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Is 3 Yrs Old Too Young to Learn to Rollerskate?

My 3 yr old has been asking for roller skates for a while now (she's 3.5). We have hard wood floors, so she could learn to skate inside. I'm not sure she'll have the coordination to be able to skate. Also, whether I buy them now or wait a year or so, does anyone have any skates they recommend, in particular that are adjustable so she won't grow out of them right away? Thank you!

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She's the perfect age. Fisher Price makes a 1,2,3 skate. They adjust up to about a size 13. Stage 1 you lock the wheels so she can learn how to walk in them without rolling. Stage 2 the wheels will only roll forward, and stage 3 the wheels roll freely. It's what my kids had when they were little, and loved them. They even make a skateboard that has the same locking wheels.

I found a pair of "sizable" skates in Target. They have a range of about 3 sizes and adjust. My daughter was about 3 when I bought them for her. We have carpet and that slows them down. My 2 1/2 year now wears them and "skates" around the carpeted living room. she is getting good balance and learning the "motions" of skating. With hard wood floors please get a helmet so when she uses the wall to stop it isn't her head that hits first! Teach safety right away even before the skates get on the feet. It has saved us at least 1 trip to the ER!!! A.

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Just take the girl, she will be fine. My kids started at 3, and love it to this day. Remember when they fall they are a lot closer to the ground right now. Ha Ha !!! The girl might just supprise you. At least you answered the call if you take her. She will stop if she does not like it. But, do go one on one and leave the little one with the dad. And, get her pumped to do well, and let the people there explain to her what to do. She will listen to them like they are god. Make sure who you ask has skates on so the little one believes....Good Luck and always have fun.

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If you're going to put her on skates and send her off, yes, that's a bit early. if you are going to be with her the entire time they are on (like you would be with her anyway) then I think no.

As far as buying skates, if you want to see her in skates - you'll buy them. Adjustable ones might be a thing of the past. If you can find them, more power to you - and more fun to her. Good lluck!


she needs to know how to balance on one foot first for a few seconds. she should know how to skip first as well. that comes after balancing on one foot as well, since you need to know how to balance before you skip. if all this is in place, you're good to go!

Oh, your wee one will LOVE it! Just be sure to have all the correct gear that goes with; helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, hand/wrist pads. ENJOY!
D. N. xo

Hi T.,
When my daughter was 3.5 going on 4 yrs. old , I bought her these pretty, plastic, adjustable, Barbie roller skates. She wanted to learn how, but I was not a good teacher. I can barely walk on my own two feet without tripping. It took her some time to get the hang of it, with no help from me and sooner than I knew she was skating! My husband wants to take my 2 yr. old ice skating. He says lots of them learn at 2. I am fine with it. I did teach my daughter how to ride a two-wheeler(bike minus training wheels) at four! Kudos to me for being able to contribute to my daughter's childhood. My point is they learn and know so much more than we give them credit for. If she really wants to do it, why not. If she falls it is part of the learning experience.
Oh, the skates I bought for her, I found at Toys R Us by Fisher-Price. I also had her wear a helmet and knee pads. Hope this helps. Good luck in what you decide and have fun.

Hi, I have a pair of fisher price adjustables that I picked up at a garage sale. They are great, both my duaghters use them. They have three settings and made out of good hard plastic. Idon't think three is too young for something like this. My younger one tried them out last summer and she had just turned 2. Good luck. PS: I do make them wear bike helmuts just in case.

I think it is the perfect age! My daughter got her first skates for her 3rd bday. Target has dora skates that you put on over her shoes. They have 3 sizes they can adjust to. Bt they are so inexpensive that even if she does grow out of them it is ok. With the dora skates you can change the level. When you begin you can set the wheels to not roll. Then you can adjust the way they roll as she gets better.

Now my daughter is 6 and santa brought her barbie roller skates. They are adorable. They look like sneakers on wheels. I do not recommend them until your daughter is older though because they are not adjustable in speed.

When I was younger they had plastic "practice" roller skates that could adjust to your shoes... just a front part and back part held together with a plastic brace that would adjust to make the skate longer or shorter... don't know if they make these still, but I would bet someone out there still does.

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