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Is 2 Too Young to See a 3D Movie?

My son will be two this month. We do not watch TV at home at all, so he has had very little exposure to movies and TV. Since UP is coming out in theaters I thought it would be a nice treat for him (and us). He is such a good boy that he really does deserve something special every once in a while. But A friend of ours would really like to see the 3D version. Does anyone have experisnce with taking kids to movies like this?

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Thanks for all the feed-back. We popped some popcorn and watch Nemo (which was on cable a few night ago). He liked it (but then again he loves fish). Apparently the popcorn was not that big a hit (weird kid!). Maybe Huubby and I will go see UP and leave the tike movie-free a little longer. Besides I love that he is not a TV addict (like I used to be LOL)

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A 2 year old may freak out at a 3D movie; especially since he's never been to a movie. He may be distracted with the glasses and so forth. He could also be disruptive to the rest of the movie goers.

my neice went to her first 3D movie recently and the hardest part for her was the glasses. the Glasses were too big for her face so she couldn't get them on nor see through them correctly so it didn't go so well.

I'd say expect not to stay through the whole movie...and if he makes it, great. gluck.

UP is rated PG. It is quite a bit darker than all other PIXAR films, and my youngest is 6 and did not understand it. This movie is really great in every conceiveable way, and I am a HUGE lover of all things Disney/PIXAR, but I cannot recommend it for a 2 year old - in any version.

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We took our kids to lego land a couple of times. On my son's 3rd birthday he refused to wear the 3d glasses in the theater. Also realize that he may not want to sit still through the movie either. Good luck. Here's some other fun activities: He may like to go to the children's museum in naperville. http://www.dupagechildrensmuseum.org/. Blackberry farm in Aurora http://www.foxvalleyparkdistrict.org/?q=node/2. You can ride the train and ponies and rides. Or for a free event Cosley Zoo in Wheaton http://www.wheatonparkdistrict.com/pgs/parks/cosley/defau.... Have a good summer.

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two is awfully young to sit through any movie in the theater. it is a long time for one that age to sit and not move around and it intensifies the experience for them because the screen is so big, the sound is so loud, and they can't take a break to play with something, get a snack or whatever if it becomes overwhelming.

I don't know about the 3D part, but I have heard that movie has some very emotional real life situations....I am not sure that a 2 year old would quite be ready for that....and it is rated PG but I would find it hard to explain death to a 2 year old. The first movie we took our oldest son to was Curious George and that was a great time. Not that he doesn't deserve it, but I would maybe wait until something a little more appropriate was in the theatres.

My son requested a movie party for his 4th bday, so we did "Monsters vs. Aliens" in 3D. My daughter had just turned 2 at the time. Her 2 year old cousin also attended. Neither of the 2 year olds could stand the 3D glasses (they don't have a small size). Neither of them made it more than 45 minutes into the movie. That was fine with us, since we had a "party room" from the bday party and didn't expect the 2 year olds to make it through anyway. But you wouldn't want to have to leave early if it's just you and some friends.

We also took both our 4 year old and 2 year old to see "Up" in 2D. It is kind of a long movie for the 2 year old and didn't really hold her interest. We went to the theatre in the mall, so when she got tired of it I took her out to play at the play area while my husband and son watched the rest of the movie.

Honestly, my 2 year old's favorite movie related thing is to have "movie night" at home where we pop a big bowl of popcorn, put on our jammies, bring our pillows and all pile up on the couch for a movie. She loved "Bolt".

I guess I'm in the minority, but we took our kids 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 to see Up (the 2-D version) and they really enjoyed it. I would not recommend the 3-D version if you do plan on going to the movie. We went and saw monsters and aliens in 3-D and the glasses were too big and my 2 year old wouldn't keep them on, and it was not much fun for him. When we went and saw up we had a little trouble wih him sitting and watching, but we put the kids between my husband and I (everyone with their own seat) and it gave him a little room to move around, and their were parts that were interesting and he would sit and watch.

My husband and I just saw UP - great movie. We did not take our 3 yr old son as this movie would have freaked him out due to the subject matter and 3D effects. There are some parts that I think a little kid would find very scary and the subject matter, lets just say there were several parts I got teary-eyed. I would not recommend this be the first movie you take your son to. A lot of theaters are offering free movies during the weekday - perhaps you can take him to one of those free showings, and if he doesn't like it then you can leave early without wasting money.

Good luck.

I'm not a fan of taking 2-year-olds to movies or even allowing them to see much at home. Adults are able to distinguish between fantasy (movies) and reality. Two year-olds cannot. No matter how bright, developmentally, they don't have enough experience with the world to make sense of the big screen--3D or not 3D. I hope you'll have other age-appropriate fun time with your wonderful son...things that will truly be a treat for him. Sometimes, we forget that treats for us or older children are not treats for the toddlers among us.

Number one- I dont think a 2 year old will keep the 3D glasses on very long. But for sure TAKE him! I saw it last weekend and it was GREAT! Haven't liked too many kids moviees lately but this was really good. See it in 2D though, because of the glasses thing, but also because it's not "really" 3D. There is nothing popping out at you or anything, its just that you can tell the bed is behind the man, etc. The 3D is totally not worth, you lose something in colors watching in 3D. My husband and I watched it in 3D without our daughter, was NOT worth the price. We plan on taking her to see it in 2D soon.

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