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I will go on international air travel with my 11 month old baby boy. Is there any advice you can give me to make the flight as smooth as possible?

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Children's Benadryl(it helps with the ears and makes them sleep),portable dvd player for his baby einstein, bottle(the swallowing helps pop their ears),pacifier,snacks,toy he likes,and blankie. Is he going to sit in your lap or in his carseat? I find it easiest to sit him in his car seat in his own seat. They get squirmy(and loud) when on your lap for too long. Buy milk once you get past security and take it on the flight with you so you can put in his bottle because many times they don't have milk on the flight. I learned the hard way. Good luck!

I travelled overseas with my son when he was about the same age. Couple of suggestions:
1. Most Important - Make sure you give him a bottle or nurse him if you are still bf him during take off and landing. This will help ease pressure in his ears and you wont have to deal with a screaming, squirmy baby while you are belted down.
2. It really helps if you have scheduled the flight for night time this way he will sleep for the most part. Some airlines will provide a baby bassinet if you request it ahead of time. This is a life saver.
3. Take some toys that he likes to distract him. Food, snacks etc to feed him. Lots of diapers and change of clothes for yourself and the baby.
4. Lastly I would stay away from Benadryl. Most babies at that age are happy when they are fed and diapered and get to be with their mommies unless there are some health concerns.

Good Luck and Safe Travels!

I flew with my 13 day-old six years ago, and I breast fed him during take-off and landing, figuring this would help with the pressure changes in his ears. It's probably the same with bottle feeding, if that's what you do. Since your son is nearly a year, I'd take books, magazines, paper & crayons, his favorite toys, what ever he typically plays with at home that's not too big. I know this may mean a lot of extra baggage, but if you're staying in one place while you're gone, you only have to deal with it while traveling to and from the airport, right? When we traveled to Europe with a two year-old, we did adjust to the different time change, but made sure to keep his naps to the same number and duration as at home. I don't think giving your child medicine just to make them sleep is a good idea any time, not even during travel. If you have a portable DVD player, you can bring movies for your child to watch on the flight. Just don't forget to get an adapter since the plug-ins are different in different countries. Also, Babies R Us sells a little harness that attaches to your seat belt for your child to wear during take-off and landing, if you don't have a seperate seat for your son. I hope this info helps, and if you have anymore questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. :0)


A., I fly with a carrier but we do not go out of the continential U.S. My advise to you would be take lots of snacks for your little one. As well as the usual things our babies need; diapers, wipes, change of clothes, toys. Don't forget a change of clothes for you too. Bring some books and if you do bring a toy (or two) make them new and small. It will keep their interest a little longer. Remember that this is all new to them and if they do start to fuss don't worry you both will get through this. Don't worry about the other passagers you can only do so much for your baby. Check with your carrier as to see if they will have milk on board and their policy is on your childs seat( carseat needed?). Try not to stress as your baby will pick up on it. I wish you good luck. I hope that I have helped. L. J

Please don't give him Benedryl unless you have given it several times before. A huge percentage of children (mine and several others I know) have the adverse reaction - meaning it hypes them up beyond control. I can't imagine anything worse on a plane.

Whatever he will suck on is best - bottle, paci, whatever. Also - with his age, I'm sure you will start getting pressure to take away his bottle and paci at 12 months. Do not attempt to do this until after the trip is long past. I also wouldn't switch to whole milk anytime soon - it will be easier for you to take powdered formula (if you use formula) to a foreign country. Most countries have different milk than we do, and it will upset his system. Also - keep him on the same schedule he is on here - don't try to adjust him to the time change.

Other than that - just have fun and take lots of pictures. I have traveled a lot with babies/small children and it always turns out great. Being prepared is the best plan.

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