Insurance After IVF

Updated on September 08, 2008
T.V. asks from Long Beach, CA
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I was wondering if anyone out there has ever been denied health insurance because of IVF in the past? I had great health insurance until I quit working a couple of months ago to stay home with my kids. Now I am trying to apply for insurance and my family can get insured, but I can't since I used IVF in the past 5 years to have my kids. It seems that insurance companies are afraid that I will go that route again even though I have requested NO maternity, I have explained that it was not because of any fertility problems with me and I have had my tubes tied because we are done having kids.
Any help???

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I've talked to various people about the issue you brought up. (I am in the same boat.) Some people have told me that insurance companies don't want to insure us, former IVF patients, because (1)we might do IVF again and thus ask them to cover the expense or a part of the expense of IVF drugs and (2) we might have a disease or condition, such as endometriosis, PCOS, etc. which led to us doing IVF that might indicate that we might have medical problems that need to be treated and thus ask them to cover the expense of treatment. Even though you and I do not want more kids and even though we don't have these types of medical problems--I naturally conceived my second child after conceiving my first through ICSI, the insurance companies categorically turn down groups of people even though some the circumstances/profiles of some individuals in the group "should" be considered mitigating circumstances. I cannot verify my relatives and friends' assertions, though, as I do not work in the health insurance industry. I highly suspect what they say is true.

Please let me know what you find out.

L. E



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Hi T.,
The insurance company does have these issues, I had been told that they don't want the responsibilty of possible
multiple births/ premature babies... Sounds like you may want to have your agent write up an appeal. If you need some help email me. I'm sure your rep can help you though.



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I am in the same situation isurance wise. When I applied the questioned if "I still have in vitro fertilization condition" and I said no. They authorized me, but not my kids (they were 1 at the time) or husband because they were on medication. We are going to try again. It is scary - I never really understood the insurance problems we have in this country until I tried to get insurance and they denied us because of medication we were taking to prevent major health problems. CRAZY!!!!



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A friend of mine, Steve Schultz, is a health insurance broker specialist. He has an office in Irvine...knows his stuff. Give him a call, tell him what's up, as he may be able to provide you with some options. His work number is ###-###-####. Good luck!



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Hi T.,

I hope you can resolve your insurance matter. Incase you get nowhere here is some info on a medical benefits plan. Some help is better than none when it comes to our health.

A friend of mine is a rep for AmeriPlan®

Let her know M. referred you.

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