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Internal Yeast Infection

i have been told twice now that i have an internal yeast infection.. i have no itching or any other signs. i have taken the pills they have give me and i did monistat and it still wont go away.. .does any one have any tips or ideas on what i cna do?


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Thank you for the ideas and suggestions. i have used monistat and i have done the 1 day pill (twice). I need to find a new OB as the one i have is not giving me any help or suggestions. I'm alson the hunt for a new Dr as she is not of any help either. i know that there is a problem with me but she wont do anythign and just says is it all in mind. I will look into some of the things suggested and in the mean time start my search for some new doctors...

thank you for the prayers for my boyfriend, i'm hoping he comes home soon. he was supposed to be home two weeks ago and as of yet i no word from him...

thanks again

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Take caprylic Acid, 3 caps, 3 times a day. This is reported to be just as good if not better than prescription Nystatin. Cut out all foods that have distilled vinegar and malt vinegar in them. (including mustard,ketchup etc.)Cut out alcohol. Cut Sugar intake. Take a probiotic. You can even take another supplement , such as garlic or oregano drops, or Pau d arco. best to rotate these every couple of weeks so you keep a fresh battlement against the invader and it doesnt get immune. But keep consistently taking Caprylic Acid, and of all things to cut out, the vinegar and Malt vinegar and any alcohol is the most important.

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You might want to try saccharomyces Boulardii. Its a Jarrow formula. It kills the bad yeast and helps you get back your good bacteria, Lots of people take it while on strong meds for infection. Look it up and see if you think it will work for you. It has helped me and my mom has had candidasis and it is what helped her.

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Whenever I get a yeast infection I eat a lot of yogurt and it goes away. Good luck! :)

Candida infections are a real problem for some women. However, we all have some candida in our systems. It's a normal yeast. When your doctor looks under a microscope at what's breeding in your vagina, s/he will almost always see some Candida. However, it's when the yeast grows out of control that it causes problems. Usually, there are tell-tale signs of an infection (an overgrowth of the yeast). For those who've dealt with these symptoms, it's hard to imagine a real infection with no symptoms. That said, there is a Candida-free diet that is really rigorous and requires a great deal of discipline for a long time, but it apparently works wonders for a lot of people. You can do a search on the Internet and get the information for this diet. There's even a candidadiet website. Before going through all of this, I'd ask my doctor if the level of Candida is unhealthy in my own system. Some people have a resident colony of Candida their whole lives, but it's not a problem.


Take Acidophilis every day.



I just read your message. Well I was having a problem w/ re-occuring yeast infection and nothing seemed to work. I then mentioned it to my mom and she told me she had it too a while back. She also gave me the name of a medication she took and cleared it up. It was one single pill (apparently she kept the container it came in-just in case) The pill is called Diflucan 150 mg- fluconazole tablet. Ask your doctor. Also the other diets mentined to follow sound good but, if you're like me and can't seem to follow a strict diet then try this. Good luck.

Go to a health food store and ask for Bio-K. It's an acidophilus supplement that has more good bacteria in it than anything else I could find. I tried everything and more that my doctor recommended and all of it only made it worse. Stay as far away as you can from monistat and other antifungals.

Take the Bio-K first thing in the morning and don't eat anything for at least half and hour (believe me on this one - if you don't do that, it won't work). Do that for two to three weeks and it will wipe out anything yeast related and it doesn't come back. It really works. I do a week's dose every few months now just in case, but I've never seen anything yeast related again in my body. You can go to their website at http://www.biokplus.com/Products.aspx?nav_id=3654&lan....

Get the "fruity" flavor.

Taking garlic pills might help. Try to take something natural.

Check with your doctor. It may be Gardnerella. There is a prescription you can take for it.

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