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Intercourse and Having Tubes Tied

how llong should i wait to have sex after getting my tubes tied and should i use pertection with my partner?

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This is the third time you have posted a question about using protection with your partner after having your tubes tied. You have already gotten great responses so why keep asking? If you are not in a committed relationship then you should for sure use a condom to protect yourself from disease. Otherwise, having your tubes tied will protect you from pregnancy. It is very rare these days to get pregnant after having your tubes tied because not only do they cut them but they burn the edges so there is no risk of the tubes growing back together.


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YOu have posted several questions about this...Have you spoken to your doctor at all about the procedure? I think she/he would be the best person to give you up to date and accurate information on the subject. Please talk to your doctor and/or look over the paperwork you had to sign and they gave you copies of.

I'm not trying to be rude or snarky, but these are questions that I know your doctor would cover. It's ok to call and ask the nurse if you've forgotten. But this is an area where I think you should ask your doctor and not just a bunch of women who have had tubal ligation a few years ago.

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Ask or call your doctor.

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please ask your doctor....I depends when you are having them done. i had my tubes tied immediately after i had my daughter so i waited like 3 weeks(i know ur supposed to wait 6 but i'm a quick healer, and couldn't stay away for that long!!)haven't used bc since.

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J. i have noticed you have posted this question several times. its time to call the doctor and get your facts straight so you wont have to worry about this.

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It really depends on how you got your tubes tied. Best advice, along with everyone else, ask your doctor. But the doctor should have went over this information with you before they did the procedure.

Tubal ligations are effective right away. You can not get preg. About how soon you can have sex-Ask your Dr.

My mama had her tubes tied after having my sister via C-section; they actually did the surgery while she was still opened up from the birth. Anyway, that's my only experience with tubal ligation, so I'm no expert. However, I'm pretty sure you only need to use protection like condoms if you're worried about STDs. Having your tubes tied is 99.5 percent effective for preventing pregnancy, so you don't need to worry about birth control. I'm not sure when you'll be able to resume intercourse, but I'm sure your doctor or a nurse could tell you.

I agree with Heather. These are all questions your Dr, should have answered at the first appt in discussing this option for you. Do a good web search and these questions will also be answered. If you do not trust your Dr, find a new one!

Yes use protection, it takes like 3 months before you should try it without any. The doctor will let you know. You have to do some tests to see if your shooting blanks first.

Your doctor should tell you when it's safe. For me it was about 6 weeks.

if you had a c-section and a tubal ligation done, then i would wait six-eight weeks before you have sex with your partner. i would use protection for the first couple of times after the doctor clears you but after that, dont worry about it. i had my tubes tied when i gave birth to my youngest son and waited six to eight weeks before i had sex but knowing that u cant get pregnant anymore sometimes can take a big weight off your shoulders.

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