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Ink in Carpet

My 2 year old some bust an ink pen as a result we now have green ink on our carpet. Does anyone know how to get ink stains out of carpet?

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Thanks everyone for your response. I used windex and now you can't tell where the ink spot was located on the carpet. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS

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I have gotten ink out of carpet before with alcohol and nail polish remover. Alternately. Try alcohol first. Blot NEVER rub.
Do an internet search on ink removal from the carpet. Very helpful.

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I would try baby wipes. It sounds crazy, but my nephew spilled a 4 ft long streak of red food colorong on my sister's very light colored carpet, and nothing worked but baby wipes. Now we use them for everything around our house and they generally work for everything, too. At one point last year I had the guy out that our builder uses to clean carpets and he said always start with water. 90% of the time, he said, water should do the trick, just don't use too much water and soak it. He also said to blot the water/stain up and not rub it b/c that just takes it further down into the carpet. I have also heard from other people (haven't tried it myself) that a combo of water, a little dishsoap and a little vinegar will get rid of about any carpet stain. Good luck - What a bad feeling!

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I have gotten ink out of carpet before with alcohol and nail polish remover. Alternately. Try alcohol first. Blot NEVER rub.
Do an internet search on ink removal from the carpet. Very helpful.

Try a cheap hairspray that has a high alcohol content. It will work on clothes. Maybe it will work on your carpet.

If you spray hairspray on it and blot it will usually work, it will just take awhile. Good Luck!

I heard somewhere that hairspray helps ink stains in clothing - maybe it would work on carpet..?

Solumel is fantastic! It has gotten sharpie marker off of my computer screen and all kinds of crazy stuff out of my carpet!

I used Folex Carpet spray on my carpet when my 18 month old used a PURPLE Sharpie all over our light beige carpet while our house was on the market and it worked wonders! Our carpet cleaners came the next day and could not believe that we were able to get it out (I had called him hysterical)!

I would call a professional because anything you do could set it in and then you'd be sad. TLC Carpet Cleaners in Lewisville/Flower Mound are wonderful and very professional. Give them a try.

I agree with the ladies above with the ink in the carpet and using Sol U Mel. My son who is 2 1/2 decided that it would be fun to take markers and draw on our floor and on our kitchen tile. Much fun cleaning it up but the cool thing is that he wanted to help and he was able to since Sol U mel is not harmful or can not hurt him. So he helped clean up his "coloring" and he had fun but hopefully not too much that he will want to do it again, HAHAHA! Good luck M.!

Windex!!! My miracle worker on carpet and furniture!!!! Even stains that have been there a while!

B. <><

Hi M.! I use a GREAT product called Sol U Mel. It takes just about everything out, plus it is all natural...so safe for pets and children. In fact, everything in my house is all natural...if you'd like to hear more, just contact me!


I would like to know too!! My dog did it to us....black ink on the carpet...

My son colored on our carpet with a marker and I used Oxy Clean. It came right up. Good Luck

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