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Invisalign Discounts?

I'm considering straigtening my teeth, but my regular dentist quoted me $5K for Invisalign! I did a little research and found out that's about average for this area. So I'm wondering if anyone knows of any coupons or other discounts that might be available from other Invisalign dentists. I'm willing to travel almost anywhere in the metroplex if that's what it takes.

Also, I don't understand why dentists require the entire amount be paid up front anyway. Is it asking too much to pay as you go as services are rendered? Maybe I'm not fully understanding the procedure, but what's wrong with paying the doc for his time & services at each appointment? The way I see it, it's no different than a contractor insisting you pay for the entire kitchen remodel upfront. That would be unacceptable to most people. So why is it an acceptable practice for the medical and dental professions? I see this all the time with chiropractors, obstetricians, etc. Sorry for the rant...it just really bugs me, can you tell?

Thanks mamas!

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I would recommend Dr. Sheila Birth she has 3 offices in different areas of Ft. Worth and Arlington. Both of my sons used her with invisalign. We did not pay all up front. D.

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I'm half way through my Invisalign treatment & I LOVE it! Mine was just a little lower than $5K, but when I started back in September, Invisalign was having a sale, so I got something like 20% off. You might ask your orthodontist to let you know when Invisalign is having a sale because you can't afford to pay the regular price.

The reason you have to pay up front is because your orthodontist has to pay this amount when he sends your stuff to them to make the trays. If you didn't pay your ortho, he'd be paying it for you and hoping that you'll be able to pay him back. All of your x-rays, molds, and photos are sent to the Invisalign manufacturer who makes the computer simulation to send back to you and your ortho for approval. Once the simulation is approved, all of your trays are made, no matter how long your treatment will take. Once the trays are mailed to your orth, Invisalign (the company) is done. That's why they expect payment up front.

If your ortho doesn't accept "Care Credit" which is a payment plan that allows you to pay for expenses like this in monthly installments, I suggest you find one that does.

Note - I did a LOT of research into Invisalign before I decided to do it. It is important that you know that in order for a dentist to be able to offer Invisalign, he must attend a one day seminar provided by the company. That means that any dentist, even ones not trained in orthodontia, can be licensed by Invisalign to sell their product. I read online about patients who had very bad experiences because other orthodontia issues came up during their invisalign treatment, but their dentist couldn't do anything about it. My dentist is also an orthodontist and an oral surgeon, so I knew going in that he'd be able to treat me, no matter what happened.

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Try Drs Birth and Stewart in Arlington (near I-20 and Cooper. I'm not sure about discounts, but they do offer payment plans.

my nephew has regular braces and was allowed a payment process, but the dentist won't take them off until they are paid- even though his teeth are fine. My brother in law lost his job and sister is working 3 jobs- might lose home- but they have to get the braces off. My guess is the dentist is trying to cover his bills and make sure he'll get paid.

It is so ironic that I saw your post today. I just received my invisalign packet yesterday and got started. Also, I was told that if I referred someone to them to get invisalign that they would get a discount! I apologize that I do not remember what the discount was, but you are more then welcome to call my dentist, tell them I referred you, ask what the discount is, and if they can do payments for you.

I absolutely love the dentist, staff, and everything about the office. They are SO nice and accomodating. It is Dr. David Slater off of Brown in North Arlington. The number is ###-###-####. You will probably speak to Farrha or Tammy...both GREAT!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I did just start my program yesterday, but anyway I can help, let me know! :)

Hi there - my daughter just completed her Invisalign -Dr. Schroeder in Colleyville is EXCELLENT - Don't know the cost (her dad and her paid for it, she's in college)...she has BEAUTIFUL teeth, oh my gosh - didn't quite need braces, just alittle straightening here and there, and he even shaped them last time she was there, so they are are all even...she's getting married in May - perfect smile!
ps - if you decide to go to Dr. Schroeder, don't know if they give promo kudo's to who referred you to them, but mention Laura Fuqua's name ok? :) Anything helps a college kid!

Hi. I hope this little bit of info helps. I am an orthodontist and the lab costs for invisalign treatment are very expensive for the practitioner and are paid in one payment. This is why dentists/orthodontists need a large down payment. It is very important for the patient to be committed to paying for treatment and a large down payment helps to ensure that.

We looked into this for our son and our dentist explained it to us. With this type of braces, they order everything up front. When you get them, you get all of the plates at once, it's not like regular braces that the adjust every month. It is the whole package and the ortho has to pay upfront. Hope this helps. Talk to your dentist and/or your insurance co. Some insurance give discounts if you use certain orthos.. Good luck!

If you can't find a dentist/ortho who takes monthly payments, you might want to consider CareCredit (it is strictly for medical procedures).

I have reguilar braces and I can pay monthly. I know a lot of dentists let you pay monthly. Who can pay all the amount upfront!! Tt is insane!!! I do have Flex spending account at work so I put money there for 2009 to cover the braces.
I do not know about the discounts.

I would recommend Dr. Sheila Birth she has 3 offices in different areas of Ft. Worth and Arlington. Both of my sons used her with invisalign. We did not pay all up front. D.

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