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Irregular Periods After Childbirth

my first period came 3 months after giving birth to my daughter vaginally. i have had 3 periods since more or less 4 weeks apart (always was a bit irregular) and all very heavy. now I am like 8 days late. my question is whether it is normal to have irregular periods after childbirth (ie whether it takes a while to get back on a regular cycle). it is highly unlikely (but not impossible) that i could be pregnant and just wanted to now what others experiences have been with post-pregnancy periods.

THANKS as always

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FYI, Finally got my period more than 2 weeks late and (of course) they day after I took an at home pregnancy test! Guess it is back but not regular.

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I have only had one child and my body, especially my period, has never been the same. I am regular now because I went back on the pill mainly because I couldn't stand the 2 periods a month! It may be your body adjusting or you may be pregnant...I'd take a test to be sure...

I heard that it takes about a year for your body to return to normal after childbirth. In my case it took more like a year and a half maybe because I was older (42). I was getting my period every two weeks. Now its back to normal. I always was pretty regular.

After my second, I got my period when he was 6 months old, the first two were on time (extremely heavy), the third and fourth were over a week late (still very heavy). I too actually feared I might be pregnant again when the third was late and only slightly considered it when this last period was late. I think it just takes a while to go back to whatever your body considers normal. Be very careful though if you do not want back to back pregnancies as your hormones and everything are still raging and it is SOOOO common to easily get pregnant during the first year post-delivery. Good luck.

Hi I'am a 28 year old mother of two, I have a five year old son and a 10 month old daughter; and with each pregnacy I noticed a change with my period. With the first somtimes my period would be late for up to a week or two. With my second I noticd it was the same, soon after a year it became more regular and would only be one to three days late or early. It happens with child birth organs and hormones going back in place, sometimes it takes a while. I asked my gyn and he told me that with child birth weather its vaginal or c-section It takes time to get back on track. Don't worry you are most likely fine, but i would still test to make sure.

Hi G.,

I gave birth three years ago, and my body has never been the same. My periods have become painless (hooray!), but I've also developed bad PMS for the first time (not so hooray). I was also very irregular for a while -- never missed a period, but they'd be a week late one month and a week early the next; I used to be like clockwork. That only settled down when my son was about 2 1/2.

My OB assured me that all this was normal.

Not that you're NOT pregnant, but irregular periods ARE very normal after pregnancy.

Best wishes,


Hi G.,

I nursed my first child for almost a year so my periods did not start until he was about 8 months old. At that time they were somewhat regular, but when he stopped nursing I switched from the mini-pill to the combination pill and had a period almost every other week. I think it can take your body a while to become regulated again. If it is really bothering you and you are not nursing you could talk to your doctor about some kind of birth control. It is always possible that you could be pregnant if you are late, but I know a lot of women who were not regular at all for a while after delivery and also were not pregnant. Good luck.

My periods were irregular after my second child and I never had a "normal" cycle and I got pregnant when the baby was 10 onths old. A.

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