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Internal Yeast Infection

i have been told twice now that i have an internal yeast infection.. i have no itching or any other signs. i have taken the pills they have give me and i did monistat and it still wont go away.. .does any one have any tips or ideas on what i cna do?


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Thank you for the ideas and suggestions. i have used monistat and i have done the 1 day pill (twice). I need to find a new OB as the one i have is not giving me any help or suggestions. I'm alson the hunt for a new Dr as she is not of any help either. i know that there is a problem with me but she wont do anythign and just says is it all in mind. I will look into some of the things suggested and in the mean time start my search for some new doctors...

thank you for the prayers for my boyfriend, i'm hoping he comes home soon. he was supposed to be home two weeks ago and as of yet i no word from him...

thanks again

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Take caprylic Acid, 3 caps, 3 times a day. This is reported to be just as good if not better than prescription Nystatin. Cut out all foods that have distilled vinegar and malt vinegar in them. (including mustard,ketchup etc.)Cut out alcohol. Cut Sugar intake. Take a probiotic. You can even take another supplement , such as garlic or oregano drops, or Pau d arco. best to rotate these every couple of weeks so you keep a fresh battlement against the invader and it doesnt get immune. But keep consistently taking Caprylic Acid, and of all things to cut out, the vinegar and Malt vinegar and any alcohol is the most important.

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You might want to try saccharomyces Boulardii. Its a Jarrow formula. It kills the bad yeast and helps you get back your good bacteria, Lots of people take it while on strong meds for infection. Look it up and see if you think it will work for you. It has helped me and my mom has had candidasis and it is what helped her.

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Whenever I get a yeast infection I eat a lot of yogurt and it goes away. Good luck! :)

Candida infections are a real problem for some women. However, we all have some candida in our systems. It's a normal yeast. When your doctor looks under a microscope at what's breeding in your vagina, s/he will almost always see some Candida. However, it's when the yeast grows out of control that it causes problems. Usually, there are tell-tale signs of an infection (an overgrowth of the yeast). For those who've dealt with these symptoms, it's hard to imagine a real infection with no symptoms. That said, there is a Candida-free diet that is really rigorous and requires a great deal of discipline for a long time, but it apparently works wonders for a lot of people. You can do a search on the Internet and get the information for this diet. There's even a candidadiet website. Before going through all of this, I'd ask my doctor if the level of Candida is unhealthy in my own system. Some people have a resident colony of Candida their whole lives, but it's not a problem.


Take Acidophilis every day.



I just read your message. Well I was having a problem w/ re-occuring yeast infection and nothing seemed to work. I then mentioned it to my mom and she told me she had it too a while back. She also gave me the name of a medication she took and cleared it up. It was one single pill (apparently she kept the container it came in-just in case) The pill is called Diflucan 150 mg- fluconazole tablet. Ask your doctor. Also the other diets mentined to follow sound good but, if you're like me and can't seem to follow a strict diet then try this. Good luck.

Go to a health food store and ask for Bio-K. It's an acidophilus supplement that has more good bacteria in it than anything else I could find. I tried everything and more that my doctor recommended and all of it only made it worse. Stay as far away as you can from monistat and other antifungals.

Take the Bio-K first thing in the morning and don't eat anything for at least half and hour (believe me on this one - if you don't do that, it won't work). Do that for two to three weeks and it will wipe out anything yeast related and it doesn't come back. It really works. I do a week's dose every few months now just in case, but I've never seen anything yeast related again in my body. You can go to their website at http://www.biokplus.com/Products.aspx?nav_id=3654&lan....

Get the "fruity" flavor.

Taking garlic pills might help. Try to take something natural.

Check with your doctor. It may be Gardnerella. There is a prescription you can take for it.

Check out candidasis online and see what natural methods there are. I know that there is a specific diet and you also need to include acidophilus in your diet.

Hi N.-
Here are some remedies to try.
1. Vinegar bath. Poor vinegar into a cool bath and sit in it for at least 20 minutes. The brine smell will go away, I promise.
2. Cranberries like never before. Eat them, drink the juice, take the supplements, and flush your body with lots of water.
3. Do you drink soda? Diet or Regular? Both of those need to go. Aside from pulling calcium from your bones, they dehydrate you and ruin your bodies natural balance. ( I struggle with this one)
4. Yo Baby Yogurt (or Activia). Get some good bacteria in your bod to help remove the excess. Yeast infections are an excess of what your body normally has.
5. You can take the acidopholis supplements ( can't remember what all is in them, bacteria wise).
6. Remember, lots of water. you need to flush your body.
7. Citrus and vitamins. Whenever I feel that something isn't right, I pull out the emergen-c, an orange, and an airborne. I know all about the ariborne issue, but all it is is a glorified vitamin that is easier to take than some of those horse sized pills, and I for one, don't get a sour stomach when I take airborne as opposed to a regular multi vitamin. Oranges are in season, strawberries, mangoes, etc. I try to stay away from most juices because their sugar content is so high, but fruit in itself (you wouldn't eat 20 oranges (1 tall glass of juice) but you would eat 1 or 2 throughout the day.Veggies, too. Fresh, not frozen, and at most, lightly steamed. They lose their nutrients alot when cooked.

If all else fails and your doctors can't get it cleared with antibiotics or something, try seeing an herbalist. Make sure they are knowledgable and really understand their art.

I hope this helps!
-E. M.

The important thing is to find out why you keep getting yeast infections. Are you sure you don't have another health problem like diabetes that is contributing to the problem? Could it be the soap you use or laundry detergent? What about your diet? Do you swim or use a hot tub? Is something re-infecting you? These are all factors to consider.

Hi there
research candida on line. it is very common and many people don't even realize they have it. You can do a candida diet, which consists of eating only meat, fish, it is not the easiest diet, but it works along with taking grapefruit seed extract and oregano oil pills. you will loose weight too, i did it for 30 days and that is what i was told to do but you could just do it for 2 weeks and see what happens. you will also want to take good bacteria after the cleanse. Candida attaches to your intestines and kills off the good bacteria in your body.
Anyhow there is a lot of info on the internet so I would just look it up and see what you think.
good luck, M.

Hi N.,

As some others have posted already, it would be good to try changing your diet to eliminate systemic yeast overgrowth in your body. There's info on the internet about the candida diet etc., and as another person said, it does mean eliminating certain problem foods like breads and sugared foods. It's a very healthy diet so that's a big plus! :)

Good luck in dealing with this - you will feel so much better when it's gone (systemic yeast can cause the whole system to feel run down).


Take caprylic Acid, 3 caps, 3 times a day. This is reported to be just as good if not better than prescription Nystatin. Cut out all foods that have distilled vinegar and malt vinegar in them. (including mustard,ketchup etc.)Cut out alcohol. Cut Sugar intake. Take a probiotic. You can even take another supplement , such as garlic or oregano drops, or Pau d arco. best to rotate these every couple of weeks so you keep a fresh battlement against the invader and it doesnt get immune. But keep consistently taking Caprylic Acid, and of all things to cut out, the vinegar and Malt vinegar and any alcohol is the most important.

I have never had an internal yeast infection, but maybe the probiotic Acidophilus will help. And I have a friend that swears by the natural cure for yeast infections of using a garlic clove. Look it up online. And good luck.

First off what are your signs and symptoms? Does the doctor say it is Candida? This is quite common. A change in diet is helpful and necessary (no alcohol, sugar, etc.) Limit your amount of complex carbs as well. Garlic is a good anit-virul/fungal. You can add it to your diet by eating 1/2 a clove twice a day before meals (if you can eat it with wheat or barley grass that is helpful too). Garlic is also one of the best cures for vaginal yeast. If you want more info on how to handle this email me back and I can give it to you. Also, you can buy over the counter Cleanses. I recommend going to the health food store versus a drug store. Elliots in Folsom (next to the Dollar Tree) has really friendly staff and they are knowledgeable. Also, being on a pro-biotic (make sure it is one that can pass through your stomach and into your intestines) is very beneficial.

Some times you need to put good yeast bacteria back into your system. Acidophilus is a good way to get this. It comes in a milk you can get at the grocery store or a pill you can get at walmart or your local health food store. It takes awhile to get it into your system but the benefits are great. You should always use acidophilus after a round of antibiotics, because this also kills the good bacteria in your body and the supliment will replace it.
Hope you feel better soon!

Hi N. ~ I suffered for a whole year with obvious yeast infections 2 to 3 times a month. First absolutely make sure that is what you are dealing with. I tried almost every suggestion mentioned here including major diet changes ~ nothing worked. Talked to my GYN and took his recommendations, they didn't help. Someone recommended a product called Gy-Na-Tren at the Vitamin Shoppe (in the refridgerator) and I figured I'd tried everything else so why not. It was amazing for me. You take an oral supplement in the morning - it's a great probiotic and then at night a vaginal suppository, it's homeopathic. You take this for 14 days. I'm excited to say that is has been over a month since I've had a yeast infection ~ I feel human again ;) Sorry, I know I've gone on and on but after dealing with this for so long, I hope this can help someone else :)

Live culture yogurt, or if you don't like yogurt the active ingredient in it is my suggestion. You can buy the active ingredient, acidophilus, in a liquid form from health or natual food stores in the refridgerated section. It comes in different flavors also. The acidophilus is great for getting your system back on track with a yeast infection. It is also good for babies with thrush.

start taking probiotics twice a day, once in the morning snd once at night on an empty stomach. You my also want to decrease your intake of simple carbohydrates and sugars, as yeast lives off of these nutrients Increase your intake of fresh veggies and whole grains and drink plenty of water. I have heard good results from taking a tbsp of apple cider vinegar every night. Yeast can be a systemic problem and you need to re balance your system so its growth s not out of control. Good luck

I've dealt with these before and the pill and/or three day monistat don't work. I must use the 7 day series, wear loose cotton panties and clothing until gone. You also must reduce the amount of sugar you consume. After it clears up, with this warm weather you might consider wearing loose clothing and cotton panties to prevent it from coming back. Good luck with that. And a prayer for your boyfriend.

Here are some more tips for yeast infections:

A yogurt douche helps, mix 2-3 tablespoons of plani yogurt (make sure it has active cultures such as acidophilus) with a pint of warm water. Do this 3 times a week till better.

Some herbal products that would be useful to prevent yeast infections are from Symmetry Direct. ParaCleanse and BotanaCleanse provide a gentle colon cleansing that we all need to do on a quarterly basis. Botana G has the garlic that kills yeast and Female Balance will help to balance your hormonal needs.

Check it out at my website www.symmetrydirect.com/dhendon and call me with any questions.

Victorious Living to you!
D. Hendon

I just read a book called "The Yeast Connection: A Medical Breakthrough" by William G. Crook...the major things I took from the book are that you can get yeast infections from birth control pills; you can have a yeast allergy from foods that contain yeast, so the book walks you through how to do an elimination diet to see if you are allergic to yeast; and that yeast in your body is also exacerbated by foods with sugar (including fruit). Although it is an old book, I skimmed it and found it useful (get it from the library if you can). The pills that we get from the doctor only seem to suppress the infection and it might re-occur if you are on birth control pills, have any allergy to yeast or are eating too much sugar. Good luck!

Hi N.-!

Drs. aren't much help in chronic conditions - they usually prescribe drugs and hope it works, and when it doesn't, there is not much else they know to do. They try to get rid of symptoms rather than the root of the problem.

Internal yeast infections can be gotten rid of, but it will take a month or two, possibly longer if you have had it for a long time.

1. Eliminate all sugars from your diet - sugars feed yeast so it grows out of control, overwhelming other good microflora in your body. While you are healing, you need to eliminate natural sugars as well as refined sugars, so go easy even on fruit.

2. Eliminate refined (white) flour from your diet - this acts much as refined sugar in your body. It will feed the yeast.

3. Take probiotics supplements twice a day - this is one of the biggest things you can do that will help - it will reestablish proper microflora balance in your system. The best army against 'bad' microflora is 'good' microflora. It really works

4. Take a good broad spectrum digestive enzyme with proteases in it - get it from a health food store or whole foods - this will help your body process faster the waste products from the dying yeast and ameliorate the symptoms of a yeast die-off. It will also improve your digestion in general.

5. Take a good omega 3 oil supplement (fish oil best, flax oil second best) - this is an excellent anti-inflammatory

6. Some anti-fungal natural supplements: caprylic acid, olive leaf extract, Pau D'arco herb (made into a strong tea and taken 2x a day), oregano oil, garlic caps

Candida weakens the immune system, so it is hard for your body to get rid of. The best way is to quit feeding it -

I really recommend for you a book called 'Body Ecology Diet' - its main aim is to establish a healthy inner ecosystem - it has a lot of good information in it. Having a candida infection causes a host of problems even with no symptoms at first - over the long haul it can wreak havoc with your body and your immune system.

Another suggestion I would make is to find a good naturopathic doctor for your chronic health needs -

Hope this helps-!

N. you may have a Bacteria Infection and not a yeast infection the medicines are not the same, I know I had to honestly go and tell my doctor you need to double check this is not a yeast infection it is bacteria infection and will stay with you forever if you don't get it treated. Not to mention it is very uncomfortable, and embarrassing.

An excellent resource for anyone dealing with yeast/fungus issues is Doug Kaufmann's website knowthecause.com - he gets to the cause of the problem - not just treating the symptoms. Very helpful and life-changing.

I have had a constant struggle with yeast, and I seem to be able to control it best by diet. For me it is very important to eat yogurt every day. The live acidopholus really helps. I also cannot eat anything with sugar or flour, meaning NO BREADS. There are a lot of fruits I can't eat, etc. If you talk to your doctor, I'm sure he/she will have a list of foods to avoid. I can tell you that I can really see a difference when I go off the diet. It's difficult to do, but it really works, at least for me.

Good luck, and hope this helps.

I have heard that eating plain yogurt can help but I have not tried it myself. I did eat it when taking a medication that can cause yeasdt infections though and I didn't get one.

Drink lots of fluids . Try to increase the amount af berry acidic juices cranberry , pomegranate , acai if you can tolerate them .You could mix juices with apple juice or water if they upset your stomach . Avoid caffine until your better . Eat
yogurt with acidophilus or milk with acidophilus . Avoid perfume soaps and bubble baths and washing your undergarments in perfume laundry soap .

hope all is well

Hi N.,

I've had problems with yeast also, but never an internal infection with no other symptoms. When I start to feel not right I drink a product called Kefir. It's like a smoothie. You can buy it at Safeway in the yogurt section or at Raleys in the health food section. It is full of probiotics, which your system needs. It tastes great also. I would also recommend taking accidopholis. A health food store may also be able to help you and to give you some recommendations. It's worth calling one and seeing what they suggest. Good luck and I hope that you feel better soon.

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