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IOWA Test Results

My daughter (3rd grade) just got her IOWA test score back. She did very well on most parts of the test. I went online to see what her "ability profile" meant and how I could help her to improve on her weakness'. It was hard for me to decifer what it said and there were no real examples on what to do to improve in the areas that she lacked in. She had an ability profile of 5E(Q-N+) . She was well above average in everything except math computation (she fell below average) which surprised me since she does very well in math at school. She was very high in non-verbal reasoning, average in verbal and below average in quantitative. What does all of this mean in "mom" terms?

What can I do next?

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I am a teacher too and couldn't agree more with the previous post. If you have concerns at all about your daughters test/achievement in school or how to help her more. The first person I would talk to is her teacher and see what she thinks. She is the one working with her on a daily basis and can probably give you more insight than test scores can. Yea for involved parents!

My oldest two girls are both high honor roll students, who do not do well on the standard tests. Every teacher I have talked to, both theirs and teacher friends, say they hate these tests that the state mandated, because they really do not give an accurate picture of whats going on.
I wouldnt worry too much about what a standard test score says....if you have concerns, talk with your daughters teacher and ask her what she thinks. She's the one who spends the day with your child, sees her work and progress. Id say if there was a huge red flag on anything, she would have contacted you by now.

Many people do not realise that there are two components to succesfull education - school grades and tests and they are not the same thing. If your school using some particular tests to asess your child's progress find out all you can and prep your kid. Congrads on the good grades!

Hi M., I agree with what one of the other mom's said. I would not worry about that test. My oldest son who is 9 gets very good grades and has since Kindergarten. I know at my kid's school those test take 3 days, so it is very tirery for them. My son always does very well on them in every subject except reading and then on reading he always gets right on that line of not average for grade level. But I know if I had to take all those test like that with all those kids, I dont think I could! But if you are worried, just talk to the teacher. Good Luck.

It's great that she did so well on these tests and that you're so concerned with her education. However, please remember that these tests are given in one or two weeks. It's highly stressful, if for no other reason than sitting quietly and concentrating for so long is hard on a third grader. These scores should not be a tell-all about her education. As a teacher, I am very against all of the standardized testing this country does; there are so many students for whom these tests are not indicators of their intelligence or success in school. Because she did well, you can assume that she's at grade level or above in these subjects and is doing fine. She must be a hard worker!

Hi M.,

My daughter is in 5th grade and always does well on these tests. This year, she came home one day during the week she took them and told me her classmate was really bothering her during them by pointing a red laser pen at her and she didn't have time to finish and couldn't focus. I wasn't too worried. Months later we get the results and she gets 99 in every section except in math computation which she BOMBED!!! Before I showed her the scores, I asked her if she remembered what section she was wearing on when her classmate was bugging her and she said, "Math". My point is, there are many things that affect the kids' scores including tiredness, stress, annoying classmates, distractions, hunger, boredom,etc. She was upset about the grade but we don't place too much emphasis on them. We stress to her that her daily work is important and she needs to do her best every day in school. She gets straight A's anyway and this score isn;t going to follow her to college. This is truly just a way for the state (and diocese in our case) to make sure the school isn't completely off the mark as far as what they are teaching our kids. Very good of you to want to help her! I could barely decipher the graph they used to report scores so I am sure I would fail the Iowas :(

I'm sure her teacher would be able to clarify things for you and come up with some ideas for helping her do better in math or on the tests in math. Talk to teach for sure!

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