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Interacial Families

I was just wondering what people really think about interracial families? I am american but I am married to a man who is Mexican. He is a very great guy, good father and he has his own small company. I feel as though sometimes people look at me differently when they see my husband. There is nothing wrong with him he speaks perfect english and is a respectable guy. We have been a victim of racial discrimination at a restaurant but really had no way to prove it. I am looking for encouragement. Sometimes people think differently of me because of this.I am a stay at home mom who is just trying to raise good kids. I consider myself a good person and have never hurt anybody so why am i hated at times?

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Thank you everybody for your kind words. I just wanted to say that this is not a main focus in our lives but something that we are faced with from time to time. I do not feel like it should go under the rug. For the most part everybody loves us, that is the people that know us for who we really are. God made everybody with imperfections, that is why some of these people are hateful for no reason..If God can forgive them so can I . I will just love everybody and not let this issue bother me,Smile and keep going(:

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Are you a caucasian American, an oriental American, or an african American? I'm guessing you're not an hispanic American.

J., i feel that the most important factor in a relationship is love, trust, respect for each and comittment to the relationship to work through almost anything from what you have said of him he sounds like a respectable man i would pay attentionto these small minded people what type of company does he own? my boyfriend maybe looking for a new job very soon

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J., I am also a white woman married to a hispanic man. Our families have never had an issue with our relationship, however I have lost a few friends due to their own racial views.

We both have good jobs, raise our daughter respectably, and own a nice home so I too get perplexed by the way some people react towards us.

Hope you two continue to have a happy, successful life together, you deserve it.

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I wouldn't care what other people think; first of all, it's totally no one else's business, secondly, racial bias is illegal, so report discrimination. People can have discriminatory prejudices not just to skin color, but to hair color, height, economic standing, national origin, religion, bodily imperfections, weight and accent, etc., the list is endless. Just make sure your kids are aware that good manners, respect and kindness aren't always a two-way streets, and that they, too, are responsible for setting a good example and (aside from possible self-protection, heaven forbid) should not lower themselves to inappropriate behavior instigated by others.

Sure, prejudices abound but, as soon as mindless, superficial idiots realize that the true person lies beneath a multitude of differing exteriors, the better off this world will be; we're all just stuck on one little planet amid a great nowhere, so we all better learn to stick together. That's why discrimination is illegal.

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J. I'm so sorry to hear that. I know our society hasn't grown enough to except interacial dating excep. in the south. All i can say is that you have to not worry so much about everyone else, easier said than done i know. I've dated blacks and spanish men alot, more so spanish and i'm white so i know what your saying is true. BUt you know what a great guy he is and you know that your kids are fine, and that's what you have to hang on to. We weren't created to please everyone. I'm not sure if you are a christian but look what Jesus had to suffer through. All the hatered he delt with but he knew himself and what he was here for. THough Christ was stronger than us i strongly believe that we to can use his strength to guide us. He was human just like us, he had to deal with life just like we do. I'm not sure if this helps or if you even what to hear about Jesus. But know we are here to live life right and be happy making it the best we can. Don't let others ruin the path you should lead. I hope this helped write back if you want i do know how you feel.

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The people that matter won't care, and the people that care don't matter. If you love him, be proud.
No matter who you are or where you live, someone will have something negative to say. It's up to you to listen to them or listen to your heart.
All sorts of people get discriminated against all the time. It isn't fair, but it happens every day. It could be at a restaurant or at a store because they don't think you "look" rich enough to be shopping there. It could be because you're too white or too black or too brown, too young, too skinny, too fat. In the end... does it really matter? YOU know that there's more to your family than what people that don't even know you see and have to say about it.

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Hi, I am in an interracial relatioship I am white and my fiancee and fater of our child is black. That is what I really consider interracial. To me white and spanish doesnt even seem interacial to me, but if people are haters, they will act crazy to anyone. The only important thing is you and your husband are in love, and love your children. I have had only two real bad runins with racism, but I just told myself that that person is ignorant and jealous. It can be hard, but just remember you are happy and people need to move on and forget racism.Martin Luther King Jr. did not work and die for his beliefs for nothing. I find that it isnt even white people that are racist, my 2 bad experiences were both black women. and one was directed to my innocent son who at the time was only 10 months old. Like I said, that person IS IGNORANT AND JEALOUS OF WHAT i HAVE!!!!! Good luck, and I know it can be hard, but go home and hug your child and husband and you feel 100 % better.

People can be incredibly rude and judgemental. I think it's beautiful when people from two different backgrounds can find unity and compatability with eachother.
I am Canadian and my husband is American, and while we are both white I have had many people insult me for my choice not to become and American citizen. I am a permanent resident who loves this country but am not interested in changing my nationality. It's who I am. My Son is a dual citizen with Canada and the US which I believe will open up tremendous opportunities for him to either work and thrive in this country or Canada if he so chooses.
I've been told that if I'm going to live here I need to be American or I need to get out...things of that nature...and as hurtful as it is, you just need to know in your own heart that you provide a loving family for your children, you contribute to society and you are a good person. That is far more important than race or nationality.
Sorry you are a victim of ignorance.

As long as u're happy u shouldn't really care what people think of u or ur family. I know it's hard to try to ignore certain racial remarks or actions that others make but unfortunately we live in a racist society, whether people want to admit it or not, and we have to try to live our lives without letting others hurt us with their actions. I come from Colombian and Peruvian parents and my boyfriend is Mexican and eventhough I was born in the U.S, most people look at me and assume I don't speak english. This never really happened to me in Miami but now that I am living in another city I've been discriminated at restaurants and other places. What matters is what those who you love think about you and ur family, whatever everyone else thinks shouldn't matter.

Dear J.,

There is NOTHING wrong w/ you are doing. There are a lot of people out there that has been "taught" racism. I am a biracial woman and my children are multiracial and you just need to keep your head up. Just like we teach our children, WHO CARES what people think and that is how you need to think. God says" ALL people are created equally". Yes, I know it is a pain to deal with but stand strong.

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