like to me. But i would play it safe and check with the dr. first.
Then he could have you take what ever you need to take to help solve your problem.
I bruise easily too sometimes and it is simply that i need more iron in my diet.
Be safe and go see your dr.

See your doctor or call the nurse. I've never experienced "spontaneous" or unexplained bruising while breastfeeding.

If you're bruising that easily chances are that you're anemic (sp?) You can find out with a simple blood test from your Dr

Bruising without any injury is not normal and not related to breast feeding.you need to be evaluated by your doctor,this will involve physical exam and blood test.

It sounds like anemia (iron deficiency)or vitamin K deficiency. Both can be confirmed in a quick blood test. Both can be treated easily.

Hi A.,

I've had the same problem. I noticed a lot more bruises while I was nursing. I didn't really notice it though until he was 6 or 7 months. I constantly had bruises on my legs since then. I like to blame my husband and say he kicks me in his sleep : ) My son is now 13 months old and we just stopped nursing a few days ago and I haven't noticed any new bruises since then. I had my blood tested a few months ago and I didn't show up as anemic. Who knows why it happens. I've also had a lower immune system while nursing and have been sick more often than usual. If it is nursing related, it's a small price to pay for good nutrition for your baby! Good luck with it.

I have always heard that not enough Vitamin C can cause bruising. When it would happen to me it would go away after I took more vit c. Vitamin C strengthens the cell walls, prevents infection and boost's immunity. I take at least 2000 MG's a day. But since it's a water soluble vitamin you will 'pee'it out after 4 hrs or so. So it works best to take it a few times a day rather than all at once. Also - Are you taking Ginko Biloba? it causes the blood to get thinner, which is one reason it helps the brain, but too much can be bad as well, and can cause bruising, too.

Hey, A..

I have never dealt with this personally, but I have had friends who have suddenly began bruising while breastfeeding. Every one of my friends who dealt with this had aenemia (lack of iron). You can have an aenemia test at your doctor's office. Another idea is to make sure that you're absorbing all of the vitamins in your prenatal... it is preferrable to choose a food based prenatal, which your body can fully absorb. One of the best places to buy one of these supplements is at a health food store. I hope this helps!!

C. <><

Hello, A.,

Thank you for your question. You have great instincts as well!
If you give me your email I will send you, "88 Recipes That Heal", an excellent recipe book to increase your enzymes and real nutrients. There is also a product I use with my nutrition clients called, Evergreen. It is a SUPERB absorbable form of food-based iron. It is hands down the best I have found anywhere. I can help you order it or learn more if you desire.

Also do a little research on "vitamin K" via, www.mercola.com.

My very best,


Check with your doc, but it sounds like you are low on Vitamin D. It is not a symptom of breastfeeding, but these little buggers take alot of our vitamins so you have to eat healthy and keep taking prenatals. If you are already you may need a supplement. I know I was tired all the time and my doc checked and I was low on B and D vitamins. Good luck!

Hi A.,
Go see your doctor soon. Don't try to self diagnose. They will probably have to check into your blood work. Take care of yourself.

You should have a blood test and have your platelets checked...if you're bruiding easily, they could be low.

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